Editor’s Note: Contributor Philip Masiello is a successful entrepreneur, a seasoned marketer, and an Amazon marketplace expert.His new book, Think Engage Thrive — Marketing Actions to Skyrocket Your Brand In The Digital Age, explains a three-step, continuous cycle to grow a business.In this chapter I’ll briefly go over what it means to THINK, ENGAGE, and THRIVE.Whether you’re looking to establish a new business or to break through barriers that have held back a company, you’ll need to THINK ENGAGE THRIVE both serially and simultaneously to achieve your goal.When you’re getting set to launch a new venture, THINK will obviously come first, since planning goes into everything you do.But you don’t stop thinking at the moment you ENGAGE.
Anne is a Copywriter that joined TopRank Marketing earlier this year and specializes in creating awesome B2B content for some of our amazing Enterprise clients.]In fact, Demand Metric reports that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates three times the leads.Yet, 52% of companies don’t have a formal content strategy.If you’re looking to double down on your content strategy, see how these seven startups skyrocketed to success with content:It’s hard to imagine HubSpot as a startup, but back in 2006 they were a fresh-faced business.An action that tripled the amount of leads generated by their blog, according to HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe.
Hello Lab's new program supports rising talentPhoto Illustration: Dianna McDougall; Sources: Getty Images, ATAT’s Hello Lab, a millennial and Gen Z-driven content studio, frequently partners with YouTube creators to help them produce out-of-the-box projects that just happen to be sponsored by ATThe studio announced today a new program that will partner young filmmakers with award-winning professionals from the industry to help them create the project of their dreams.AT refers to this as a diversity-focused initiative as it deals with issues and narratives from people of color, the LGBTQ community and women.Each young filmmaker will be paired with a mentor and an entire team of advisers like studio and production company executives, agents and attorneys.Academy Award winners Octavia Spencer and Common are two of the mentors this year, along with Rick Famuyiwa, Desiree Akhavan and Nina Yang Bongiovi.“There are a lot of film programs out there designed to empower young filmmakers,” said Octavia Spencer, in the press release for the announcement.
Facebook Messenger’s artificial intelligence-powered personal assistant is now capable of more tasks.began testing M in August 2015 and announced the launch of suggestions from M to all U.S. iOS and Android users in April.Facebook revealed three new suggestions from M that will begin rolling out to Messenger users in the U.S. Tuesday:M will proactively suggest that people save content in their Messenger conversations, which they can read, watch or share later.In addition to URLs, M might suggest saving other content such as videos, Facebook posts, events and pages.And with the Messenger Saved extension, you can easily share content in one-on-one or group messages.
Agency's innovative latest for Portugal.The Man, it had given us a music video for that doubled as an action-packed tool for resisting the American administration’s protectionist policies.“Rich Friends,” its latest offering, created alongside Wieden + Kennedy and starring Glenn Howerton, is no less innovative but a lot more disturbing.Best experienced on its interactive site, the music video is “interrupted” by a series of pop-up ads that tell a story about love as depicted by advertising … and its eerie dissolution.At the peak of their domestic bliss, they appear together in a mattress ad, tucking into the same bed.Ads for innocuous things like orange juice and cereal are given a dark, addiction-addled edge, but the pair rarely lose their sponsored smiles, glinting falsely for the camera eye.
One of the major drivers of successful and innovative companies is their experimentation culture.To build a culture of experimentation in your own company, follow these steps.In our years of experience, we continually find that companies that pursue a culture of experimentation will often have the best experience with conversion rate optimization.We’ve found time and time again that those who experiment the most, are able to innovate the best.Regardless of whether each experiment is successful, each lesson is helpful because it can provide insight...
Opinion: Instagram’s new sponsored post feature is a step in the right direction to eliminate some of the risks associated with native advertisingNative Instagram posts—those paid for by brands but posted by influencers—are about to look a bit different, and that’s a good thing.The callout will appear at the top of the post (where you’d tag a location) and within Instagram Stories, noting that the content was “paid in partnership with …” This feature is a response to recent transparency issues surrounding the practice of native advertising.Previously, there was no official way for people to distinguish between a native sponsored post and an organic one, which led to questions about the ethics behind native advertising strategies: Is native advertising potentially deceiving consumers?The Federal Trade Commission says yes.Earlier this year, the FTC to dozens of brands and social media influencers, including , for failure to clearly disclose their relationships with brands and products they’re promoting.
After Toby Byrne’s surprise exit last September, Fox Networks Group spent eight long months searching for a new ad sales chief.As president of advertising revenue, Marchese—who in Byrne’s absence had run the ad sales division alongside evp of ad sales Bruce Lefkowitz and evp of global partnerships Danielle Maged—now oversees Fox, Fox Sports, FX, FXX, National Geographic and Nat Geo Wild.Adweek: There had been debate over whether Fox’s next ad sales chief would be hands-on like Toby was, or more of a public face.The hiring process took much longer than even Fox expected.What was that like for you, as the months unfolded and there still wasn’t a decision?It felt like everything was moving; it was just a question of how everything was going to align on the other side of the upfronts.
The PR firm therefore concluded marketers must “[create] content and messages for their products and services that boast the advanced technology without setting off alarm bells that the technology will in some way harm them or be the death knell for society."If the state of the art is Tay, the AI that sought to mimic human interaction but quickly went haywire, the advent of AI programmed to develop sentience, or a degree of consciousness, seems ages away, said Divya Menon, marketing consultant at marketing and advertising consultancy Bad Brain.“Predicting technological advances is always a bad idea, but I'd say that within 20 [to] 30 years, we will have machines that are at least as good as human beings in just about every cognitive skill,” added Kentaro Toyama, WK Kellogg associate professor at the University of Michigan School of Information and author of Geek Heresy: Rescuing Social Change from the Cult of Technology.An AI that is tapped in to 100m video cameras, the global weather infrastructure and the Internet would have such a giant and broad consciousness it would invariably be wildly different from our own.“In that case, it’s about humanity and machines blurring into one — imagine nano machines that are constantly improving your brain, expanded human-machine interfaces, artificial organs, etc.”However, Toyama said Kurzweil’s notion of a singularity is the moment when computers became as smart as us, but it is also the point at which computers become dramatically smarter than us because they would be able to use their intelligence to make themselves smarter and smarter, which they can do more easily because they can reprogram themselves.
UK football team Manchester City is looking to drive excitement and build a fandom in the US by hosting a Fifa eSports tournament exclusively in the region.The club, part of the City Group that incorporates New York City, Yokohama, Melbourne City, Club Atlético Torque and the rumoured purchase of a La Liga side, is working with eSports platform Battlefy to hold the first Man City Fifa 17 Cup.It will be hosted on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and will see the best 128 players on each platform whittled down to two on each through a series of heats, culminating in two finals in Houston 19 July.Diego Gigliani, senior vice-president, media and innovation, City Football Marketing, said: “This is a natural evolution for Manchester City.We’ve been very involved with our partner, EA Sports, and the game Fifa for some time.“As eSports continues to gain momentum, it makes sense for Manchester City to be part of the action and get closer to our fans, who love playing Fifa as Manchester City."
Google has been issued a €2.4bn fine by EU authorities for breaking antitrust law, following a seven-year investigation by the European Commission.While Google has kept its responsive statement short, it hinted that the company will consider appealing the ruling in EU courts, which could add years on to proceedings.A spokesperson said: "We respectfully disagree with the conclusions announced today.We will review the commission’s decision in detail as we consider an appeal, and we look forward to continuing to make our case.”The decision centres around Google Shopping – a price comparison feature built into the company’s main search function – with authorities saying Google had "abused its market dominance as a search engine" by giving a search ranking advantage to its own products.The European Commission has said the company must now end the conduct within 90 days or face penalty payments of up to 5% of the average daily worldwide turnover of Alphabet, Google's parent company.
Sky and BT are expected to lock horns in a £1bn bidding war for the broadcast rights to the England and Wales Cricket Board’s (ECB) new Twenty20 tournament, with the BBC favourite to acquire the available free-to-air rights.The ECB has held talks with various broadcasters during the past month and will now take final bids for the proposed deal, which will run from the launch of the tournament in 2020 until 2024, by 10am tomorrow (28 June).Sky and BT are the two front runners expected to walk away with bulk of the rights and, according to reports in the Guardian, the bidding war between the two is expected to push the agreement past the £1bn mark.This would be to the benefit for the BBC, which could see a lower asking price for the 12 Twenty20 fixtures which have been promised for free-to-air television.However, it is expected to face competition from ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.Tom Harrison, chief executive of the ECB, is also understandably keen to expand the appeal of the sport to new audiences and would be welcoming of Facebook’s expected bid for short highlight clips.
Twitter has unveiled two new ads as part of its ongoing 'See Every Side' campaign, which aims to capture the multifaceted viewpoints the social network offers up to users.In a bid to help people better understand what the platform is all about, Twitter has been rolling out ads showing how celebrities and ordinary people engage with each other within its walls.The ads are airing across on-demand services like Hulu and Roku in the US and also on digital platforms.The latest film plays on Twitter's reputation for being a hub of debate and disagreement during topical events.It depicts how a hashtag can bring different points of view to the fore, with a heatwave – Summergedden – prompting a host of sweaty users to argue about climate change.— Twitter (@Twitter) June 19, 2017
From self-driving cars to customer-service chatbots and smart refrigerators that place grocery orders to cloud apps that enable global teams to collaborate in real time, technology is the ultimate driver of beneficial change.Not to mention that today’s consumers seem to have a boundless desire to stave off their FOMO by gobbling up the latest gadgets and gizmos the minute they come to market.But along with the benefits of fueling our cultural evolution come some significant marketing challenges, including high industry competition, steep audience-learning curves, implementation-related privacy and security issues, and a lot of unpredictability at every stage of the buyer’s journey.And, compounding all these challenges, the buyers themselves are also changing – how they search for product advice, whom they trust to provide reliable recommendations, and how they filter and weigh the constant influx of data available to inform their decisions.All of this puts the onus on marketers to provide the useful, valuable content the buyers need at the right time to drive a purchase, and to continually support customers’ needs after those purchases are made – a goal that is often easier said than done.An abundance of information channels complicates communication
Outstream video specialist Teads has launched a chatbot with a difference after devising a custom AI capable of operating within autoplay video ads, with Tommy Hilfiger the first brand to take advantage of the service.The fashion brand has unleashed its TMY.GRL chatbot to extend its reach beyond Facebook Messenger, inviting viewers to engage directly over the on-screen action with a time-sensitive greeting overlaid upon the video.Those who accept the offer can browse the brand's latest garments by answering a series of questions designed to elicit each customer's particular tastes, sizes and requirements.Products chosen in this way are automatically transferred to Tommy.com for purchase.Bertrand Quesada, chief executive of Teads, commented: “We’re thrilled to be working with Tommy Hilfiger and pioneer the next example of conversational commerce.Outstream video ads provide a superior user experience over other video advertising formats, and adding this extra level of personalisation makes them even more powerful.
It must have hurt like hell that right in middle of the prized week, on French soil, a Frenchman running a huge French holding company dropped a surprise atomic pétanque ball on its head.Entries will probably go up.Of course the Publicis news brings out of the cupboard all the usual moaning and criticism of what Cannes has become.The failing dominance of networks, the growing dominance of Google and Facebook.But what Cannes has become is a mirror of how our lives and industry have developed.A giant, colourful melting pot of agendas, voices, ideas, chaos, fun, terrible mistakes, outrageous glory, creativity, friendship, tattoos, sunburn, celebs.
Chinese smartphone makers are on a roll in India, with earlier reports detailing how China toppled the Indian smartphone makers with strategic innovation and marketing.Vivo, a Chinese technology company, has retained the Indian Premiere League (IPL) title rights for a five-year deal as tweeted by IPL, outbidding Oppo.Oppo is the principal sponsor for the Indian Cricket team.Vivo bid Rs.2,199 Crores, a whooping 554% increase over the previous contract.The renewed title sponsorship contract begins August 1 and ends on July 31, 2022.When Vivo signed the deal for 2016 and 2017, Alex Feng, chief executive officer, Vivo Mobile India, said: “Vivo is the pioneer of Hi-Fi music smartphone, and we strive to create smartphones combined with artistic design and technological innovation.
The Drum's Shazam chart is based on the number of times each ad has been Shazamed over the past week using the music identification app.Samsung has taken the top spot thanks to American-Canadian singer Rufus Wainwright's 'Across The Universe'.From running with dinosaurs through VR to seeing sea creatures in the swimming pool from your phone, the acoustic guitar track backs a campaign showcasing the incredible opportunities available to this generation.Elsewhere, Talk Talk's 'Sing' campaign has entered the chart taking seventh place with its simple ad showing a man and woman singing along Viola Wills' 'Gonna Get Along Without You Now' to promote the brands streaming services.While PrettyLittleThing takes eighth place with an enviable 'Lost In Paradise' ad.Artist: Rag'n'bone Man / Sigma
Roughly three months after rolling out M Suggestions to facilitate people doing things through Facebook’s messaging service, like sending money or ordering a Lyft, Messenger is adding a few new suggestions, like bookmarking links, making calls and saying “happy birthday,” for users in the US.Now when people paste a link into a conversation on Messenger, M will offer an option to save it to check out later.“What we’ve noticed is that oftentimes you’re in the middle of a conversation and don’t have time to go through the content [shared in that conversation], so what M will suggest is for you to save this content for later,” said Kemal El Moujahid, a product manager at Messenger.People will be able to access their saved content by using a new Messenger-made Chat Extension that people can pull up by clicking the “+” button atop the in-app keyboard; Messenger rolled out Chat Extensions in April as a way to have approved bots assist non-bot conversations.In addition to using the extension to view saved links later, people can also use the extension to add these saved links to messages in Messenger.The new saved content suggestion and corresponding chat extension could make people more aware of the chat extensions that Messenger began rolling out in April so that people could share Spotify songs or book restaurant reservations through OpenTable without exiting the app.
Baidu has long been one of China’s technology pioneers, but as the search giant transitions into an AI first company, is it losing relevance to marketers?When a change in Chinese ad regulations in 2016 delivered a withering 16% decline in advertising customers and with Baidu losing serious ground in the search market to rivals like Alibaba and Tencent, a shift was inevitable.In recent years, Baidu has realigned its strategic focus away from search and mobile advertising, towards technology – most notably AI.Baidu’s chairman and CEO Robin Li said recently "Baidu's strategic evolution from a mobile-first to an AI-first company continues to gain momentum.”“While our investment in AI is a long-term proposition, we are already seeing the powerful benefits of AI bear fruit across our existing platform.With AI set to play an increasingly important role across all major industries, we are confident that Baidu's technology advantage positions us to both enable and participate in the growth and transformation of China's AI-powered industries," said Li.