p VR learning platform Growlib receives undisclosed pre-Series A in millions of USD /p p Growlib /p p Founder: Zhang Kun /p p Founded in: 2016 /p p Financing status: Pre-Series A amounting to tens of millions in RMB (a few million USD) in 2017 /p p VR learning platform Growlib on Tuesday received an undisclosed pre-Series A financing round in millions of USD to create more VR learning content./p p Growlib is a VR learning platform that produces customized learning solutions for students and teachers under various courses.Students can use its VR equipment to experience real-life situations based on the curriculum.One such situation is taking a look at the underwater world through VR equipment while students learn about it.This learning method can help students master the knowledge better as well as increase students’ learning interest./p p Founded in 2016 in Beijing, Growlib has so far reached partnerships with some well-known hardware manufacturers, schools, museums and other institutions to sell its VR learning material.
p Casey Winters revealed how he improved user onboarding with his team at Pinterest on a recent Greymatter podcast.We took his tips, reorganized them, and illustrated them with screenshots to give you this high-impact post.
p Facebook advertising is by far my favorite PPC platform.But one thing most Facebook advertisers don't do a good job of is aligning their audience and ad content based on where their target is at in the sales funnel.In the latest from the Web Profits blog, we dive deep into how to use Facebook ads to drive growth at different stages of the funnel, including:- How to gauge intent with different audience targeting- What kind of targeting and ad content to use at each stage of the funnel- Funnel-specific examples by industry types
p Electronic device makers, such as Hong Kong-listed Suga, and other start-ups are looking to cash in on a boom in China in so-called pet wearables, like smart collars, leashes and feeders.Pet ownership, denounced as a decadent and bourgeois habit after the Communist Party took power in China more than 60 years ago, has become popular again among the country’s growing middle class.Lia Yang Liu, 39, a lecturer in Chinese literature at a Beijing university, bought a GPS tracker that attaches to her dog’s collar.She is sceptical of other products, though.I don’t believe devices can translate a pet’s language for us.”The electronic pet device market in China is still quite small, but by some estimates is growing by a fifth or even a quarter every year, drawing developers and producers such as PetPace, Mars Petcare’s Whistle Labs Inc, i4C Innovations, Fitbark and DeLaval.
p LeSports, Chinese tech giant LeEco’s sports arm, on Thursday was rumored to cut its workforce to 200 from its current 700-strong workforce./p p This is the latest sign that LeSports is undergoing a series of setbacks including losing key management executives and broadcasting rights of international games.Here is a look back at LeSports’ short five-year history during LeEco’s volatile development./p p · 2012 – LeEco launched its sports arm LeSports to offer broadcasting and live streaming services for sports games including soccer, basketball, and tennis./p p · December 2015 – LeSports signs a five-year contract for naming rights to name Wukesong Gymnasium, one of Beijing’s landmarks and China’s top-notch stadiums./p p · February 2016 – Purchased copyrights for the Chinese Super League during the 2016/2017 season for RMB 2.7 billion (USD 392 million).
p ClickZ’s recent Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation webinar explored how marketers can harness automation software to boost revenues while also providing a more timely and relevant experience for prospects and customers.Marketing automation is the practice of using a software platform that allows marketers to automate repetitive tasks, create triggered events for digital channels such as email and social media, and send the right communication at the right time.According to Hank Hoffmeier, Strategic Insights Manager for iContact: “It’s expected that a brand will understand their needs, their history, and everything from the way they engage to what they’ve done in the past.Service and quality often beat privacy now.”Kevin Borwick, CRM and Marketing Automation Specialist for PwC, explained that B2B prospects had similar expectations about the quality of engagement, but that the focus for engagement should typically be more around differentiation of products and services, rather than discounts and coupons which are a more commonly used tactic in B2C automation.“The way you engage and how you go to market in B2B is similar; it’s still about delivering the right message at the right time,” he added.
p By Joshua Baez, Marketing Consultant for Heinz MarketingSales enablement is nothing new, and in recent months, it has been a buzzword surrounding meeting rooms and office spaces.However, many make the mistake of stopping here, unable to look more holistically at their business infrastructure to find ways to optimize and better their teams.Sales development extends its reach beyond the sales team to impact the entire organization.It’s a competency that focuses on ensuring there is alignment between sales and marketing so both work in tandem towards common, unified goals.But there’s a gap between enablement and development, and an even wider one between planning and execution.
p Selling products across borders requires an understanding of the preferred payment methods of international consumers, many of whom do not use credit cards.Payment gateways can assist merchants in offering alternative, multi-currency payment options, as can specialized vendors, such as AlternativePayments.comMany ecommerce retailers desire to expand internationally.In this post, I’ll explore some of the issues involved with accepting credit card and digital payments from international consumers.This serves as the merchant’s “domestic” location; any sales originating outside of the domestic country will be subject to cross-border fees.As of April 2017, this fee ranges from .60 percent for MasterCard to .80 percent for Visa.
p Using Sage cloud software will future proof the activity and processes of the RSPCA.Sage has announced that the RSPCA has opted to use its X3 business management system that has the ability to operate in the cloud.A key target of the move is to maximise the benefit from the donations received by the organisation.The RSPCA had been looking to implement an end-to-end solution for finance and business management that will be able to run finance functions in the back office.The charity has a range of internal stakeholders including inspectors that travel, office based support staff and vets.The agility of a system that can access cloud will benefit the varying roles within the charity, opening up the ability to access data regardless of time or place.
p Did your mom measure your height against the kitchen door, marking your progress on the doorframe with a pencil, writing your age and the date for every growth spurt?Mine certainly did, and I’m relatively certain that most of your moms did too.According to a newly release report by Demand Gen Report (DGR), 91% of the B2B marketers participating in this survey agreed that measurement and reporting is a top priority for their organizations.However, despite this, only 13% claim that their ability to measure and analyze their marketing performance and impact is “excellent,” while a whopping 40% say it “needs improvement.”When it comes to measurement tools, the DGR survey revealed that B2B marketers rely on a variety of reporting tactics at the same time.Most marketers (70%) get reporting from their CRM instances, followed closely by web analytics tools (68%).
p While the presidency of Donald Trump has been a boon for publications like the Wall Street Journal – the era of “fake news” has left some advertisers and publishers cooling towards Facebook and Google as a platform for brands, notes News Corp's new global technology chief Marc Frons.While Frons wants NewsCorp to learn from big tech platforms, and keep its brands publishing through social sites – the deal has to stack up.Frons was confirmed in the role of chief technology officer earlier this month after Paul Cheesbrough moved along to the same role at sister company 21st Century Fox.In a recent interview with BeetTV, he notes that NewsCorp is continuing to innovate and seek new challenges, particularly in areas of voice computing.Frons sees the shift continuing to move towards mobile but “voice computing has also come to the fore”."With Alexa, Echo, etc, people are asking for the news, the weather, directions, to shop and we see voice as one of the biggest growth areas.
p /p p /p Apple is testing next-generation wireless technologies, often called "5G," that could potentially radically increase the speed and bandwidth of an iPhone's cellular connection.p An application for an experimental license to use new wireless technology, called millimeter wave, was signed on Tuesday by Apple and made public by the FCC./p p "Apple Inc. seeks to assess cellular link performance in direct path and multipath environments between base station transmitters and receivers using this spectrum," according to the application./p p "These assessments will provide engineering data relevant to the operation of devices on wireless carriers’ future 5G networks," it continued./p p Apple will test these technologies at two locations, according to the application: One in Milpitas, California, on Yosemite Drive, and one on Mariani Avenue that was originally Apple's first headquarters, and is adjacent to its current headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop./p p From the application:  /p p style "padding-left: 30px;" Apple intends to transmit from two fixed points located at Apple-controlled facilities in Cupertino and Milpitas, CA.
p /p p /p The FDA just approved a cancer drug that targets tumors based on genetic makeup as opposed to tissue type.p On Tuesday, the agency approved pembolizumab (also known as Keytruda) to treat "unresectable or metastatic, microsatellite instability-high (MSI-H) or mismatch repair deficient (dMMR) solid tumors."It's the first time the FDA has approved a cancer drug not based on the tissue type (think: breast, lung, colon cancer), but based on the types of genes a particular tumor presents./p p Most companies develop treatments for specific types of cancer, like lung cancer or melanoma, and seek approval just for that one kind of tumor at first, before setting up more trials to see how the drug does in other types of cancer./p p Keytruda, a type of cancer immunotherapy, has been approved to treat a number of different cancers.Former President Jimmy Carter was treated with the drug in 2015, and later revealed he was cancer-free.
Vanity metrics like Facebook likes or Twitter followers rarely translate into ROI for your marketing department.As a conversion copywriter, I have mixed feelings about the open rate metric.But when the focus is on open rate, marketing departments spend hours working on and split testing subject lines, to the detriment of the rest of the email.Writing to a dead list is an often fruitless and frustrating exercise that yields poor marketing results–which is why your reply rate actually matters.The reply rate is exactly what it sounds like: how many people replied to your email.This is a particularly important metric when running outreach campaigns, but also for your email marketing in general because it indicates list engagement.
p As influencer marketing is rapidly becoming a key channel for brands across the social media spectrum, influencer marketer Hashoff announced today a new partnership with social marketer Kinetic Social to include direct access to Hashoff’s network of more than 150,000 influencers across platforms.The collaboration means that Hashoff will provide the technology and expertise needed to enable Kinetic Social to identify and activate the audiences that matter most to their clients.Hashoff released a report last month addressing the trend of relying on micro-influencers to share brand messages.Nearly one-third of influencers have grown their audience by 20-50 percent in the past year, their report suggests, while one-fourth have grown their audience by 50-100 percent, and 17 percent have more than doubled their audiences."Our mission is to provide brands solutions to engage audiences and influencer marketing is a vital piece of the puzzle," said Jeff Thompson, senior vice president Platform Partnerships at Kinetic Social."Influencers are providing a new way to combine the authenticity of a brand ambassador with the targeted focus of a digital campaign.
p I was set up in this by some family members.Apparently the "Inner circle" are reserving spots now.So ...Thought I would share it with the reddit community!
Bradford Cross, founder of the venture capital firm Data Collective is a known figure in the ranks of VCs who have caught the entrepreneurship bug, abandoning what could have been a cushy lifestyle for one with considerably more volatility.His third startup, Merlon Intelligence, services banks, helping them cut down on risk and put a stop to money laundering.Merlon crawls PDFs and other unstructured text to create a graph of financial and contextual knowledge.That predictive model outputs a rank of suspicious activity that can then be analyzed by a human.Traditional banking analysts can provide feedback and improve the functioning of the entire system.With a pedigree consisting of both finance and machine learning experience, Cross hopes to best legacy players like Oracle and Lexus Nexus that rely on outdated technology while getting the jump on newer entrants like Palantir that are bogged down by clunky consulting operations.
The order in which products are displayed on categories is a major culprit.While “relevancy” is a common default sort for product listings on search results, there is usually more liberty with the order of items on categories.Most online stores rely on a default sort of best selling items listed first.Most online shoppers look for three things when perusing categories of products: product ratings, price, and visual affirmation (the product appears to fit their needs).Worse, when the shopper is presented with bad choices right out of the gate, he’s apt to bail immediately.By default, the page is sorted by best sellers.
p /p p /p Netflix just released the titles that will be leaving the streaming service in June.There are a few gems we'll miss, but not many — unless you have a kid who can't live without the first season of "Bob the Builder."p Before May ends, you should squeeze in some nostalgia time for "D2: The Mighty Ducks," "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids," and a horror night for "The Blair Witch Project" before they all disappear from Netflix and exclusively live on DVD, VHS, or somewhere that you have to get off of your couch to find./p p Here's everything that's leaving Netflix in June (we've highlighted the titles we think you should watch in bold): /p View As:
p We don't know a lot about the biological basis of our mental abilities—we can't even consistently agree on how best to test them—but a few things seem clear.One is that performance on a number of standardized tests that purport to measure intelligence tends to correlate with outcomes we'd associate with intelligence, like educational achievement.A second is that this performance seems to have a large genetic component.Now, a new study has combined much of the previous work and has turned up 40 new genetic regions associated with intelligence test scores.The team behind the new work took advantage of open data to pull together information from 13 different studies, which cumulatively looked through the genomes of over 78,000 individuals.The genomes of these individuals had been scanned for single base pair differences, allowing the authors to look for correlations between regions of the genome and test scores.