Diving deeper into the world of domains for your content marketing purposes will allow you to find helpful opportunities.Looking for custom domains for a campaign?The options can be overwhelming – what extensions should you use, how much should you pay to acquire the domain, what can you do to avoid premium prices?I’m going to teach you about making smart decisions about domain extensions, what add-ons to include, and how much to budget for a domain..ai is usually reserved for artificial intelligence-driven companies and the country Anguilla.There are a ton of newer generic top-level domains (gTLD) that you can apply to your domain, too.
It took 15 months and nearly $20 billion more than originally planned, but the Walt Disney Company has officially closed on its $71.3 billion purchase of 21st Century Fox, putting into motion one the industry’s most massive transformations ever.The deal gives Disney control of the Twentieth Century Fox movie and TV studios, cable networks like FX and National Geographic, India’s Star network, and Fox’s 30 percent stake in the Hulu streaming service, as the company bulks up to take on Silicon Valley heavyweights like Netflix, Amazon, Apple and Google.Just before the deal closed, 21st Century Fox spun off several of its assets—including the Fox broadcast network, Fox News, Fox Business Network and Fox Sports—into a new stand-alone company created Tuesday, called Fox Corp.“This is an extraordinary and historic moment for us—one that will create significant long-term value for our company and our shareholders,” said Disney chairman and CEO Robert Iger in a statement.“Combining Disney’s and 21st Century Fox’s wealth of creative content and proven talent creates the preeminent global entertainment company, well positioned to lead in an incredibly dynamic and transformative era.”Disney first announced its bid for Fox, which at the time was $52.4 billion, in December 2017.
“You can use sex to sell anything, except if it’s women’s pleasure.”That’s how Stephanie Keating, marketing manager at WOW Tech Group, describes her frustration at the often-unwritten rules of advertising that keep sex toy ads from appearing in public.Given that her company produces high-tech gadgets aimed at helping women enjoy sexual fulfillment, it’s understandable why she feels like she’s been waging an uphill battle in the name of sex positivity.But for the moment, she’s enjoying a rare moment of victory thanks to the company’s newest ad, a Toronto billboard with one of the best pieces of copywriting in recent memory: “Scream your own name.”Designed by Canadian agency The Garden, the billboard has so far survived three weeks alongside one of Toronto’s busiest highways (the QEW at the 427), and the agency says that sets an endurance record for ads of its kind in North America.Such advertisements, centered on women’s pleasure, are often turned down by ad placement companies, despite what Keating sees as a double standard that has made men’s sexual-health ads commonplace.
Last March, South by Southwest created a new awards program, the SXSW Creative Experience Arrow Awards, to honor the growing experiential focus at the festival.“As agencies, brands, and other groups continue to bring their most ambitious experiential ideas to life at SXSW, we will continue to broaden the awards to recognize that creative spirit,” said Roland Swenson, CEO of SXSW, in a statement.“Well-executed, thoughtful activations enhance the overall experience for our attendees, and we are always inspired by what our partners create at SXSW.”Marketers from Comedy Central (Spirit of SXSW), Sony (Best Use of Technology), Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Department (Best Immersive Experience) and NHK Enterprises and Rhizomatiks (Best Exhibition Experience) took home this year’s Arrow Awards.“Comedy Central’s activation combined politics, journalism, the impact of social media, and humor within the context of an historic Austin hotel that was a haunt for local politicians, including LBJ,” Sweson said.The Presidential Twitter Library uses satire to explore a moment in time and was a natural fit within the footprint of our event.”
Hudson Yards is the complete opposite of a “retail apocalypse,” considering the $25 billion poured into the project.Retailers, from the likes of Neiman Marcus to digitally native brands like men’s basics direct-to-consumer brand Mack Weldon, arrived at Hudson Yards ready to reach and chat with whoever ends up coming to the area.Business Insider called the 28-acre Hudson Yards the country’s “most expensive real estate development.” The project has included rezoning, a train line extension and a 150-foot walkable structure called the Vessel.It’s still hard to tell who exactly will make the trek over to Hudson Yards to shop at stores like Sephora, Madewell or Kate Spade, but brands like Mack Weldon and 3den are betting on it.“It really has this concentration of many demographics before you even start looking elsewhere and that was really attractive to us,” said Ben Silver, founder and CEO of 3den, a co-working space that offers showers, private phone booths and nap pods.As part of the Hudson Yards opening, the company is also offering an exclusive membership to residents and tenants in the area.
Plenty of direct-to-consumer birth control brands are hitting the market today, using pretty packaging, suggestive photography or overly-posed models to sell the product, but Nurx is taking a different approach.The brand is particularly focused on expansion to Southern states, including South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia.Nurx has been around since 2015, originally dubbed by many as the “Uber for birth control.” Today the telemedicine company offers everything from birth control and emergency contraception to home HPV screening kits and PrEp.As the company continues to expand (it’s now in 23 states and the District of Colombia) Nurx decided it was time to rethink the way it communicates with existing and potential customers.“The reality was we didn’t have much of a brand.Our brand didn’t necessarily reflect what we are doing here in terms of being an all-in-one service encompassing really primary healthcare needs, things you would traditionally have had to go to a physical doctor’s office location, followed by a pharmacy, to get,” explained Katelyn Watson, Nurx’s vp of marketing.
Last week, these marketing technology companies got funding:Digital identity startup Passbase has raised $600,000 in pre-seed fundingAI photo startup Polarr has raised $11.5 million Series A, bringing total funding to around $13.5 millionBig data AI startup Noble.AI raised an undisclosed second seed round of funding, closing at $8.6 millionPredictive analytics firm StoryFit has raised $1.75 million in new fundingSearch marketing intelligence platform Adthena raised $14 million Series A.
As chairman of President Obama’s Federal Communications Commission, Tom Wheeler did much to dispute late-night host John Oliver’s memorable characterization of his revolving-door appointment as “the equivalent of needing a babysitter and hiring a dingo.”His tenure at the agency saw the passage of strong net neutrality rules, broadband privacy protections and other pro-consumer reforms, most of which were subsequently dismantled by the Trump administration and a Republican-controlled Congress.But Wheeler is optimistic net neutrality rules will eventually be solidified into law as well as privacy-focused regulation of Facebook, Google and other tech giants—an industry over which the FCC doesn’t have much jurisdiction but Wheeler had nonetheless hoped to influence.In his new book, From Gutenberg to Google: The History of Our Future, the former telecom lobbyist compares the process to other big shifts in communication technology throughout history.Wheeler spoke with Adweek about the path forward for net neutrality, how his hopes of spurring tech regulation backfired and why the Pacific Telegraph Act of 1862 is still relevant today.Tom Wheeler: I think probably there were two: One was the thesis I was working on pre-FCC was how the nature of networks had moved from a centralizing force to a distributed force, and economic activity was following that force outward to the edge of the network, which indeed it certainly has.
Facebook is implementing several changes to its targeting policies for ads dealing with housing, employment and credit as part of the company’s settlements of several class-action lawsuits and complaints.In one of the complaints, the American Civil Liberties Union teamed with Communications Workers of America and workers’ rights law firm Outten & Golden last September to file charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against Facebook and 10 companies that advertised jobs via its platform, claiming unlawful discrimination and saying the advertisers used the social network’s targeting capabilities to deliver their ads solely to male users.Outten & Golden attorney Peter Romer-Friedman said in response to Tuesday’s settlement, “We’re happy with the groundbreaking changes we secured in this first-of-its-kind settlement.We were honored to represent workers.But the lion’s share of issues we raised in litigation and made public, and the things we wanted to change, are being done here.”Chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg said in a Facebook post discussing the settlements, “Our policies already prohibit advertisers from using our tools to discriminate.
Would you book a hotel where the quality of your stay depends on the quality of your brainpower?If so, the Trivial Pursuit Hotel located about 30 miles outside Moscow might be right for you.Opening for a limited time, from May 20 to June 14 of this year, the hotel is a real project from Hasbro and agency Leo Burnett Moscow.That said, you can probably take the examples in the video below with a grain of salt:The property is described on the booking site as “a two-story country house with three bedrooms, a sauna, fireplace and barbecue.”Even booking the hotel requires you answer some Trivial Pursuit questions.
Emerging technology is reinventing marketing and boosting the validity of advertising ROI.It’s no secret the rise of digital has given the global advertising industry — and its revenue models — a massive shake-up.The increase in search ad spending is one of the drivers behind the push, with Google and Facebook currently receiving the largest share of total US digital ad spend.With more people online than ever before, digital has given advertisers the gift of being able to push content to consumers while on the go, at any place and at any time.But digital has also given birth to the rise of ad-blocking technology, making it the easiest it has ever been to avoid ads in the first place.Adoption of ad blockers is on the rise and Statista estimated that about 25% of US internet users blocked ads on their devices in 2018.
After BMF executive vice president and would-be head of sales Ashley Berg sued her employer last month for allegedly demoting her and cutting her salary after learning that she was three-months pregnant, other women have stepped forward to accuse the experiential agency of similar malpractice.An amended complaint, filed in the Berg case in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York this morning and embedded in full at the bottom of this story, alleges that chief operating officer Eric Brunman, one of four agency partners named as defendants, asked one unnamed woman if she planned on having children or becoming “pregnant anytime soon” while interviewing her for the role of senior vice president of creative strategy in 2017.According to the complaint, Brunman then told her that if she were hired, “We would need you to promise that you will wait a year to have a baby because we need someone to give us runway and show that they are fully committed to the job and can give their full attention to the position.”The lawsuit claims that, when the woman allegedly responded by telling him how inappropriate these “statements and warnings” were, he “merely laughed” and responded, “you are probably right.”The suit alleges that this woman was offered the role but that she declined, “in part because of Mr. Brunman’s comments.” The lawsuit adds that the offer letter allegedly made no mention of maternity leave policies.“The amended complaint provides further evidence of systemic pregnancy discrimination,” Douglas Wigdor, founder of Wigdor LLP, the law firm representing Berg, said in an email to Adweek.
Research from McKinsey & Company reveals that a diverse organization delivers positive impact, growing revenue and supporting innovation.Bizzabo hosted the event after analyzing 60,000 speakers at thousands of events over five years in 20-plus countries.Their research found that men made up nearly 70 percent of all speakers at professional events in 2018.According to the Pew Research Center, the share of female CEOs at Fortune 500 companies was less than 5 percent in 2018, while the number of women sitting on boards was less than 23 percent.With that in mind, here are three takeaways from the discussion that can benefit any company or brand.Beware the “I like people like me” bias
Six months after MDC Partners retired the KBS brand and folded it into Forsman & Bodenfors, the global creative agency has appointed a CEO in New York, promoting Mike Densmore from his previous role as president.As CEO, Densmore will be tasked with expanding the agency’s client portfolio and promoting its collaborative approach internally and with clients.He is a strong leader and really nice at the same time, which is why we love him,” Forsman & Bodenfors global executive chairman and copywriter Anna Qvennerstedt said in a statement.“The way he is shaping the New York office’s culture and his exceptional ability to juggle business, crazy ideas and human beings are what make him the perfect fit for leading F into the future.”What was then KBS New York hired Densmore as president September of 2017.That was after Densmore spent nearly four years as BBH’s first global chief growth officer, leading the additions of clients including Netflix, Amazon, Nest and Hello Fresh to the agency’s roster.
By Joshua Baez, Engagement Manager at Heinz MarketingBefore diving in, be sure to read our previous posts on Panel Webinars, Webinar Operations, Internal Alignment, and ABM!Now, for our fifth entry into this blog series, let’s talk about how you can use webinars as a means of gathering new data to fuel your content strategy.By utilizing polls, questions, and other interactive assets in your webinars, you’re able to capture more data on your attendee’s level of intent and interest areas while simultaneously gaining insights for new research, content, and messaging.Why should you use webinars for research and new content?With a captive audience & interactive tools on your webinar, you can conduct research to uncover new data trends, insights, or simply to fuel your content marketing strategy based on the responses you get back.
Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union may be happily married, but that doesn’t mean the two stars of their respective fields aren’t a tad competitive when it comes to one upping each other.The pair appear in the inaugural campaign for Gatorade Zero, which bills itself as offering “all the electrolytes, zero sugar.”Gatorade Zero quietly launched last summer in three flavors.Now the brand is adding two additional flavors, while also debuting the star couple as endorsers.This is the first campaign the couple has been in together.And while Miami Heat star Wade might be a pretty standard Gatorade ad star, the decision to feature actress and “America’s Got Talent” host Union marks one of the few times the brand has used someone who isn’t an athlete by profession in creative elements.
CLTV helps marketers understand how much each individual customer is worth to them.It also shows how much can be spent to acquire new customers while ensuring return on investment (ROI).Why should we calculate CLTV?Businesses generally accept that retention of customers is more affordable than acquisition.Last year, Forbes reported that it cost five times as much to attract a customer compared to retaining an existing one.But if a customer only ever intends to make a single purchase and never return, is it worth allocating as much marketing budget to them?
Ironman race events will continue to swim, bike and run to their exclusive digital home on Facebook Watch following a multiyear extension of the agreement between Ironman parent Wanda Sports Holdings and the social network.Facebook Watch will be the exclusive digital home for 17 live events this year, 19 in 2020 and 22 in 2021 under a third-year option in the pact, and full live coverage of the Ironman World Championship and Ironman 70.3 World Championship is included.There will also be video-on-demand recaps available for all events livestreamed via Facebook Watch.The schedule will be announced in the coming weeks, and all of the event broadcasts will be available globally via the Ironman Now Facebook page.Ironman will produce the livestreams specifically for Facebook Watch, incorporating interactive features such as Watch Parties, real-time polls, fan discussions and user-generated content from spectators along the course.Broadcasts will be hosted by past event champions including Dede Griesbauer, Rachel Joyce, Matt Lieto and Michael Lovato, as well as past World Champions and Hall of Famers Paula Newby Fraser and Greg Welch.
How the founders of Ming River Baijiu are attempting to launch an entirely new alcohol category in the United States.That’s because even though four billion gallons of baijiu are sold annually, more than twice the volume of vodka, almost none of that ocean of distillate reaches American shores.In a partnership with one of the largest and oldest distilleries in China, Luzhou Laojiao, the four founders of Ming River aim to not only introduce another bottle to the crowded spirit marketplace but also introduce an entirely new category to the American consumer.Adding to the difficulty is the history and breadth of the spirit (baijiu translates generically to white alcohol), encompassing numerous regional styles.Dating back to the Ming Dynasty, at least a dozen varietals, or aromas, of baijiu have developed throughout China.Strong aroma, the Sichuan-based variety that Ming River produces, is the most popular.
Facebook users were feeling musical in February, as cigar box guitar and classic rock were both Topics to Watch for the month, according to Facebook IQ.Conversation about cigar box guitar and associated topics New Orleans, string instrument, Samantha Fish, slide guitar, pickup, electric guitar, blues, ukulele, acoustic guitar, guitar and bass guitar was up 1.9 times compared with February 2018 and 0.7 times versus January, with men dominating the discussion—particularly those 25 through 34 and 50 through 64.Facebook IQ wrote, “Cigar box guitars date back to the American Civil War.Soldiers created guitars out of wooden cigar boxes and played these instruments at their campsites.Now, modern artisans are bringing these instruments back in style, repurposing old cigar containers and selling their handmade guitars online.The cigar box guitar revolution seems to be underway, as musicians across the country purchase, play and even create cigar box guitars.”