the Media company in central Finnish healed clearly coming from a year ago.the Company's October-December operating profit increased to eur 3.2 million in the comparative period to 2.8 million.October-December earnings per share improved considerably, eur 0.05 from eur Sales increased by the end of the year was 45.1 million euros, while a year ago net sales were eur 39.1 million.the Company the board of directors proposes to pay a dividend of eur 0.50 per stock.the average Finnish guidance for the current year revenue growth.
the E-commerce company Qliro Group picks up Gustav Hasselgren as the new ceo for its subsidiary Gymgrossisten and he will start by may.He comes from the role of country manager for Procter & Gamble in Sweden and Finland and is described as having considerable experience of business and brand development, as well as the sale of consumer goods."He will also play an important role in the work of the new strategic direction for Gymgrossisten, where we, among other things, seek potential partnerships to enable continued investment and seize the opportunities created by the ongoing consolidation in the industry," notes Qliros ceo Marcus Lindqvist.Breakit could in the summer to report that one of storägarna in Qliro want to sell Gymgrossisten in a step to streamline the e-trading.
Women Executive Search, Wes, help companies with recruitment to senior positions.Since the start of 2012, the company has, according to ceo and co-founder Liv Gorosch, recruited over 500 leaders, of which 80 per cent of the candidates have been women.We have definitely made a mark in the business world, but this is just the beginning , " she says.Why do you recruit so many female managers when many others seem to have a problem with it?In 2016, went to Wes from a turnover of 11 million to 16 million and the profit increased from 1.5 to 5 million.the Reason for the success is due according to Liv Gorosch in part to more and more companies realize the importance of increasing diversity at management and board level.
Among other things, EQT Ventures, and Skype founder Niklas zennström's small Atomico begun to invest billions on startups in Sweden and Europe.2016 was a record year, but its like for the Swedish Total, the group invested almost 17 billion sek in the Swedish techbolag.The relatively unknown private equity firm Standout Capital, however, had a longer road than early as 2014 began, the contractor Fredrik Arnander look capital for its first fund, according to his own Linkedin profile.Fredrik Arnander was a part of the startupscenen already at millennieskiftets IT bullish and has been setting fondhandelsplatsen Fondex, which he sold to a british company, and the digital media agency, Keybroker, which, after Fredrik Arnander left the ceo position went through a reorganization.
Sportamore, which is one of Sweden's largest e-retailers in the category sportswear, reported in the fourth quarter an operating profit of eur 13.8 million.It can be compared to 0.8 million the corresponding period last Sales amounted in the same period to eur 245 million, compared with sek 175 million in the previous year.This corresponds to a sales growth of 40 percent, which is weaker than the previous growth rate of 47 per cent the year before.The strong results caused the market to rejoice on Wednesday morning and the share price has at the time of writing 09.30 rushed by over 11 per cent.
in 2001, Apple released the music player, the Ipod.that Same year, the Swedish entrepreneur Daniel Arthursson a cloud storage service called iCloud.It would ten years later lead to that he took home close to the 50 million – that simply to sell the domain to Apple.Now, more people who own similar domains to cash in.Apple has just, in the quiet, bought up the domain has previously housed a now-closed asian social network.
the venture capital company Project (A) NTL now closes its second fund at a total of 140 million euros, about 1.3 billion, writes Addition, it should Berlinbaserade the company to invest 40 million euros, less than 380 million, in their current portfolio companies.Project A, has previously invested in the svenskgrundade e-commerce platform Testimonials NTL .In August last year, was the Project A among the companies, which invested 60 Million in the Swedish health care company Tee NTL .Read more: Digital health center Tee take in 60 million – would in EuropeProjects A's co-founder Florian Heinemann says to Techcrunch that the investment will be between 300.000 and € 5 million and that total could invest up to € 10 million in a company in multiple rounds.
China Mobile, the world s largest wireless network operator, is ratcheting up its 5G preparations with plans for over-the-air field trials on the mainland s 3.5-gigahertz spectrum band, employing key technologies from ZTE Corp and Qualcomm Technologies.The trials will be conducted in the second half of this year and comprise the second phase of China Mobile s 5G testing programme, part of efforts to help ensure a timely commercial 5G network launch, according to Wang Xiaoyun, the general manager at the operator s technology department, in a joint statement on Wednesday with the firm s two project partners.Wang said the collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies and ZTE is also expected to support rapid validation of their devices and equipment, which are based on the 5G New Radio specifications being developed by the telecommunications association known as the 3rd Generation Partnership Project 3GPP as part of future universal 5G standards.Shenzhen-based ZTE is China s largest-listed telecommunications equipment supplier, while Qualcomm Technologies is the operating subsidiary of Nasdaq-listed mobile chip giant Qualcomm.Their joint initiative has come more than two months after China Mobile outlined its 5G roadmapThe operator, which had 851.2 million mobile subscribers as of January 31, plans to build 20 5G sites in four to five mainland cities by 2018 as part of its large-scale trials.
There are many commandments - and ecommerce-companies that plan to deliver goods using drones in the future and here you can check out when the global shipping company UPS is testing it in Tampa, Florida.It is about an octocopter that takes off from an electric budbils roof and the idea is that the drone must deliver the goods to the customer the last one to two kilometers of the route.UPS call this the solution for the HorseFly and shall be able to deliver packages of up to approximately 4.5 kg.the Idea is that the drone should take itself completely autonomously to the customer but should something go wrong, so should a human operator be able to take control of the drone and guide it.UPS HorseFly probably need however to be further tested before it is time to start using it, which you can check out if you jump forward to 2:30 in the video above.
the First North-listed Simris Alg, a manufacturer of omega-3 supplements from cultured algae, reported on Wednesday morning, an operating profit of 6.6 m million for the fourth quarter of -3,1 .net Sales increased to sek 247.000 sek 102.000 ."Since the summer, we grow algae producing omega-3 in the full industrial scale, in one of the world's most modern large-scale farms.The first finished jars with the Simris Algae Omega-3 from the expanded plant was delivered in October," writes the outgoing ceo Fredrika Gullfot in the year-end report.Read more: Simris Alg president is leaving his postSimris Alg was affected during the year hard of the EU regulatory framework for novel foods, which prevented the company to sell its products freely within the EUROPEAN union.
Apple's Macbook Pro with the Touch Bar seems to be drawn with the hearty problems.A large number of owners state that they have problems with the new keyboard based on Apple's fjärilsmekanik .the Technology was introduced back in 2015 with super-slim Macbook.the Problems reported related to the keys in itself, where some feel that they get stuck, stop working, make strange sounds and do not have any tryckkänsla at all.On Apple's forums writes a user that his 15-inch from 2016 has problems with the key.When he writes tends to write the letter two times and it causing trouble when he should write in the password.
NASA s Lessons Learned database is a vast, constantly updated collection knowledge and experience from past missions, which it relies on for planning future projects and expeditions into space.With detailed information from every mission going back as far as the sixties, every record is reviewed and approved before inclusion.As well as NASA staff, thousands of scientists, engineers, educators and analysts access the database every month from private sector and government organizations.As it has swollen in size, the interface used internally to query the dataset – a keyword-based search built on a PageRank-style algorithm - was becoming unwieldy.Chief Knowledge Architect David Meza spoke to me recently, and told me that the move to the graph-based, open source Neo4J management system has significantly cut down on time engineers and mission planners spend combing through keyword-based search results.Meza says This came to light when I had a young engineer come to me because he was trying to explore our Lessons Learned database – but sometimes it s hard to find the information you want in that database.
in Addition to build aircraft based Boeing also huge satellites with a price tag of around $ 150 million, about sek 1.3 billion.But now select the company a new way for their production in order to reduce costs and become more competitive, reports the Wall Street Journal.According to Paul Rusnock, business manager for the Boeing satellitverksamhet, it is simply not possible to continue with the production they have today and to remain competitive.In the day required a lot of manual work to build the satellites and that company away from.In the new production process should therefore start to use the 3d printer to print parts to the satellites.also Read: 3d printers take the step into the industry seriously – becoming a multi-billion-market
in Addition to build aircraft based Boeing also huge satellites with a price tag of around $ 150 million, about sek 1.3 billion.But now select the company a new way for their production in order to reduce costs and become more competitive, reports the Wall Street Journal.According to Paul Rusnock, business manager for the Boeing satellitverksamhet, it is simply not possible to continue with the production they have today and to remain competitive.In the day required a lot of manual work to build the satellites and that company away from.In the new production process should therefore start to use the 3d printer to print parts to the satellites.also Read: 3d printers take the step into the industry seriously – becoming a multi-billion-market
Brew your own hipster-beer - in two hoursWith the Pico should anyone be able to have its own little micro-brewery at home.With simple preparations, you can get five litres of beer per round.Pour in the ingredients, press a button, wait two hours, clear.You should be able to buy ready-made ingredienspaket from your favoritbryggerier.the Machine costs 800 dollars, about 7 000 sek to order.
You must have noticed the boom bike-rental companies in China as an increasing array of rainbow colored bikes mushrooming on streets across the country.Endless financing rounds from big names like Tencent, Didi, and Foxconn have been injected into one or another of the startups that involved in a heating field.Despite the initial wows on the changes that bike sharing or, to use a more mundane term bike rental, have brought to our lives, the development of this sector has long been shadowed by pitfalls such bike vandalism and illegal parking.While these issues are still unsolved, the recent news that investors of Kala, a bike-rental startup operating in Putian of Fujian Province, walking away with all users deposits has sparked public concerns about the safety of their capital.With this question in mind, let s walk through some of the facts and problems with bike-rental deposits.Bike rental deposit is no small deal now In addition to a few firms like Qibei, which provides deposit-free services to Alipay users with high Sesame Credit scores, most of the companies require users to pay a deposit before using the service.The deposit varies: RMB 299 US$ 43 for Mobike; RMB 298 for Ubike; RMB 199 for Xiaoming Bike; and RMB 99 for Ofo.Deposits of bike-sharing platforms L-R Mobike, Xiaoming Bike, Ofo Bike rental companies promise that these deposits are totally refundable since the sum will be used solely as collateral; users will only be charged for each ride through a separate prepaid account.As the user base grows, the deposit is creating huge cash flows for the companies.Reports from BigData Research  in Chinese show that the weekly active users of Mobike and Ofo stood at 4.21 million and 4.36 million respectively in mid-January this year.For the two largest players, that s a billion yuan-level cash pool taking form 1.26 billion RMB for Mobike and 431 million RMB for Ofo .Prolonged reimbursement cycle Paying a deposit for using bike rental services sound quite natural for us all.
A new invention by Toyota could bring turmoil for the precious metal markets.Today, the world s largest automaker officially, until a few months ago, unofficially, to this day announced a new, smaller catalyst that uses 20% less precious metal in approximately 20% less volume, as the company said in an emailed statement.The world s precious metals markets may see this as a sell signal.Toyota s invention will lead to cleaner exhaust gas with reduced usage of precious metals, the company said.However, some of the largest demands for precious metals is not created by the jewelry we give to people we adore.Platinum group metals sales are heavily influenced by the automotive industry, wrote IBISWorld s Precious Metals Production market research report.
On Sunday, begins the news roll in from the giants press conferences and on Monday hit the Mobile World Congress opened the gates to the exhibition halls in Addition to the usual lack of Apple who always run their own race, will all mobiljättar, operators, manufacturers of accessories, 5g-master, vr-glasses, and hundreds of other gadgets to be gathered in an area as large as a couple of hearty football.the M3 is of course on the place, and monitors, scouts, and gives you the latest news, both the expected and the more urflippade that always show up at these big fairs.the HMD Global will launch the Nokia 3, 5 and 6 at the MWC, plus a 3310 homage— Evan Blass @evleaks February 13, 2017There have been a few long years of waiting for fans of the classic Finnish phone manufacturer.
the engineer of the house expenditure has clearly stepped up the pace of acquisitions.Etteplan's industrial machine design, embedded systems and solutions and technical documentation services to a specialized company.the Company currently has more than 2 500 employees in Finland, sweden, the Netherlands, China, Germany, Poland and the united states.Etteplan's shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.president and Ceo Juha Näkki said that the company is quickly caught cloud services, which are fastened to the machine and equipment design.the Traditional engineering houses and it companies in the interfaces intersect on the internet.
To improve the efficiency of private and public servers, and cloud services is the business idea behind startupbolaget Elastisys NTL , who were in the Di Digital Startup Tour in 2016.the Idea is based on research from a research team in Umeå, and with new investment and a new ceo hopes to sell its services on the Swedish market."basically, it is a platform for managing resources in virtualized environments, as for example, in public clouds or private data centers," said Robert Winter, ceo of Elastisys.Read more: Full house, when the Di Digital Startup Tour took Umeå, swedenMany companies are over many different servers in parallel, to the servers that are costly to maintain, and requires resources to be started and shut down.It Elastisys do, with the help of a developed algorithm, is to anticipate a company's need for server capacity and automate this.