metso's second quarter adjusted ebita profit fell to 70.0 million euros year ago by 77.3 million.It missed badly analysts ' 85 million forecast.Forecasts ranged between 80 and 95 million between.operating profit fell 14 percent from the comparison period to eur 59.8 million.Factsetin according to analysts expected about 80 million euros in operating profit.earnings per Share were eur 0.24, when years ago the result came in the second quarter eur 0.28 per share.
From the beginning, the conference has been held in Las Vegas, but eventually also in several other places around the world.During the four initial days of technical training, followed by two conference days, we can expect that it will occur scandals and made revelations with high dignity.As a warm up, inviting the IDG News in a retrospective on former years ' events:The late nyazeeländske good hacker Barnaby Jack attracted much attention in 2010 when he demonstrated that he could get an atm to spew out bills.The only thing that was needed was a few keystrokes on a laptop computer.He would actually have demonstrated that the whole of the previous year, but his then-employer got cold feet when bankomattillverkaren mobilized the lawyers.
Data April-June operating profit without one-time items, fell slightly from a year earlier and stayed a little to analyst forecasts.Adjusted operating profit was 35.6 million euros, while a year ago the second quarter a similar result was eur 35.8 million.analysis services Factsetin according to analysts expected information of operating profit to rise to 37 million euros.Reported operating profit was 28.2 million euros.a Year ago, operating profit was of 32.3 million.the result of the decline affected in particular the comparative period, higher restructuring costs.
China, already the world’s second-largest investor in artificial intelligence (AI), has set out an ambitious plan to leap frog ahead of the United States to be the global leader in the field by 2030.The proposal, laid out on July 8 by the State Council and distributed on July 20, takes a three-step approach: firstly keep pace with leading AI technology and applications in general by 2020, make major breakthroughs by 2025, and be the world leader in the field five years thereafter.The ambitious plan will be an economic bonanza for the country’s technology firms, as the area defined as core AI is expected to be valued at 150 billion yuan by 2020, while AI-related fields are valued at 1 trillion yuan, according to the government’s forecast.By 2025, those values will exceed 400 billion yuan and 5 trillion yuan (US$739 billion) respectively.Government finance will lead the way in AI research, including the development of supercomputers, and high performance semiconductor chips, software and the hiring of key talent to lead the field, China’s science and technology minister Wan Gang said in March during the country’s parliamentary meeting.The focus on AI sets a new director for China’s economic model, which is trying to wean industries and state-owned enterprises off years of exports manufacturing to reinvent themselves to stay relevant for the future.
Bikes, bikes, and more bikes.China’s streets have been invaded by bike rentals of every hue.More and more Chinese entrepreneurs are sparing no effort to jump on the sharing bandwagon.Now, when you walk around the streets or hang around shopping malls, there’s a high chance that you’ll come across a slew of shared items—bikes, cars, umbrellas, basketballs, power banks, karaoke booths, washing machines, nap capsules, massage chairs and, oh yes, refrigerators.The sharing economy fad has taken China by storm over the past year, and people in the business are making everything “shareable.”However, it’s not really sharing… it’s more or less rental businesses.
Two illegal arms trade and drug trafficking known to the dark web market place, AlphaBay and Hansa, has managed to close.the market place work anonymous use of the internet in enabling the Tor network.AlphaBayn is estimated to be the largest drugs dark market place online, FBI-director Andrew Mccabe says up to ten times higher than in 2013 closed the Silk Road marketplace.United states attorney Jeff Sessions announced AlphaBayn closure on Thursday."This is likely to be in the main criminal investigation, which brought down the history of the largest dark web market place," Sessions said.Sessions said in a press conference that the market places to buy the drugs hundreds of thousands of people.
Telia and Nokia tested along with the 5G network using the 3.5 gigahertz frequency range, which is the future commercial 5G network of the most important frequency range.the presentation was made for the Nokia commercial Airscan - and AirFrame - solutions telia's premises in Helsinki.the Test was shown for the first time, how Nokia technical solution will allow 4G and 5G network connection use and network for the smooth change of the load.Telia and nokia in the context of the test control was also in conjunction with functional robots that balance a ball on top of the disk.the Robot reaction speed illustrated how 4G and 5G networks, the difference in speed affects the robots operation delay.the Test achieved a very low one millisecond delay 5G network.
Up to 32,000 nodes without routers in the middle and battery life measured in yearsReaders are doubtless familiar with Bluetooth's point-to-point connectivity features that enable you to do things like pair a wireless keyboard with a computer.Bluetooth's second application is broadcasting, most often used “beacons” that offer one-to-many links and are often used to provide location-dependent services or information.Bluetooth Mesh aims to make the standard capable of carrying data for longer distances, by bouncing messages through Bluetooth devices to their eventual destination.“Hang on”, you may well be saying at this point, “WiFi has superior range and is also good at mesh networking.As ever, power and money.
Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi signed an agreement with Samsung Display for the supply of OLED screens, which will be used on Xiaomi's flagship smartphones in 2018.Samsung will supply 6.01-inch rigid OLED panels to Xiaomi.The first batch will be shipped in December 2017.About one million panels will be shipped in the first month and 2.2 million more will be shipped in the second month.Financial terms of the deal were not released.Xiaomi originally planned to use LG's 5.49-inch flexible OLED panels.
Editor’s note: This originally appeared on Analyse Asia, a weekly podcast hosted by Bernard Leong, dedicated to dissecting the pulse of business, technology, and media in Asia.We discussed the chronology in how Bitcoin became mainstream in the Chinese technology ecosystem.Last but not least, we discussed how the phenomenon of initial coin offerings (ICO) are heating up the Chinese cryptocurrency space.Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with timestamps included):John Riggins, (@DistRiggs, LinkedIn), Head of Operations Asia Pacific at BTC Media [0:38]How did you start your career?
ASX-listed Isentia, a global big data company focusing on media monitoring and analyses, has named Alex Yu as the new general manager for its growing Hong Kong operations.Yu has deep insight in the media sales industry, media groups and mass media, including time with Maxus Communication, HK Cable TV, and JCDecaux Texon.He worked in the advertising sales team of Asia Inflight for 10 years, leading the sales team there to formulate sales strategies and drive business development.He has rich exposure in Hong Kong and China's B2B market and media industry.Along with Yu's hire, the company has moved its Hong Kong office to a more spacious location to accomodate its fast growth in the big data sector.With the acquisition of global content marketing agency King Content and press distribution service China Newswire in the past two years, Isentia has extended its offering from media monitoring and analysis to an all-around business intelligence solutions, by adding actions on real data intelligence.
Telia will go to Finland, but the Swedish weak trend is causing hundreds of layoffs.the Second quarter proved to be more difficult than expected the telecommunications company telia's profitability.the Company's comparable operating profit fell in the April–June 16.7 percent to 3.7 billion Swedish krona and comparable use kate to 4.6 percent from a year earlier period.This case we have only to subscribers
The R11 from Oppo makes no attempt to reinvent the wheel or adopt bleeding-edge technologies, but instead focuses on melding the tried-and-tested with a host of subtle refinements and beefed-up specifications.The Chinese electronics firm also stays true to its reputation for easy, good-enough photography capabilities with its dual camera implementation – Oppo’s first – paired with a top-notch 20-megapixel front-facing camera.At 2,999 yuan (HK$3,470), it’s certainly worth a look.The R11 has a gorgeous 5.5-inch AMOLED display that delivers such vivid hues and deep blacks that you might feel compelled to search for vibrant wallpapers to show it off.The metal back is stylishly contoured, giving the R11 a premium feel and making the already slim 6.8mm device feel even thinner.Moreover, the aggressively curved sides and contours along the back mean that the device may be prone to slipping out of your hands by accident – I almost dropped it a few times until I started using the bundled transparent soft case.
Paid -17% tax rate for Q4 despite making $72m every dayIn its final quarter of its fiscal 2017, Microsoft more than doubled its profits, saw massive cloud growth, and managed to get a rebate from US taxpayers at the same time."I'm proud of the progress, particularly in our commercial cloud business," said CEO Satya Nadella during a conference call with Wall Street on Thursday."Our technology world view of an intelligent cloud and intelligent edge is resonating with businesses everywhere."As you'd expect, investors were happy with the results, and Redmond's stock rose sharply in after-hours trading... and then fell back to where it started at about $74 apiece.Total revenue: In the final quarter of the financial year Microsoft saw revenues rise 13 per cent year-on-year to $23.3bn, one of its better quarters of the year.
Residents who let out their spare rooms to rowdy guests through sites such as Airbnb could be forced to pay compensation to their neighbours under a plan being considered by the New South Wales government.Apartment owners would also be forced to pay extra strata funds, and there would be limits on the number of days a property can be let out without a development application.The proposals are among several to be released for public consultation on Friday after the Berejiklian government earlier this year called for input on how to regulate the booming industry.Solutions for the private short-term rental market, which usually operates on sites such as Airbnb and Stayz, range from self-regulation to changes to strata and planning rules.One proposed strata rule change would allow owners’ corporations to ask the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal to order owners to pay compensation when guest behaviour affects others in the building, or issue a temporary ban on short-term letting, News Corp Australia reports.It’s unclear whether the government will adopt the proposals.
Oukitel K6000 Plus is the midrange go-to phone from Oukitel and it has been selling quite well in the past months.So far the chinese manufacturer released the grey and gold versions of the phone, but it’s time to follow the latest trends so the new matte black version should be entering the market already this week.Everything stays the same, so you can expect exactly the same hardware as from the original K6000 Plus.So the 5,5-inch FullHD display, massive 6080 mAh battery with 12V/2A fast charging, MT6750T octa-core chipset, 4GB RAM, 64 GB of internal storage, 16 MP main camera with PDAF, fingerprint scanner in the front integrated into the home button and metal alloy back cover.There is also a new software update for the Oukitel K6000 Plus, which should be automatically applied to all the new matte black pieces, but of course the owners of the original ones should update too for sure.It brings the HDR mode for the camera and sets the default UI to the Google UI along some other minor tweaks.
Following the launch of the Bluboo S1 tri-bezel-less model (which is currently on sale on Gearbest for $159.99) the chinese manufacturer announced the preparations for their second full-screen piece Bluboo S8.This phone should be coming with the 18:9 display aspect ratio and we have some first pictures for you revealing the planned design concept of “Simplification”.As you can see from the pictures the new Bluboo S8 is not going to be the tri-bezel-less model, but the upper/lower bezels will be quite thin.That means migration of the fingerprint reader to the back of the device just below the cameras.Speaking of which, the dual cameras in the back will be aligned vertically and will be adopting Sony IMX214 as the primary 13 MP sensor with a 3 MP secondary one for good measure.The back panel of the device will be also processed with IML electroplating technology bringing some multi-color visual effect, the so -called CD effect.
Digital transformation consultant Dan Hon, trained an AI to generate British place names because why not?This isn’t the first time technology is being used to spew random names either.Thanks to neural networks, a rescue center’s guinea pigs have cute names, new paint colors exist, and most importantly, parents will have a new way to choose their baby’s name.But to come up with brand new British places, Dan had to compile a list of 50,000 real places in the UK, including Wales, Edinburgh, and Belfast.From there, he chose a multi-layer recurrent neural network to use and let fate take care of the rest.Here are a few memorable names it came up with:
New start-ups from Taiwan, where the entrepreneurial environment is lacklustre, should shift their focus to mainland China where there are abundant opportunities and capital, according to an industry veteran who recently started investing in start-ups.“There is a [longstanding] culture that works against Taiwanese entrepreneurs as the government and people have the tendency to want to build up huge enterprises to fend off external competition ,” Richard Kang, a partner at Taiwan Accelerator, which claimed to be the only seed accelerator in Taiwan, told the South China Morning Post.“So for people who grew up in Taiwan, they tend to work in the government, or HTC and Taiwan Semiconductor.”Kang said he rarely heard of any successful start-up stories in Taiwan, where there has been a severe lack of mentors and investors in the past few years.Taiwan Accelerator was founded in 2016 and began operation in February.It has picked eight start-ups out of 153 applicants in the first cohort – seven from Taiwan and one from India – to be granted seed capital and mentorship that covers a variety of aspects, including building the business model, developing products to be market-fit, know-how in finance, accounting, legal areas, and media relations.
Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk on Thursday said he had received “verbal” approval to start building an ultra-high-speed underground transport system linking New York and Washington that would cut travel time between the cities to about half an hour.He offered no details on what entity had green lighted the project that could result in the world’s longest tunnel.Musk, the chief executive of electric car maker Tesla Inc and rocket company SpaceX, is seeking to revolutionise transportation by sending passengers and cargo packed into pods through an intercity system of giant vacuum tubes known as the “hyperloop.”Officials in Washington and New York said they had not approved any project, and under federal rules Musk would need extensive environmental and building permits to mount such an ambitious project.Musk recently started an enterprise called the Boring Company to build transport tunnels for the system, which he says would be far faster than current high-speed trains and use electromagnetic propulsion.In tweets on Thursday Musk said: