Donald Trump should expect loud and peaceful protests if he visits the UK later this year, the London mayor has said.Sadiq Khan, who has frequently clashed with the US president since they were elected to office nearly two years ago, made the comments during a St George’s event in London on Saturday.Amnesty International confirmed that thousands of its supporters will take to the streets when Trump visits the UK, although no date has yet been officially announced.Khan added that the capital respects, embraces and celebrates diversity.The former Labour MP’s comments come following reports that Trump is planning to visit the UK in the summer“I hope if he does come, he reflects on the difference good leadership can make,” Khan told the Press Association.
Many of you readers will know the brand Microwear – a Chinese wearable manufacturer based in China.The company did just launch a promo on a selection of their smart watches over at AliExpress.Let’s learn a bit more about the devices on sale before heading over thereLet’s begin with the Microwear H5, a multi-functional smartwatch that is able to support 4G LTE networks and calls, so you can potentially use it to chat, watch movies or listen to music over the internet.In addition to that, it also features a GPS module, which combined with your favorite map app can allow you to keep track of your position wherever you are.Microwear’s smartwatch comes with a stainless steel watch case and a TPU wrist band.
I came across Richard’s photo and immediately thought: “I don’t like this guy.Thankfully, Richard has helped me analyze and navigate difficult career decisions by providing the sort of mentorship many people in the tech world struggle to find.Mentorships should be mutually beneficialMentors can play as large or as small a role in your career as you want, but a mentor who’s invested in your success can lend a different perspective to challenges, motivate you when you’ve plateaued, and even help you tune out unnecessary distractions to regain focus on what truly matters.We try to find the best way possible to address even the most uncomfortable situations — particularly when we believe it will positively affect the other person.Richard and I definitely discuss our careers, but our friendship goes far beyond the working world.
A new multiplayer map is coming to Blizzard’s Overwatch in the near future, and PC players can now take it for an early spin on the game’s PTR, or public test server.Dubbed Rialto, the new map will look familiar to anyone who’s played Overwatch‘s new Retribution co-op PvE event in the last two weeks.But this latest PTR update also includes several key changes to some of the game’s heroes, as well as unintended early look at changes to another map.Set in Venice, Italy, Rialto is new escort map that’s very similar to the Retribution event — or rather, Retribution takes place on a customized version of Rialto that’s filled with AI bad guys to shoot.Rialto drops the night setting for bright daylight, and tasks the attackers with pushing a payload to an end goal, with several checkpoints along the way.Early impressions reveal Rialto has a similar feel and layout to the fan-favorite King’s Row map, with a narrow choke point at the start giving way to flanking routes, and a number of sharp turns along the way to the final checkpoint.
In the latest of an endless series of unfortunate events to befall the once beloved photo-sharing service Flickr, the company has been resurrected from the grave of Yahoo and bought for an undisclosed amount by premium photo-hosting platform SmugMug.According to USA Today, which broke news of the acquisition Friday, the family-owned SmugMug intends to try to breathe new life into the service—though company CEO Don MacAskill admitted to the publication that he really has no idea what he’s going to do with his new toy.“It sounds silly for the CEO not to totally know what he’s going to do, but we haven’t built SmugMug on a master plan either.In an FAQ about the deal posted by SmugMug, the company said that it plans to allow Flickr to continue to operate as its own, standalone platform.Existing Flickr accounts will continue to work same as they ever have, both for free users and Flickr Pro subscribers.SmugMug did note that over time, it will migrate Flickr onto SmugMug’s technology infrastructure and will port user photos over to the platform as part of that move, but the photos will remain accessible on Flickr.
A 20-year-old man was stabbed to death in Finsbury Park in the early hours of Saturday morning, as fatal knife attacks continue to shock the capital.Detectives have launched a murder investigation after they were called at about 3am to reports of a man stabbed at Seven Sisters Road.Officers, paramedics and the London Air Ambulance attended the scene, where they found two men suffering from stab wounds.A man was found dead at the scene in Roth Walk.It is believed he is the 39th person to be stabbed to death in London in 2018.A 21-year-old man, who was found a short distance away, was flown to a north London hospital for treatment and has since been discharged.
David Lammy has accused Theresa May of shedding “crocodile tears” over the Windrush generation scandal, saying she was warned of what was happening when she was home secretary.Lammy said a 2014 report had warned of a “a virtually invisible and rarely acknowledged group” who had uncertain immigration status despite having lived in Britain for decades and were being caught up in an immigration clampdown.The MP said this showed the removal of people who came to Britain decades ago was not “a product of bureaucratic error or overzealous officials” but the “direct result” of May’s “hostile environment” policies.May has said people wrongly forced to leave could get compensation “where appropriate” and offered a third apology to Commonwealth leaders in as many days over how the Government has treated Windrush Britons.But Lammy said: “The apologies made by the Prime Minister are merely crocodile tears given that her department was fully aware of the human cost that these policies would have...“It is extraordinary that the Home Office ignored yet more warnings about the impact that their pernicious policies would have.”
Facebook, the world's largest social network, revamped the policies it uses when collecting data on the more than 2 billion people who use it every month.The new policy comes in at more than 4,200 words.The language is meant to be easy to understand, but that's still a lot of words to get through.With that in mind, we've read through Facebook's new privacy policy -- the last update was in 2016 -- to answer your most pressing questions.When you have time, the full text of the data policy is ready and waiting for you to read.It also gleans data from your interactions with Facebook friends, as well as the pages and posts you "like."
Wireless charging is a technology that makes charging your smartphone easy and conveniente.The feature has seen a growth after Apple decided to implement it on the iPhone X, which was of course followed by other phone manufacturers, one of them being AllCall.The Chinese company did indeed confirm that their upcoming AllCall MIX2 is going to pack wireless charging and come with a fast charger called F1.The F1 charger will support 10W charging at 5V2A with a charging efficiency of around 90%, it’ll also charge your device 1.5 times faster than conventional wireless chargers and have a range of 8mm so you’ll be able to charge your phone even with a case on.Fast charging is one of the most important features when purchasing a new smartphone.Safety wise, the AllCall F1 comes with built-in over current protection, over heating protection, short circuit protection, and foreign object detection.
Daniel José Older’s new Star Wars novel, Last Shot, was bundled up with the recent wave of Solo: A Star Wars Story-themed book announcements.Last Shot tells loosely-connected stories across three different time periods; only one of these is particularly pertinent to Solo, because it’s set before the film and features the young Lando and his droid pal L3-37, and only then because it features some intriguing insight from L3, played by Phoebe Waller Bridge in the upcoming movie, about the treatment of droids and droid sentience.It’s an interesting tease for what we can expect from the character, who’s been described in the film as “self-made,” in that she literally built herself out of the parts of different droids.The next time period, chronologically speaking, is set shortly after Solo, with Han and Chewie in new ownership of the Falcon, on a fun adventure with Sana Starros—a character who’s been in the Marvel Star Wars comics for a while, a long time partner-in-crime for Han, who, at least in the time period of the books, is a lot closer to Han and a lot less begrudging of the young smuggler’s cocky charms than she has been in the comics.It’s set approximately two years after Return of the Jedi and the Battle of Jakku, with Han pulled away from his family by Lando into a new adventure tying up the other arcs of the book through its mysterious villain, a sort of Dr. Frankenstein-for-droids figure named Fryzen Gor.The young Ben, destined to become a new force of evil in the galaxy as Kylo Ren and to despise his father, is a hugely important part of Last Shot, and acts as the nexus point of so much of Han’s unease, so potent that it almost feels uncharacteristic for the smuggler-turned-Rebel-hero who helped bring down the Empire.
These do not influence editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links.For more information, see our ethics policy.Between robotic vacuums, voice-activated light switches and virtual assistants, the smart home tech business is booming.As smart home devices are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, a hub from which to control your various gadgets is a good idea.We liked Amazon’s Echo, the device that introduced Alexa, back when it was introduced in 2015 and many improvements have been made in the intervening three years.These Amazon devices deals end at 11:59 PM ET on Saturday, April 21.
The last several weeks have seen numerous leaks and rumors about the upcoming LG G7 ThinQ, and with the phone’s official debut expected on May 2nd more concrete details are surfacing, including LG’s confirmation of the name.The latest tidbit is that one of the G7 ThinQ’s hardware buttons will have a sole purpose of activating the voice-powered Google Assistant.This would mean LG is borrowing from Samsung’s strategy, which saw the Galaxy S8 and S9 equipped with dedicated buttons for its Bixby assistant.The G7 ThinQ’s Google Assistant button will be found on the left side of the device, with the power button on the right, people familiar with the phone told CNET.This will also be the first Android device to feature a hardware button dedicated to Google Assistant.Earlier this month, LG stated that the “G7 ThinQ is an evolution of the foundation laid by the LG V30SThinQ, the first LG smartphone to embrace AI as part of its core features.” More than likely, LG will the Google Assistant button as part of its strategy of using artificial intelligence to differentiate the G7 ThinQ from its rivals.
Along with thousands of other Chinese companies, CUBOT is also attending the Global Sources Fair currently taking place at the Asia world Expo in Hong Kong.At such event, they brought a flagship that is turning people’s eyes, the Cubot Power with its Mediatek Helio P23, 6000mAh battery, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage.Here is a short video recapping what Cubot Cubot brought to the show:At the expo, there was a Cubot Power in a blue color variant, but the smartphone will also be available in Black, we can check it out in the photos below:Cubot Power full spec sheet:4G:FDD-Band 1 / 3 / 7 / 8 / 20
The newest big battery BLUBOO S3 piece has entered into the global sales just on April 18th and managed to get quite a customer response.The first 1000 pieces for the promo price of $149.99 got swept out in few hours and orders kept going, so the company decided to bolster the offer with another 1000 discounted pieces sold through the channels of the Banggood e-shop.They have also released a new unboxing and teardown video for the phone on their oficial youtube channel, so the customers can have even more information about the model.It also shows all the bonus gift pack accessories worth $50, which are included in the box for free during the global launch period.It includes stuff like the 12V/2A fast charger, USB Type-C charge cable, 3.5mm headphone adapter, OTG adapter or the 3-in-1 Type-C charging cable usable even for other phones and tablets.The teardown part of the video is focused on showing the 8500 mAh big battery and the assoociated necessary thickness of the phone due to the massive capacity.
The second big update for Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World arrived this week, just in time to keep players entertained with new content and features.The biggest addition, of course, is a new monster to hunt in the form of Kulve Taroth, a massive golden Elder Dragon that includes a new quest type, along with its new weapons and armor to forge.But the update, which brings the game up to version 3.00, also includes a number of quality of life improvements.The hunt for Kulve Taroth takes place in a new quest type known as a siege, which has all 16 players in a session taking part, but with everyone still grouped into sets of four.The siege tasks these groups of players with things like gathering tracks, forcing the monster to retreat to certain areas, and breaking off parts like its horns.Each objective adds to the score and progress of the quest, which is shared among everyone in the session, and the more progress earned means better rewards for all players that participated.
In 1980, the composer envisioned a tool to help cure his creative block: a machine that could keep track of all the sounds and loose threads running through his mind, find similarities, and produce an entire piece of music inspired by it.Simply put, EMI worked by pattern-matching: breaking down pieces of music into smaller pieces, analysing them, figuring out what sounds similar and where it should go.“ ...a machine that could keep track of all the sounds and loose threads running through his mind, find similarities, and produce an entire piece of music inspired by it.”At a lecture held at Stanford University in 1997, attendees heard the University of Oregon professor Winifred Kerner play three separate pieces of music on the piano: one by Bach, one by EMI in the style of Bach, and one by her husband, Steve Larson, another UO professor.That’s not very useful to me.”“Bach is absolutely one of my favourite composers... That people could be duped by a computer program was very disconcerting.”
Motivated by the Korean War, it allows the president broad authority to boost US industries that are considered a priority for national security.On Thursday, E News cited sources that said "an interagency process is underway" at the White House to examine possible application of the act to the energy industry.The goal would be to give some form of preference to coal and nuclear plants that are struggling to compete with cheap natural gas.The main focus is coal generators, which Trump promised to rescue during his campaign.In office, the Trump Administration has tried a number of arguments to justify intervening in electricity markets to the benefit of coal and nuclear.Although the memo never explicitly targeted renewable energy, Perry wrote that Obama-era policies had unfairly threatened coal-burning plants and had therefore threatened the existence of continuous and reliable energy in the US.
There are dozens of ways to go about building a website or app, but you’ll always find a few building blocks at the heart of any development.HTML and CSS fall into that category, as does JavaScript.It’s the key programming piece in modern web browsers and it’s no exaggeration to say you can’t learn to code without learning JavaScript.For those looking to get proficient or maybe even beyond proficient with this core programming skill, this Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle ($29, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals) is a perfect place to get your feet wet.This 15-course package begins by taking a coder at any skill level and building up their JavaScript knowledge piece by piece.After getting a handle on the JS basics, you’ll learn how the right tools can help you apply those lessons to creating dynamic web pages and apps.
This week we celebrate the birthday of the Hubble Space Telescope.Believe it or not, it has been in Earth’s orbit studying the cosmos for 28 years.Most of our images of cloudy nebulae, stunning galaxies, and star clusters can be credited to the Hubble.What better way to honor it, then, than by gazing into outer space for a while.Many of Hubble’s most famous photos are of nebulae—clouds of dust and gas that are breeding grounds for stars.It’s hard to get a sense of scale in these photos, but nebulae, especially those spotted and captured by Hubble, are enormous.
The worst part was putting it out into the world last year - the flash of panic that coursed through me when I hit publish, realising that I’d ‘outed’ myself as weak and unstable, someone who could no longer relied upon because I let the mask finally slip away.People that didn’t consider themselves to have ‘traditional’ mental health issues, but just struggling through life and not knowing why.We got there and he locked me in a big hug for a few seconds, and told me that he felt so relieved someone else felt the same.I won’t pretend that the marathon was easy last year - in fact, since I’d been 'exposed' as an anxiety sufferer, I felt the pressure of not letting my mind clamp down even more acutely, and that certainly didn’t help.I didn’t walk though, even when the panic began flashing at mile 22.My time was far too slow in my mind, the training ‘all wasted’, but I didn’t crack once.