How Tai Lopez went from being broke living in a trailer to living in a Mansion with a Lamborghini through Growth Hacking social leverageYou might have seen his flashy YouTube ads or Google Search ads but how exactly did Tai Lopez beat the system and become a millionaire Influencer in the process?If there has been ONE person in the Marketing – Digital – Business field that has caused massive waves on the internet, it s Tai Lopez not counting Donald Trump .A one stop shop program to becoming a millionaire living a lifestyle in the Hollywood Hills with a Lambo in the garage and basketball court in the backyard, oh yeah and don t forget the endless pool.By leverering the success of his early ads to drive his leads into clients of his 67 Steps he was able to then basically manipulate the entire Paid Social field, before a lot of people were actually doing this for their OWN PERSONAL MARKETING.Argue all you want, you never saw Neil Patel have his own 2-3 minute YouTube ad 2 years ago, Tai did, and that is Growth Hacking 101.
Starting an online business is all the rage these days, as people want the ability to work remotely and have a steady income.The hard part of these businesses is making them last.Instead, focus your efforts on defining the following three aspects of your business:To do that, you must first understand the existing marketplace you want to enter.Many entrepreneurs think their products have to be completely different.The most important aspect of a online business is your messaging.
Hopefully someone can explain this to me.I've landed a great internship and one of my first tasks is to write a short report on how to promote events on LinkedIn.It's for a Women in Business aimed at the public event.Despite not having used LinkedIn, I did my research and it seems that LinkedIn is a horrible place for advertising.LinkedIn seems to be a half social media platform to network, and advertising would only appeal to similar networks rather than a larger audience like Facebook or twitter, and since few people are on it frequently enough, the chance of people seeing it in general are low or would be seen by the same people multiple times and rendered useless.Rather than going back to my boss and saying writing a one paragraph report on why it's not a good idea, are there are sites or reports I can read to get an idea on any strategies for using LinkedIn for event marketing on a small scale or even just articles talking about the flaws of the network for the purpose?
Numerous SEO studies have claimed that "longer content ranks better".But NONE of those studies went deeper than observing a very weak correlation.Does longer content really rank better, or is this yet another example of "correlation does not equal causation"?This second post in CanIRank's data-driven SEO series digs deeper into the data to identify whether or not Google's algorithm actually rewards longer content.Other issues addressed include: Does longer content just earn more links?Are big brands more likely to publish longer content?
The following is an overview of founder-led selling and provides a design pattern to help early stage startup founders and their teams think through the earliest stages of their go-to-market strategies.
Airbnb grew 353x in just 5 years' time.This is a deep tactical dive into the 3 main marketing and growth tactics Airbnb continues to use now to win 190 markets and completely dominate the hospitality industry.
Only a few weeks ago, I offered to run the Twitter accounts for any and all types of businesses, with expansion into your Instagram, Pinterest and FB later on down the line, as and when you saw fit.Glad to say, that my management and marketing methods have been highly successful, far beyond what I'd considered realistic, garnering hundreds of followers organically in a matter of days for the three companies I currently run them for.These 3 companies include, a finance blog, a $2mil self driving tech startup and an online and instore brewery store - so quite a diverse range!Anyway, I'm glad to say I'm willing to take on many more companies FOR FREE, until June, when I plan to launch my social media marketing company, here's what I'm willing to initially offer:Two tweets everyday, apart from Monday, Friday and Saturday, which will entail three tweets per dayTweets will be primarily scheduled between 08:00 - 09:00 and 12:00 - 13:00, to ensure maximum viewership
In addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the Web each week.We ll miss a ton of great stuff, so if you found something you think is worth sharing please add it to the comments below.In the meantime, here are some B2B Reads that we love:Forecasts and possibilities in the year to come from the experts in marketing.How to solve the right problem with the adequate solution and make the selling process run more smoothly.Thanks for the tips, Colleen Stanley.
Long story short, I am the Creative Director for a small Advertising Firm.This means that the owner is very active in the day to day operations.He is an incredible businessman, and I enjoy having his input on operational matters.However, he, admittedly, has no understanding of advertising.It doesn't matter who brings me an idea, as long as it's good.I have now had a couple of incidents where he overruled me on content that I believed counterproductive to the direction of our campaigns.
Today I give SEO help to my subscribers by answering questions and giving tips and advice over live video
My IG account is called WashboardWednesday and I plan on it being a fitness motivation account with follower submissions of hot girls flexing, videos of huge people lifting heavy, and inspirational quotes on captioned photos & videos.How to I get around copywrite and trademark issues involving videos & pictures of popular fitness people?How do I gain followers?Is it through 's primarily or more along the lines of following tons of people?
Hey everyone, I have spent a lot of time searching out potential customers and cold emailing them.My response rate is very low and I know for a fact these potential customers are selling the same products we provide wholesale so I feel that my emails are going into their spam boxes.In addition, I do Facebook campaigns which drive customers to our site.I have several potential customers who have filled out our contact form.When I send a standard follow up email, I don't get responses.Should I create a new Gmail account for cold emailing and contact form responding?
The console crushed all it s competitors in terms of digital attentionGamesBeat has partnered with attention analytics company, which measures TV advertising in real-time, to bring you a monthly report on how gaming brands are spending their TV ad dollars and which commercials are generating the most digital response iSpot measures actions across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all major search engines .TV commercials for console games owned the conversation during the critical holiday time frame.Overall, during the period measured, 31 brands spent an estimated $65 million running 98 commercials over 21,200 times on national TV, generating over 3.7 billion TV ad impressions.It spent an estimated $12.8 million on 13 ads that ran 1,329 times with 430 million TV ad impressions.Overall, Xbox ads prompted 2,231,675 online views, 26,900 social actions, and 86,027 searches.
Why can't you figure out that as an informed consumer, I only need the 'out the door' price?You are so willing to cater to people who don't have the money.I can pay cash if I choose to, for a house if I want to, but an hour or more to get to the bottom line on an automobile is ridiculous.How can I eliminate the preliminary BS and save an hour or more ?
Augmented and virtual reality are slowly but surely being integrated into shopping experiences worldwide.At CES for example, Gap and Asus teamed up for an AR shopping app that may point toward the future of mobile shopping engagement.And previously we covered Adidas and their promotion of a new soccer shoe using virtual reality throughout Europe.Now, a Nike store in Paris is letting customers get a look at different shoe colors using augmented reality.While the GAP application allows customers to get a look at clothing on mannequins that hopefully reflect their own shape, this AR experience from Nike lets you take an actual white shoe and switch between different color styles on the fly.SmartPixels, a French company specifically specializing in augmented retail programs, is responsible for this new development and their work interfaces with Nike s existing online NikeID customization service.
Does anyone have recommendations for video animation software?
Introduction: Tell them who you are and highlight a core problem & why you created the video – what problem it solves.Pre-sell your main product by telling them they will be able to get extra information unavailable anywhere else.Your Credentials: Why they should listen to you, and how you can help them solve this particular problem.Problems: Highlight more common problems of what they want to achieve, and how it stopped you from achieving the results you wanted.Present the benefits, explain how easy it is to do.Results: Show them how it works, give them free information that will help them regardless if they buy or not.
Today, the United States gained a new President, First Lady and Vice President.Those people inherited the official Twitter accounts of their predecessors.In turn, some of those not supportive of the new administration unfollowed those accounts.As it turns out, Twitter has caused many people to follow these accounts again, against their will.Yesterday, I stopped following the @POTUS account that was used by President Barack Obama who is now at @BarackObama before @POTUS switched to President Donald Trump today.Vice President Joe Biden now at @JoeBiden had been using @VP, which I also dropped yesterday.
Excellent example of how a brand used influencer marketing to go viral just in time to become the 1 hottest product on Amazon.