The start-up was founded by former Vodafone executives Nick Parbutt, who will act as CEO, and Mike Banwell, CFO, while experienced executive Charles McGregor will act as Chairman.“We want to enable families, businesses and communities to live, work and play in ways which are only made possible with the advent of gigabit broadband.”“The amount of internet data used by people in the UK is growing by around half every year,” said Jonathan Oxley, Ofcom’s Competition Group Director.These plans are another example of full-fibre being used to build broadband that can support the UK’s digital future.”The alt-net revolution is starting to roar, and the signs are looking much more positive for fibre-enthusiasts across the UK.Although the UK is currently one of the least equipped to handle the blossoming digital economy, despite what politicians say to you, the industry is starting to get itself into shape.
Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou was arrested carrying a whole bunch of Apple products, according to Bloomberg.Meng had an iPhone 7 Plus, MacBook Air, and iPad Pro, as well as a luxurious Huawei Mate 20 RS.The disclosure is potentially embarrassing for Huawei, which only recently punished two employees over a tweet sent from the company's account by an iPhone.One of Huawei's most senior employees is a big fan of Apple products, it would appear.Bloomberg reported that Meng Wanzhou, the Huawei CFO who was arrested in Canada in December, was carrying a bunch of devices made by one of her company's biggest rivals when she was detained.Among the haul of devices was an iPhone 7 Plus, MacBook Air, and iPad Pro.
Beijing-based online housing platform Beike announced Monday it has received $800 million in Series D funding from Tencent, as Chinese internet giants elbow their way into the country’s burgeoning real estate market.The final amount has yet to be decided.Tencent was also one of the main backers of the Chinese real estate broker Lianjia, which launched Beike in April.Rumors of Tencent’s investment began circulating on Chinese media earlier this month, when some Chinese citizens discovered that Beike was available on WeChat platform.This was confirmed by the housing platform on Friday when it announced users could access its service on WeChat wallet in six Chinese cities—namely, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Tianjin and Suzhou.With the massive volume of traffic coming from WeChat’s 1 billion active users, gaining a spot in WeChat as a third-party service has been the stuff of dreams for many Tencent-backed startups.
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has only just released and there are a number of mods available for the Steam version that makes it a more enjoyable game to play.One of the mods available, which was created by ‘jackfuste’, a member of the Widescreen Gaming Forum (WSGF), allows you to unlock the framerate of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.While the game is locked at 60 frames per second, with the mod installed, you can play the game at higher frame rates for a smoother experience.There’s also a mod that lets you change the field of view, which will allow the game to run on ultra-wide monitors with 21:9 aspect ratios.To add the mods to the game, you’ll need to have the Steam version of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and use the Sekiro Mod Engine for easy installation.Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is already proving to be a hit with both critics and gamers, and these new mods show why the PC remains such a good platform for gaming, as dedicated fans can create mods to help improve the games they love.
China are tied to major industrial cyberspionage against Sweden, according to the FOI.the Goal is to acquire technological and professional expertise in areas such as it, aerospace, and robotics, writes the daily News.– There are legal methods such as corporate acquisitions, research collaborations and to employ foreign experts, but also illegal cyberspionage, the analyst says Johan Englund, who wrote the report, to the DN.Several other authorities, that Säpo and FRA, has in the past hinted that the chinese regime has engaged in industrial cyberspionage in Sweden.An example that has lifted the global it attack the Cloud Hopper, which was unveiled in 2016, and where a chinese hackergrupp mentioned as required.the Hackers managed to get access to the big cloud services, and confidential and sensitive information _ including in Sweden.
The 2019 Ford Ranger pickup officially hit dealers earlier this year, and since then, the automaker says more than two-thirds of all trucks have been purchased with one of the model's appearance packages.To build on that momentum, Ford announced a new Black Appearance Package on Monday which, to our eyes, looks pretty great.The Ranger's Black Appearance Package is pretty self-explanatory.Opting for this pack gets you a number of black exterior elements, including a new grille, 18-inch wheels, running boards, fender vent surrounds, mirrors and more.The Black Appearance Package is available on any of the Ranger's body colors, which you can peruse in the gallery below.This new package isn't limited to any one specific trim level or body style, and it'll add $1,995 to the truck's bottom line.
WhatsApp is testing a new feature that highlights messages as "frequently forwarded" if they have been shared five or more times.The new beta for Android is part of WhatsApp's ongoing campaign to limit the spread of misinformation on the popular messaging app, having limited the number of times you can forward a message earlier this year.The Facebook-owned company has been criticized in the past for creating a breeding ground for rumors and 'fake news' to spread rapidly among users, and was even associated with a spate of mob-violence and killings in India.Slowing the spread of rumorsThe new feature is currently limited to messages that you send, so you won't see a "frequently forwarded" tag on messages you receive.Before sending a message, you'll also be able to see the exact number of times it has been forwarded previously by going to the 'Message Info' section.
On Monday, March 25, Apple is expected to debut some new media distribution services.Not expected: new hardware announcements.Apple got all of those out the way last week.We saw new iPads, an AirPods update, and new iMacs—you can read about all of those in one place.Apple’s live event starts Monday at 10 am PDT.We’ll be liveblogging all the action right here, posting live updates as the event at the Steve Jobs Theater on Apple’s Cupertino, California campus unfolds.
Remember Energizer's massive slab of a phone with an 18,000 mAh battery?Well, despite being a large company with presumably plenty of cash, brand owner Avenir Telecom has decided to crowdfund it via Indiegogo, and it's going badly.The page has been up for a few days now, and at the time of writing it has... three backers.The funding tracker woefully notes it has raised "0% of $1,200,000."The P18K was written about in pretty much every tech publication going, and got far more attention than the actually quite interesting foldable phone they showed at the same time.Well, it unsurprisingly turns out that while people love the idea of a daft phone that's an inch thick and lasts forever, they don't actually want to buy one.
This is a day of solemn kitsch: the unveiling of the Doomsday Clock, the minimalist midcentury dataviz that, since 1947, has been adjusted to dramatize the imminence of global catastrophe.On January 24, before a hushed assembly, Jerry Brown, the freewheeling former governor of California, and William Perry, the stern former defense secretary, drew back a heavy black curtain to reveal the iconic clock graphic, now set for 2019—at two minutes to midnight.The mood in the room was funereal.“Humanity now faces two simultaneous existential threats … the future of civilization in extraordinary danger … frightening reality … too volatile and dangerous … catastrophe of historic proportions.” The panelists’ words ran together.To get some focus, I asked Bronson during a break about the graphic, which designer Michael Bierut, who refreshed the image in 2007, calls “the most powerful piece of information design of the 20th century.” She told me about Martyl Langsdorf, a painter once known as a social realist prodigy—a Diego Rivera of the American plains.(Langsdorf’s yellow-gold 1940 mural Wheat Workers shows traditional Kansan harvesters baling hay while ominous smoke from new machines chokes the horizon.)
The development of the Java programming language going forward will emphasize support for modern computing platforms including GPUs and containers, Oracle revealed in a presentation on March 21.Among other things, the company’s plans call for ensuring that Java provides strong support for GPUs and hardware acceleration, which will be key to supporting machine learning and artificial intelligence workloads.GPUs, while initially built for image processing, are increasingly being used for number-crunching applications, machine learning, and even databases.[ 15 Java frameworks that give developers a boost.Container-oriented optimizations will include performance enhancements as well as faster cold and warm startups.Other opportunities and goals cited for the development of Java include:
Assessing the quality of an application’s code is often a subjective process.This is why we turn to code metrics — quantitative measurements that provide valuable insights into our application’s code.Developers can take advantage of code metrics to understand the quality of the code, get an idea of the potential problems, and identify which types and methods need to be refactored to improve the quality.Static code analysis tools are used to measure the quality of code in an application without having to execute the application.These include FxCop, StyleCop, ReSharper, CodeIt.Right, NDepend, etc.This article presents a discussion of how we can use NDepend to visualize code quality and adopt measures to improve it.
The large outer leaves of the vegetables were “literally riddled with holes, more than half their substance being eaten away.” With each step he took around the ravaged cabbages, tiny swarms of little ash-gray moths rose from the ground and flitted away.The moths did not die out, but the pest could be managed and crop damage held in check.Like the diamondback moth, cancer cells develop resistance to the powerful chemicals deployed to destroy them.When Butler and his wife showed up at his oncologist’s office at the Moffitt Cancer Center in August 2014, they braced for what would come next; they had heard about invasive treatments, like radioactive seed implants.Against this backdrop, a cancer researcher named Peter Nowell published a seminal paper in Science in 1976.Nowell suggested—and later research confirmed—that certain DNA alterations grant cancer cells resistance against chemotherapy or other treatments, causing them to edge out drug-sensitive cells through a process of natural selection.
This hypnotic whirl of metal is the afterburner of a General Electric J79 axial-flow turbojet engine—the same engine used on F-4 Phantom jets, made by McDonnell Aircraft during the Vietnam War.Six years ago, the engine got a new four-line afterburner that increased its muscle, giving it 19,000 pounds of thrust and 45,500 horsepower—enough to go 835 mph.In the past two months, it’s been upgraded again to help race-car driver Jessi Combs take a shot at the womens’ land-speed record.Stuntwoman Kitty O’Neil set the current record—512 mph—for a female driver way back in 1976.(British racer Andy Green has held the overall land speed record of 763 mph since 1997.)Tweaks include a vastly improved fire suppression system and a fuel filter off a Lockheed F-104 Starfighter to replace a DIYed one.
The anti-fraud team was, in Young’s words, “the company’s secret sauce,” adept at tackling every deception the internet had to offer.But the hustle meant to entice Kalvert’s wife relied on old-school telephony.Cracking it would require an unusual set of skills.(The name “Fred Garvin” is another SNL reference, one of several professional aliases he adopted to protect his identity from the scammers and fraudsters he chases.Hollings was the sponsor of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and he seemed to draw upon personal experience during the legislative debate on the bill: Automated calls “wake us up in the morning, they interrupt our dinner at night, they force the sick and elderly out of bed, they hound us until we want to rip the telephone right out of the wall.” The law was signed by George H. W. Bush in 1991 and limited how and when telemarketers could place calls, focusing mostly on landlines, the dominant technology of the time.Today, a single person in a modestly equipped office can make millions of calls a day by renting some server space, installing off-the-shelf autodialing software, and paying a VoIP provider to transmit calls.
The police were investigating a complaint by Janice Trahan, a nurse who had worked at Schmidt’s practice and had a decade-long affair with the doctor.She and her 3-year-old son were asleep in bed.Just over a decade earlier, in 1983, scientists had invented a technique known as polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, which made it possible to copy DNA from tiny samples of blood or tissue in large enough quantities to study.Modern phylogenetics got its start soon after Darwin published On the Origin of Species, but its potential wasn’t fulfilled until the 1990s, when biologists gained the ability to sequence DNA cheaply and run the long strands of genetic code through complex computer algorithms.And they weren’t limited to the broad strokes of change that occur over eons or millennia.The results gave Stutes the evidence he’d been looking for.
Three years ago, only 49 percent of Republicans thought so, but by last December it was 64 percent, as a Monmouth University poll found.That’s a huge jump in a short time and is all the more astonishing given that the Republican president and many of his party’s politicians pooh-pooh the global emergency.Last year, the percentage of those who say they’re “very worried” about global warming shot up from 21 percent to 29 percent, according to a poll by Yale’s and George Mason University’s programs on climate change communication.The problem is now knocking on everyone’s front door: record-breaking heat and cold, ravaging hurricanes, rampaging wildfires in overdry forests.“It’s not distant,” says Anthony Leiserowitz, head of the Yale program.Peak indifference is a coinage of the sci-fi writer, blogger, and activist Cory Doctorow (who is, full disclosure, a friend).
A rash develops in the mouth and spreads quickly over the entire body, like tiny marbles pushing up from under the skin.Smallpox killed an estimated 500 million people in the 19th and 20th centuries before it was finally eradicated worldwide in 1980.The Frankensteinian act stirred outrage among the international scientific community, which cast Evans as the Walter White of synthetic biology.In a grim act of Cold War diplomacy, the last two smallpox samples were stored for future study at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta and at the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology in Siberia.It was the first time a virus had been created from scratch with synthetic DNA.It took the SUNY researchers three years to cobble the virus together using mail-order DNA and genetic sequences referenced from an online public database.
One of them is predicting earthquakes.Don’t go showing me “government” “reports” disproving my awesome abilities.So you will believe me when I tell you, unblessed mortals, that my seismological Spidey sense discerns a Third Event.This catastrophe won’t involve literal tectonics.You know, the platforms, the slabs of virtual bedrock underlying my life.Platforms—here’s where meaning truly crumbles—as a goddamn service.
It looks like PlayStation is ending the sale of game download codes in physical stores.Long-time Twitter leaker Wario64 has released a memo sent by PlayStation to GameStop stores worldwide, stating that "Sony will no longer provide full game digital download codes to [any] retailers" from April 1.While games with a physical disc release will still be offered in-store, digital only games will now only be available for sale through the PSN store itself, accessed directly via your PlayStation console.Stores will still, however, be able to sell general top-up codes for adding credit to PSN accounts.The memo specifies that the move only affects Sony game releases, and has no effect on the policy of Microsoft or Nintendo, who have yet to make a similar announcement.Here is the full text outlining these changes (Sony full game digital codes at retail) 22, 2019