p Chinese phone maker VKworld has finally broken its silence with news of a new acquisition and details of new phones.It has been a long while since we last heard some news of what VKworld are up to, but the silence has be broken as the company confirms 3 new models while also announcing that it has bought rival phone maker Cagabi.The first news is that now VKworld has acquired Cagabi, the two brands with focus on seperate markets.VKworld will focus on online sales while Cagabi will aim to break in to offline sales, this has also meant that the Cagabi One Plus had been rebranded as the VKworld F2 and will be available through Aliexpress.The F2 is a 5incher with Sony IMX149 rear camera, 2GB RAM, 16GB memory, 2200mah battery and 2.5D display.7 colour options will be available including red, green, blue and more.
p Leagoo M5 Edge is already listed on their official website, but today we got our hands on leaked first pictures of the actual phone alongside a promise of a release in June.So what can we expect from this newest Leagoo offering ?Well for starters the 3d edge-to-edge 5-inch on-cell display with HD resolution and 80 % screen-to-body ratio , which is going to be the main selling point of the device.Aside that it will feature CNC metal frame, 8,5mm thickness, MT6737 processor, 2 GB RAM 16 GB of internal storage, 13MP 8MP cameras, dual SIM suport, rear fingerprint sensor, AWINIC K7 audio chip, slightly worrisome 2000 mAh battery and Freeme OS 6.0 based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.Leagoo M5 Edge will be available in champagne gold and obsidian black color variants and should be really hitting the shelves pretty soon.As for the price we don’t have a definitive word about that, but looking at the spec i can assume it will be extremely budget friendly and affordable.
p Since the release of the special golden version of the rugged smartphone AGM X1 it got quite some positive feedback from the customers.The 18K gold plated design paired with solid hardware specs and affordable price is the perfect mixture.And now you can get it even cheaper than before.As far as the specs is concerned, the AGM X1 features IP68 rating for protection, it packs a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display with FullHD resolution, Qualcomm 617 chipset along with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable storage and a 5040mAh battery.You can also find a 13MP dual camera on the back and a 5MP front-facing shooter.To get more details of the phone, you can check out the official website.
p Are you looking for a budget-friendly 4K action cam?You can now get the MGCOOL Explorer Pro for just $39.99 over at Geekbuying instead of its full retail price of $79.99, the camera will be available in both Black and Silver color variants.MGCOOL’s Explorer Pro main features are its 4K video recording capability at 30fps and the exclusive 6G Sharkeye lens technology that almost completely removes distortion from photos and videos.In addition to that, you also get a 2-year warranty instead of the ordinary one you get from China.The action camera is equipped with an Allwinner V3 processor, a Sony IMX179 image sensor and a 2-inch display.The Explorer Pro can compress videos to H.264 codec and sports WiFi connectivity up to 13 meters.
p To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 videoThis live video has ended.It looks like we're experiencing playback issues.Ars visits one of the last US video storesDespite fond memories running to Blockbuster as a kid, these days you probably have fewer video-store options while away at a cabin or vacation home this Memorial Day.Another one of the formative shops for our staff—Dallas-based Premiere Video—shutter its doors just this month, in fact.
As well as the eponymous barbarian, you’ll be able to play as master thief Shevatas, wizard-priest Hadrathus, and pirate queen Bêlit.You’ll lead these adventurers through a series of missions, each with different objectives, such as slaughtering enemies, escaping deadly traps, and defending a village against waves of attackers.You maneuver your characters around an assortment of different environments, hacking your way through anyone stupid enough to stand in your path.It’s possible to launch all-out attacks or perform blistering bursts of speed, but you’ll pay a price next turn when your energy supply runs dry at the worst possible moment.This makes working out which actions to take, and in what kind of sequence, into a collective puzzle, and it leads to some genuinely cinematic moments: Conan effortlessly cuts down four men with a single swing of his battle axe, clearing the way for Shevatas to run past their still-twitching corpses and expertly pick the lock on a treasure chest.These kinds of ultra-violent chain reactions rely on some lucky dice rolls, but when they come together, they’re pretty exhilarating, giving the impression of mighty heroes fighting together in perfect synchronicity.
Burnout can be creatively lethal.You have to have it wasted.” Gertrude Stein agreed: “It takes a lot of time to be a genius, you have to sit around so much, doing nothing, really doing nothing.”Here are the five forms of creative rest I recommend for creative professionals.Stress is the enemy of creativity.“Qualities such as focus, calmness, clarity, and insight are as important to your creative process as glamour and stimulation,” wrote Mark McGuinness in a post on the site 99U.Of all the forms of creative rest, meditation is the most immediately beneficial.
p Stack up all the hard drives and flash sticks you want, but online storage space is still a premium commodity.Without some regular attention to storage room on your phone, tablet or laptop, you’ll likely to find stuff clogging up your device.Rather than slow your tech to a crawl, just start sorting through all the stockpiled videos, images, documents and other low-priority digital content and push it to your 1TB of cloud space from Zoolz Dual Cloud Storage (now just $29 from TNW Deals).Purchase your piece of cloud real estate, then take a minute to decide whether to store your data in your 500GB of instant access storage or in your 500GB cold storage locker for data you don’t use very often.No matter what you decide, your files are fully protected behind military-grade AES-256 encryption.Meanwhile, Zoolz also helps keep your system running fast and clutter-free with automatic backup scheduling, bandwidth throttling, icon overlay, file retention, and more.
Even at the breakneck speed of technology, change rarely happens overnight.In hindsight, it’s easy to forget, say, how much of a struggle the earliest Android phones had.The word “mainstreaming” has been tossed around among those who follow the drone world.Here’s a CNN story from 2013 titled “Drones go Mainstream.” And here’s Slate with “2015 Was the Year Drones Went Mainstream.” And of course, one for the Mavic Pro from last year titled, “You Know Drones Have Gone Mainstream When Even Martha Stewart Loves Her Mavic.”Sure, Martha is less known for her technical prowess than her homemaking, but being a millionaire TV star who gets stuff for free probably doesn’t quite qualify one as “mainstream.”I’ll admit that I find myself being a bit more cynical about all of this based on recent experiences.
p British Airways has a problem.It’s new IT system has completely crashed five times inside a year, and today it added a sixth global crash to the roster.All flights from Heathrow and Gatwick have been cancelled until at least 6pm in London tonight, affecting all BA flights globally.The airline is asking passengers not to come to the airports.The system failure also took out the BA website for two hours.Travellers at airports serviced by BA are predictably flooding the company’s Twitter account with complaints.
p Today we get a first look at the Cubot R9, the Chinese phone maker’s upcoming budget phone.As we can see in the photo below the R9 sports a full metal body and a fingerprint scanner on the back.Cubot also revealed some additional info about this premium — at least in the looks — phone.The Cubot R9 is going to be powered by a MediaTek 6580 quad-core CPU clocked at 1.3Ghz, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage (expandable up to 256GB).The handset is on the smaller side sporting a 5.0-inch IPS display and HD resolution.Camera wise we find a 13MP rear facing camera and a 5MP selfie shooter on the front, both accompanied by LED flashes.
the G7 countries meeting in the Italian Taormina ended in a quarrelsome atmosphere.AFP News agency's preliminary data, the summary statement says that six of the seven leading industrial countries have committed to the Paris climate agreement, emissions reductions, while the united states still figuring out its position.German chancellor Angela Merkel told Reuters that the climate debate was "very difficult, not to say highly unsatisfactory"."there is No data, will the united states stay in the contract or not," Merkel told reporters.Us president Donald Trump tweeted after the meeting to make a decision next week.I will make my final decision on the Paris Accord next week!
p [HKT group managing director Alex] Arena also slammed the government’s policy of re-auctioning spectrum when the licence term ends, pointing out that it causes business uncertainty for operators and could potentially cause disruptions in service, leading consumers to suffer.Let’s start from one cardinal principle here and if you don’t think it valid then you can skip the rest of this column as there is plenty to your purpose elsewhere in this newspaper today.The radio spectrum above our heads is as much a public asset as is the land that government sells at auction and short-changing the public purse by letting private entities have it at concessionary prices amounts to fiscal negligence.Mr Arena does not see it that way, of course, which I always find ironic.He led the charge in reforming a colonial monopoly into the competitive telecommunications industry we have today but now his is the loudest voice for applying the brakes.Let us consider some of his worries.
p Formula 1 racing is unimaginable without Ferrari.The motorsports maestro of Maranello is the only team that has raced in every season of the sport, and has won more championships than any of its evanescent rivals.Just as important to that effort as legends like John Surtees, Niki Lauda, Michael Schumacher are the cars they raced past the checkered flag.And as this GIF, assembled by the team at Gearheads.org, reveals, the key to staying relevant in F1 is to never stop evolving.Over the past seven decades, the cars have gotten leaner, lower, more powerful, and more attuned to the vagaries of aerodynamics—and the ever changing rules—with each season.The front-engined tubes on wheels of the 1950s and 1960s give way to the long, winged cars of the 1970s, the Marlboro sticker comes and goes, the clasic rosso corsa color changes just a bit, to allow for the contrast on TV sets.
After building permit leaks and employee-only beta tests, the online retailer's first public stab at grab-and-go groceries (grab-and-gro?)Amazon Fresh Pickup is now open in two Seattle locations, and its premise is simple: take the concept of Amazon Fresh (which delivers grocery orders to your door), then invite the customer to double as his or her own deliveryman.For those customers whose grocery shopping matches Amazon's Fresh Pickup vision, they're in for a treat.The standard delivery Fresh service only exists in 16 cities right now: 14 US metropolitan centers and the cities of Tokyo and London.That selection of markets doesn't get the red-carpet treatment in discovering Amazon Fresh, either.To use it, Amazon customers have to incur an extra $15 monthly charge, even on top of a paid Amazon Prime membership, along with a "free shipping" order requirement of $40.
p The UK's best tech podcast is back from its hiatus, with news of the awesome new launches form Google's annual conference, plus a squeezable new flagship from HTC.Andrew Hoyle and Rich Trenholm discuss all the upcoming gadgets, plus why the BBC decided to close its iPlayer store.In this week's feature, Rich Trenholm takes us through some amazing behind-the-scenes facts from 40 years of Star Wars, including why the effects team had to install a hot tub behind the studio.We're always hungry for your feedback, so pop your thoughts in the comments below or drop us a line at the address above.Oh, and if you've enjoyed the show, why not leave us a glowing review on iTunes?If you're done with our magnificent podcast and your ears are still thirsty, check out the podcasts CNET staffers listen to.
p The apps list on the Galaxy S8 or S8 displays all the stock apps and the ones that you have downloaded.You can download new ones either from Google Play Store or Samsung Galaxy Apps and then organise them alphabetically on the home screen.Based on your priority, you can organise favourite apps by creating a folder on the apps list screen on your Galaxy S8.How to create a folder on apps list screenOn the home screen of the S8, simply swipe up to access appsTouch and hold an app and then drag it on top of another app shortcut until you see a highlighted box
p This week saw a terrorist attack in Manchester, and reports that presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner is a focus of the FBI’s investigation of Russian election interference.In the wake of the Manchester bombing, we looked at why it’s so important to think before you tweet, since spreading images of the chaos only amplifies the terrorists’ message.The judge who sentenced Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht should have thought twice before handing down a life sentence, given a new study that shows the highly publicized punishment only increased dark web traffic.It removes access to the accounts of your choosing when you cross the border, but could raise suspicions in the process.And we took a look at how Russian hackers plant fake info alongside real leaks to sow confusion, disinformation, and distrust in the press.Each Saturday we round up the news stories that we didn’t break or cover in depth but that still deserve your attention.
Club editors create a list of 25 or so songs, both recent and "classic," then invite current bands to choose one from the list, create their own version of that song and then come to the A.V.My fave discovery so far?That would be Wye Oak's very poignant take on Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" from Season 4.Also well worth checking out are death metal cartoon band GWAR's several reworkings of a number of later 20th century rock staples, ranging from Kansas' "Carry On Wayward Son" to "West End Girls" by the Pet Shop Boys, nearly all NSFW and all screamingly funny.Maria's soothing nature helps millions of viewers to relieve stress, unwind, and gently fall to sleep.Simple premise: how to cook your favorite food from your favorite TV/movies.
p Almost 10 years ago, journalist David Kushner had a chance to interview Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, the two creators of Dungeons & Dragons, before they died.Rise of the Dungeon Master, beautifully illustrated by Koren Shadmi, is both a moving portrait of two creative outsiders and a chronicle of how a new kind of storytelling changed pop culture forever."You" are young Gygax, the child of immigrants growing up in the midwest, seeking escape from ordinary life by exploring the wilderness, hunting, and eventually learning to break into an old, abandoned asylum.The narrative technique sounds gimmicky, but it works: you're sucked into the story and into immediate sympathy with Gygax as he traces his fascination with adventure games back to his childhood, when he climbed around in the maze of tunnels below the creepy asylum's rotting rooms.He was interested in outdoor adventures and military strategy, which eventually drew him to the obscure art of paper-and-pencil wargames, invented by H.G.At the same time, Kushner is careful to show us Gygax's flaws.