Today, I’m going to shed a spotlight on the topic of content promotion.It’s one thing to have nobody read that 500 word post you just threw up to meet a deadline.It’s another thing entirely when you invested $1,000 into a world class resource and you’re still seeing a flatline in analytics.You know you need to be spending more time on promotion, but what the hell are you supposed to be doing?That’s the question I’m going to answer today.I spent the last month testing out 20 different promotion strategies in a variety of niches, and today, we’re going to peel back the curtain and reveal what works and what doesn’t.
That's especially true for those in the throes of a 9-to-5 life, tethered by a corporate leash that doesn't afford them the luxury of time or travel.It's straightforward -- build a converting offer.When you can create an offer that converts, then optimize that conversion rate, you could almost infinitely scale your ad spend and continue to churn a profit, effectively making money while you sleep.The sale happens over time, by building a relationship with the consumer, and by constantly feeding them value and ensuring that whatever it is that you're peddling, it solves a problem and alleviates some pain points.Consider things like PDF checklists, free ebooks, trial memberships, and so on.Oftentimes, a small tweak in your headline can lead to massive results.
Adaptive messaging platform provider Cordial was the winner in the small-sized business category of DMN's Best Places to Work poll.In this podcast episode, cofounder and CEO Jeremy Swift defines what adaptive messaging means to him and shares the number one mistake marketers make when it comes to thinking about this concept.He also tells the story of how the Disney movie Mary Poppins inspired his company's name.
Using the last campaign as an example, Carl Isenbeck, marketing director of Porsche Asia Pacific, explained to The Drum that Porsche made an effort to reach out and ‘speak’ to customers and the public by promoting the product in an Asian context.Isenbeck added that Porsche’s marketing campaigns are generally well received because the brand is perceived to be more exclusive and has a different approach to selling its cars, as compared to its competitors.“When you go to the Porsche centre, you can completely individualise your car.What has resulted from building our entire business model based on that, is that people buy into the brand.“Porsche is a very premium brand and that is the number one reason why people purchase our products.It's because we don't push the products into people's faces too much, which is why you don't see lots of advertising on TV or on print, as we have a much smaller marketing budget and we believe in the pull effect.
Getting to know a new city is a little bit like going on a blind date.After arriving at this insight while trying to think of ways to recruit new talent from out of town, Possible Cincinnati had an idea.The agency used Tinder to find a prospective employee from a larger city and, after making a match, set up a visit to the agency and its hometown.Eventually they found the right match in Daniel Mashburn, an assistant account executive with Leo Burnett Chicago.But would he fall in love with Cincinnati?After some initial nerves and stumbling blocks, including misspelling Mashburn’s name on a welcome sign, the team at Possible Cincinnati seems to have shown the job prospect a good time.
Depending on who you ask, email marketing can generate a return on investment between a few dollars for every $1 invested and a phenomenal 43,000 percent.The difference in email’s reported performance may have something to do with execution.The best online sellers can use an email message, which costs just a few dollars to send, to produce tens of thousands of dollars in sales.But perhaps less than a quarter of online sellers actually use this tool.A shopping cart abandonment series works by sending a known shopper — someone whose email address you have — a message when that shopper leaves items in an ecommerce shopping cart.You should have a reasonable amount of site traffic (maybe 5,000 visitors a month).
French pharmaceutical company Sanofi today resolved a five-month review of all of its marketing partnerships, most significantly adding WPP to its roster and assigning additional responsibilities to Havas.WPP won the majority of the business, and GroupM’s Mindshare will be the client’s new global media agency of record, handling ad planning and buying duties for more than 60 countries around the world.The two main exceptions are Japan, where Hakuhodo will manage media for the company’s consumer health-care division, and the U.S., where Havas will run media buying on the prescription side of the business and planning for consumer health care.Incumbent independent New York agency KWG will continue to serve as media buying agency of record for consumer products.“Our Village vision continues to deliver fantastic results, and we are delighted to bring this transformative approach to Sanofi,” said Shane Ankeney, president of Havas Media Group North America.“This significant win for Havas Media is just the latest in our burgeoning health care practice.”
Thessaly La Force joins as features director and Kurt Soller as articles editorAhead of its fall fashion issue, T Magazine announces a number of new hires and promotions.Thessaly La Force joins the publication as features director.La Force had most recently served as editor in chief of Garage Magazine, which covers the intersection of art and fashion.She has previously served as a senior editor at Travel + Leisure.Kurt Soller comes on board as articles editor.
It's 'unnatural and disturbing, which is exactly the point'Finnish agency hasan & partners teamed up with Paola Suhonen, a well-known fashion designer in the country, to create a “Maternity Wear for a 12-Year-Old” campaign to raise awareness of the problem of childhood pregnancy in developing countries and drive donations to children’s rights organization Plan International.Suhonen’s “Hamptons” collection of maternity wear includes the type of bold colors and whimsical prints (including kittens) often found in children’s clothing, a definitive contrast to the reality facing child mothers.The collection was modeled by Fridah, a Zambian 12-year-old whose baby is due in September, with imagery from award-winning photographer Meeri Koutaniemi.Yesterday, the collection was unveiled in Helsinki and displayed on child mannequins in a window on Esplanadi, a street famous for designer shops.An online film promotes the initiative, showing a group of children cheerfully playing in the sunshine, contrasted with Fridah modeling an item from the collection.
for Twitter in June, enabling developers to easily create, preview and deploy chat bots.Starting on Aug. 22, developers of Facebook Messenger bots get to play, too.Bot Builder for Facebook Messenger speeds and eases the process of creating, previewing and deploying Messenger bots, without having to rely on outside developers.The process also mirrors that of Bot Builder for Twitter: Users launching chats on Messenger will be greeted with pre-set opening replies containing options for the next steps, depending on their queries.said in a release introducing the new tool, “By the time the case is handed over to the human agent, he or she has all the details needed and can more efficiently assist in getting to the solution.”Sprout Social also provided a status report on its Twitter tool, saying that one of its early testers, , has served 80 percent more customers on Twitter since implementing Bot Builder, while lowering the number of replies in each conversation by 18 percent.
In 1915, psychologist Edgar Rubin wrote his entire doctoral thesis on a simple picture.The image in question appeared to contain a flat white vase centered on a black background.But as plain as it seemed, it sparked heated debate among hundreds of research subjects, prominent doctors, and renowned psychologists.Successful content marketers have to use the same thinking—seeing the critical details in what most people perceive to be the background.They may not be the same companies you’ve always sized up as business rivals.You can get creative with your search, too, by looking at shares in industry-related LinkedIn groups as well as media preferences in Facebook Audience Insights.
In September, as the presidential election neared, USA Today’s editorial board made the unprecedented move to effectively un-endorse Donald Trump, the first time in its history it had weighed in on a candidate in such a way.And during the past few days, as editorial pages from various newspapers weighed in on President Trump’s both-sides argument redux, USA Today’s editorial board had a message for Congressional Republicans: censure the president.Expressing disapproval in 140 characters or fewer is insufficient when the president angrily asserts that there were some “very fine people” among the bigots waving Confederate battle flags and swastika banners; when torch-bearing marchers chanted “Jews will not replace us”; and when police said one Nazi sympathizer rammed a sports car into a crowd, killing an innocent counterprotester.The victim, 32-year-old Heather Heyer, was remembered Wednesday at a heartbreaking memorial service.When these things happen in the United States, and the president blames “both sides,” more formal condemnation is necessary.This is a moment of reckoning for members of the Party of Lincoln: Do they want to stand up for American values, or do they want to keep enabling a president whose understanding of right and wrong has slipped dangerously off the rails?
Inman has been covering the bleeding edge of the real estate industry since its launch over 20 years ago as Inman News, one of the first web-native publications in the world.In fact, a big part of what’s made Inman so consistently great for all this time is that Brad Inman has been ahead of the curve in realizing and acting on the transformative power of new technologies.That’s a rare quality, and I say that as someone who’s worked primarily in tech journalism — most recently as managing editor of Vice’s Motherboard, and previously as an editor and writer at Popular Science and The Verge.Franzen also gives a proper shout-out to his real estate broker, who helped the husband and recent new father, with his wife, shift from rentals to apartment ownership in Brooklyn.By proper, we mean that the broker is not actually named.They know who they are, and that would probably not be the best first brush with Inman conflict-of-interest guidelines.
recently revealed that only 6 percent of Americans trust big corporations “a great deal,” with an additional 12 percent trusting them “quite a lot,” leaving a whopping 82 percent of Americans who are dubious about big businesses.Online, more than 53 percent of consumers use some kind of ad blocker, and only 7 percent view ads in a positive light.When you’re exposed to that much advertising, it’s easy to filter all those aggressive, sales-y messages to a singular, blurry kind of white noise.The perception of corporate greed: Ads are a way for companies to make more money—and people view them in a profiteering light.The 2008 financial crisis didn’t help public opinions that corporations don’t care about the American public.Scandals, profits, accidents and errors are under a public magnifying glass, and every misstep is another reason for consumers to lose trust.
What are the world’s best push notifications?And what makes those push notifications so effective?Push notifications are a vital tool in the mobile marketing toolkit, but oftentimes they’re generic and uninspired.Every so often, however, a mobile team crafts a message that blows people away.Maybe it’s an especially clever pun, or maybe it’s timed to sync with a real world event.Whatever the reason, it’s clear that some push notifications are simply more compelling than others.
As we all know one thing that really takes Shopify so powerful and addictive is its apps and integrations.The apps provide you complete features in building out your business’s capabilities.Launch a customer loyalty program, automate your e-mail campaigns, offer seamless pop-ups or integrate your accounting and POS software.In this In this article we’ll show you the most popular Shopify Apps which have more than 500 reviews from e-commerce merchants.We can also say that, these are the ones that most preferred.
Today, Reddit is releasing a video-uploader tool that lets its users share videos from their personal libraries directly on the platform instead of having to post links or embeds from other social networks.The tool is part of an effort by Reddit, which recently raised $200 million — at a $1.8 billion valuation — to get deeper into video, and the ad dollars associated with it, with help from a new video product team.The video push also comes at a time when the company hopes to more than double full-time staff — from around 140 people at the beginning of the year to 300 by the end of 2017, according to Recode — as it overhauls its website and mobile apps.“It presents an opportunity to enable greater integration with verification and technology partners to deliver viewable, brand-safe experiences on Reddit that can be tracked with deeper analytics.”But Reddit has something of a minefield to navigate with its new video ad product: On one hand, it has to keep its notoriously ad-averse users happy, and on the other, it needs to convince advertisers to put their ads next to sometimes-risky user-generated content.We have plenty of other places to put advertising that are a little more mainstream and brand-safe.”
Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.How to get developers to implement SEO recommendationsAug 17, 2017 by Michael KingThe best SEO strategy is meaningless if there’s no one to implement it!Columnist Michael King shares his recommendations for how to best work with your developers to get things done.Developing YOUR audience targeting strategy
feature, allowing users to see when their contacts are active on LinkedIn, or available on mobile.With this update, when a user visits a contact’s profile, they’ll see a green dot next to the user’s profile photo if the user is currently using LinkedIn.If the green dot has a white circle in the middle, it means the user isn’t actively using LinkedIn, but they have push notifications enabled on their mobile device, and will be notified when they receive messages.Users can turn their active status on or off by going into LinkedIn’s settings menu on either desktop or mobile.It’s worth noting, users will only be able to see their contacts’ statuses if their own active status is turned on.Finally, users have the option to hide their active status from specific contacts.
Lebanese alternative rock band Mashrou’ Leila’s vision of the Middle East today is an amalgam of varied and sometimes contradictory influences, from the historical to the political.“Worms sculpt my body now/ The earth cradles my skin/ Why’d you sell me to the Romans?”So sings lead vocalist Hamed Sinno in his group’s latest single “Roman,” named for the doomed empire that ruled the area from 64 B.C.The song’s video, which was co-produced by the Beirut-area outpost of McCann Worldwide’s FP7 network, plays with and reinterprets stereotypes of Arabic and Muslim cultures.According to a release about the project, the band, whose name translates to “Leila’s Project” or “Overnight Project,” aims to illustrate “how struggle and conflict can be used as a starting place for progress” by using traditionally dressed Arab and Muslim women to “purposefully celebrate Middle Eastern feminism.”The song’s historical context may be lost to Western viewers.