Samsung s investigation into the Galaxy Note 7 battery issues that caused a disastrous recall will reveal multiple issues, according to the Wall Street Journal.Samsung has arranged a press conference for January 23 where it will explain conclusions found by several months of comprehensive investigations.However, the WSJ claims to have obtained the report and has dumped the findings before Samsung has a chance.The report claimed the initial batch the batteries were irregularly sized, which caused some of them to overheat and catch fire.After the initial recall, the phones with Samsung-made batteries also contained a manufacturing defect that led to further issues once the phones were replaced.That, of course, would explain by why the switch in batteries failed to halt the problem and why Samsung ended up having to fully recall the handset.
I test drive around 50 to 60 cars, pickups, and SUVs every year.The contrast in overall quality between what consumers can buy now and what they could buy when I was growing up is astounding.It's fair to say that there are almost no bad cars anymore.Almost.Every so often, I get behind the wheel of one that doesn't do it for me.This happened last year with the 2016 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen TSI S.I didn't out-and-out hate the car.It's a wagon after all.Car writers have a soft spot for wagons.But the VW didn't compare favorably with other vehicles in its general price range and with its configuration I've sampled in 2016 and in the years before that .
When you do something every day, even if you enjoy it, it becomes routine.If you have a habit you used to love that s become boring, give it up for a few days.As advice site Barking Up the Wrong Tree explains, even the things we love most can become dull if they fall into habit.Maybe you started drinking coffee because you liked the taste, but now it s just a thing you have to drink to get through the day.You don t even enjoy it anymore.If you ve reached that point, skip it for a few days to hit the reset button on your appreciation for it.
How Tai Lopez went from being broke living in a trailer to living in a Mansion with a Lamborghini through Growth Hacking social leverageYou might have seen his flashy YouTube ads or Google Search ads but how exactly did Tai Lopez beat the system and become a millionaire Influencer in the process?If there has been ONE person in the Marketing – Digital – Business field that has caused massive waves on the internet, it s Tai Lopez not counting Donald Trump .A one stop shop program to becoming a millionaire living a lifestyle in the Hollywood Hills with a Lambo in the garage and basketball court in the backyard, oh yeah and don t forget the endless pool.By leverering the success of his early ads to drive his leads into clients of his 67 Steps he was able to then basically manipulate the entire Paid Social field, before a lot of people were actually doing this for their OWN PERSONAL MARKETING.Argue all you want, you never saw Neil Patel have his own 2-3 minute YouTube ad 2 years ago, Tai did, and that is Growth Hacking 101.
Starting an online business is all the rage these days, as people want the ability to work remotely and have a steady income.The hard part of these businesses is making them last.Instead, focus your efforts on defining the following three aspects of your business:To do that, you must first understand the existing marketplace you want to enter.Many entrepreneurs think their products have to be completely different.The most important aspect of a online business is your messaging.
It seems like the number one tip from any show about dressing yourself is always the same: get your clothes tailored.That s a great idea and all, but to do that means you have to actually have a tailor, and finding the right one is of the utmost importance.Luckily, clothing expert Alison Freer has some great tips on how to just that.Freer has a whole slew of fantastic tips in the link below including definitions for common tailoring terms but here are the three I found to be most helpful:Pick Someone Nice: If you re going to be paying someone to physically alter your clothing, it should be someone you feel comfortable with, and not bullied, by.As Freer points out, you re looking to form a long-term relationship with someone who will have your best interests at heart, so just say no to rude tailors.
the App Meitu has started up on the App Store charts in recent times, but the app sends a lot of information to the developers in China.Meitu is a fotoapp to animéfiera portrait.That means more eyes, supernatural smooth skin and hair that looks painted out.the App has recently climbed the charts on both the App Store and Google Play Store.Now reports to Appleinsider that Meitu collects and sends information about the users to the developers ' servers in the China.the Discovery was made by Jonathan Zdziarski, who says that the app performs several tests to check whether the device it runs on has jailbreakats, and also sends information about which operator you use.
But now SpaceX appears to be close to maximizing performance of the Falcon 9 rocket.Musk confirmed that SpaceX will make one more major improvement to its Falcon 9 rocket, which he's calling "Block 5."In a in late 2015, he provided a little bit more information about this Block 5 version, saying it will increase performance enough, such that a launch like EchoStar 23 could attempt a landing and be designed for easy reuse.
A fried chicken restaurant has captured the hearts of San Franciscans.The Bird landed in the city's SoMa neighborhood in October, and has been drawing lines out the door since.The counter-service restaurant is part of restauranteur Adriano Paganini's growing empire, which includes Super Duper Burger, Unos Dos Tacos, and about 20 other Bay Area restaurants.Like the popular burger chain, The Bird features a limited menu of just two entrées and fries.We stopped by The Bird on a recent afternoon to see if it's worth the wait.
What are the Marshall MID Bluetooth?The Marshall MID Bluetooth are wireless headphones with the Marshall guitar amplifier design slathered all over.That means a lot of black, a lot of leatherette, and headphone cables that look a bit like chunky guitar leads.Marshall MID Bluetooth – Design and ComfortThe Marshall MID Bluetooth look may emulate the rugged toughness of one of Marshall s guitar amps, but they actually focus just as much on practicality.There s not a square inch of real leather on the Marshall MID Bluetooth; it s either synthetic or just a pattern in moulded plastic.
What is the Asustor AS3202T?A two-bay NAS with a high-end quad-core processor for fast file transfers and video transcoding, and an HDMI output so you can show those videos on your TV.There are no fancy slide-out trays for your disks; once you ve taken the metal case off, the inside is all bare metal like a cheap PC case but without the sharp edges, at least .The quad-core 1.6GHz Intel Celeron processor is seriously powerful by NAS standards, so the AS3202T shouldn t have a problem transferring files at a rate of knots and streaming video over your network.You can use the setup CD in the box, a mobile app or go to RAID 0 will lose all your data if one drive fails, it s more of a high-performance, high-risk configuration than a balanced one.
Google has launched a new feature via Google Play Services 10.2 that will make it easier to use the mobile hotspot on your mobile devices.The latest update comes with 'Instant Tethering', which simplifies the hotspot setup process, often a tedious task.Instant Tethering essentially links up all the devices associated with your Google account, which means if one loses connection, you'll immediately be asked if you want to connect to another nearby device with internet access.The feature uses Bluetooth to find your other nearby devices and means you'll be prompted to reconnect to a new device if you lose connection.As long as you've got a fairly generous data plan, it should make staying online when there's no Wi-Fi around much simpler.Unfortunately, the new feature doesn't appear to be available to everyone at this point.
Apple is suing one of its biggest partners, Qualcomm for $1 billion, alleging witholding of promised rebates and inflated patent prices.The lawsuit comes just days after the Federal Trade Commission FTC in the US sued Qualcomm over alleged anticompetitive practices to maintain a monopoly in the semiconductor market for mobile phones.Qualcomm denied the allegations in a statement, saying the FTC's "central thesis", i.e.that the firm withheld processors to gain exclusive licensing agreements, is "wrong".Apple claims the San Diego-based chipmaker withheld the rebates because of the Apple's involvement in an investigation carried out by South Korea's anti-trust regulator, the Fair Trade Commission.The regulator fined Qualcomm 1.03 trillion won $853 million in December for allegedly violating competition laws.
MWC 2017 is almost upon us, and there's a lot to look forward to, not least an expected new flagship from Chinese firm Huawei.The company is thought to be gearing up for the launch of the Huawei P10, a follow-up to last year's impressive P9, and now it looks like we've got a decent idea of what the phone will look like.Three new renders have appeared in China, via GSMArena which appear to show the P10 from various angles, revealing what looks to be a dual camera setup on the rear.It's a feature that's long been mooted, and while the renders are far from confirmed as legitimate, they certainly look like plausible designs.There's also a fingerprint scanner on the front of the device, which is significant as there's been much discussion about where Huawei is planning to place the sensor, with some reports claiming it would be added to the rear of the handset.The renders seem to reveal the P10 will come with a dual curved-edge screen, too, with reduced bezels – a design feature which is set to be particularly popular in 2017.
Growing up, our family s rice cooker was a staple, just like the refrigerator or the kitchen sink.As far as kitchen skills go, it s one of the easiest foods to make, right up there with toast and cereal.However, there are two basic ways to make rice happen, with strong opinions on both sides:Rice Cookers: Rice cooker users say they do the job perfectly every time and they re a must.Expensive rice cookers, like the Zojirushi, use fuzzy logic technology, which senses the type of rice you re cooking and adjusts itself to make better sushi, porridge, brown rice, and more.I fill the pot with rice and water, press a button, and walk away.
Trucks have not always been the go-to platform for tech.In most cases, the size of the truck bed, the traction you get from the tires, and the engine torque were the most important tech considerations.People who drives trucks today are often business owners who need to stay connected or people who drive them on a commute.Recently, I tested the 2017 Nissan Titan, a full-size pickup with a starting base price of $29,580.It has a V8 engine, can pull around 9,000 pounds of cargo, and has a 390 horsepower engine that provides some zip for merging into traffic.Nissan started offering some connected car services with the Nissan Altima a few years ago, but the Titan is the first truck I ve ever used that allows you to do Google online searches by voice and let people know where you are using Facebook check-in which is admittedly a forgotten feature and rarely used — it dates back to when people used Foursquare .What impressed me the most is the ability to check a live Twitter feed and tweet directly from the cab of the truck.To tweet, you need to use the NissanConnect app.Once it was all synced, I pressed an Apps button on the dashboard and then clicked the Twitter icon.You can scan through a live feed of tweets or compose a new tweet.
YouTube, for all its grand scale in video, hasn t really done much to disrupt the traditional TV market.But the time is ripe for YouTube to strike, according to Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves, who laid out a possible battle plan in a note distributed on ability to deliver video across platforms position it to disrupt traditional pay TV and capture TV ad dollars, in our view,
Donald Trump is officially America's 45th President.Unlike his predecessors, the VC-25As that serve as Air Force One will not be Mr. Trump's first personal Boeing airliner."Trump Force One" — as some have dubbed the jet — was one of the most visible symbols of his run for the Oval Office.However, Mr. Trump likes to call it the "T-Bird," according to a Discovery Channel documentary featuring the plane.According the documentary, the Trump Boeing 757 reportedly cost a whopping $100 million.Admittedly, that figure seems highly exaggerated when compared to market prices.
In a late comment to the Gabe Newell AMA on Reddit, Valve s Joe Ludwig posted an update outlining progress licensing its SteamVR Tracking system.The system could be critical to the adoption of VR in 2017, and the comment indicates additional head-mounted displays compatible with the SteamVR Tracking lighthouse technology are in the works.The headsets are among 500 companies which signed up to freely use the innovative tracking system, according to Ludwig.Below is the full comment in response to the questions Did you expect more hardware manufacturers to consider interest in releasing their own Lighthouse/Steam VR HMD instead of just HTC?Why do you think other companies haven t publically at least gotten on board?:SteamVR Tracking is an ingenious technology that bathes a room with lasers you can t see with the naked eye, but it allows objects with sensors on the surface to be perfectly tracked throughout a space.A compatible system like lighthouse which works with products from a variety of manufacturers could lower the cost for upgrades because the tracking system is already installed while simultaneously opening up VR to an enormous collection of objects that can be brought into a virtual world.The end result would be a whole slew of VR experiences, from fighting fires to hitting a baseball, which would look, sound and feel extremely close to their real-world counterparts.This story originally appeared on
Apple s AirPods are fine.They re lightweight, they re remarkably easy to pair with an iPhone, and they re one of two truly wireless earphones I ve used that can hold a Bluetooth connection without totally freaking out.They work.You d be surprised at how few wireless headphones you can say that about.Still, I d have a hard time recommending them to non-tech-enthusiasts.Though the AirPods are better than most of their fully wireless peers, they can t totally escape feeling like a test run.Most of the deepest flaws should improve over time.Forthcoming Bluetooth updates should bolster battery life and smooth out what connection issues are left.And while Siri is bad, it's a larger project that Apple has plenty of incentive to improve.There are other, more design-centric issues, though, that Apple can address if it wants the AirPods to be a more polished, consumer-friendly product.Here s a few I d like to see in the future.