Japan’s space agency has released remarkable photos of a distant asteroid’s rocky surface that were captured by two small rovers.On Friday, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's (JAXA) Hayabusa 2 spacecraft lowered the MINERVA-II1 rovers onto space rock Ryugu.Images released on Saturday show the surface of the “dumpling-shaped” asteroid, which has a diameter of just 2,953 feet.The two rovers – Rover-1A and Rover-1B, are in good condition and transmitting images and data.The rovers, each about the size of a cookie can, move by "hopping" up to 49 feet at a time because the extremely weak gravity on the asteroid makes rolling difficult.One color image captured in mid-hop by Rover-1A clearly shows the asteroid’s surface.
Don't sleep on NASA's New Horizons spacecraft.The history-making probe, which famously zoomed past Pluto in July 2015, is closing in on its next flyby target, a frigid chunk of ice and rock about 4 billion miles (6.4 billion kilometers) from Earth dubbed Ultima Thule.New Horizons is now just 80 million miles (130 million km) from Ultima Thule, mission members said Wednesday (Sept. 19).That's less than the distance from Earth to the sun (about 93 million miles, or 150 million km).[Destination Pluto: NASA's New Horizons Mission in Pictures]The spacecraft has already begun photographing Ultima Thule for navigation purposes and remains on track to cruise within a mere 2,200 miles (3,540 km) of Ultima in the wee hours of Jan. 1, 2019.
Hero7 Black, Silver and White called the cameras in the new series which has new technology glamorous packaged in GoPros well-known kameradesign.The three cameras differ a bit from the last generation Hero6.The most advanced model is the usual Black, in the black design and with the new processor and HyperSmooth-image stabilization.[caption id="attachment_83622" align="alignnone" width="128"] Photo: GoPro[/caption] 4K60 Black recording 4K video with 60 fps, or 120 fps, 2.7 k resolution and the entire 240 fps with the 1080 video.On the inside sits a 12-megapixel image sensor with råfilsstöd, HDR and SuperPhoto for better still images.Hero7 Black has also GoPros TimeWarp, a first time-lapse feature with stabilisation between the image frames.
Pioneer will be late to the 4K party with its Ultra-HD Blu-ray player.Especially as you can get a cool gaming console for less than half, which can do everything a Blu-ray player, plus you can play tired of the ... Solidly built For the money to get a player who is a built like a tank, with double chassis which includes a 3 mm thick base plate made of stainless steel.All to make the design robust and give it a low centre of gravity.the drive unit is also built to be as quiet and vibration-free as possible.Blu-ray-discs spins, with up to five thousand revolutions per minute, and then means the slightest vibration of an increased risk of felavläsningar.It can be connected to a compatible home cinema amp with the same function (the upcoming Pioneer receivers of the higher school) so that jordsignalen in the audio and video signals in the two components have the same level, which are claimed to provide an even better signal-to-noise ratio.
Apple and Salesforce have entered into a strategic partnership which will see the two firms work together on building enterprise apps that utilise more of Apple's best mobile features, such as Siri.Salesforce will redesign its own app as part of the deal, to debut in early 2019, as well as provide new tools to developers that use Salesforce's platform to create business apps around the world.“We’re excited to work with Salesforce and that their industry-leading customer relationship management (CRM) will embrace native iOS and deliver exclusive new features on iPhone and iPad,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive.Support for Apple features such as Face ID, Business Chat and the new voice assistant shortcuts debuted in iOS 12 this month will be built into Salesforce's developer kit, which in turn will help businesses on Salesforce's platform to make their own apps with these features included.Read more: Ireland finally collects Apple’s €13.1bn disputed tax bill“With this partnership, we’re bringing together the world’s number one CRM platform with iPhone and iPad, the world’s best devices for business,” said Marc Benioff, chairman and co-chief executive, Salesforce
One of the new things with the Apple Watch 4 is that the clock detects if you fall.If you do not say to the clock that is ok as the caller at the SOS.A number of journalists and youtubare have tried to fall off with the clock but not managed to get the function to work, and perhaps now we know why.the Feature is turned off for all under 65 years of age.Apple seems to simply think that if you are not retired so you do not need to function.If it is reasonable or not possible to discuss.
The Home Office has announced its cumbersome project to overhaul the Emergency Services Network (ESN) with a 4G network has been set back by another few years.After negotiating a month-by-month contract with Motorola to keep its aging digital radio network Airwave alive, the Home Office has signed a new contract to extend this partnership through to 2022.Alongside this damning signature, the Motorola Solutions ESN agreement will be extended by 30 months through the end of 2024, to allow for a new phased implementation of EE’s 4G ESN.“We have been working closely with the Home Office to ensure that our services are aligned with this new phased deployment and timeline for ESN.”The new incremental approach means police, fire and rescue services, ambulance services and other users will be able to use data services over the network from early next year, with voice capabilities at some undefined point in the future.Of course, this is the sort of efficiency and accuracy many have come to expect from the UK government.
Italian politicians must be loving the country’s ongoing 5G auction, with operators bidding on the 3.7 GHz band like they think they’re still using lira.One of the fun things about Europe before the euro was the existence of currencies that, due to historical hyperinflation, operated at crazy exchange rates to the pound.Italy was one of the best examples of this and who doesn’t miss going over there and stuffing their wallet with billion lira notes?That same longing seems to apply to the Italian operators, who have decided to compete with each other, over relatively useless mid frequency spectrum, with such fervent abandon that it’s hard not to conclude they still believe the bill will be settled in the long-abandoned national currency.A week ago they agreed to pay the going rate for 700 MHz spectrum that is especially handy due to its long range and superior propagation qualities.They also had a few rounds of bidding on higher frequency spectrum and we noted that Wind might want to make sure it gets a nice lot of 3.7 GHz band, since it didn’t get any 700 MHz, and that new-entrant Iliad might also want to grab more than just 20 MHz of 3.7 gig.
Pack your swords and fur cloaks, Game of Thrones fans.As the eighth and final season of the hit show nears (so slooowly), HBO has announced plans to convert several sets in Northern Ireland to tourist spots.The network has yet to confirm the specific sites for what will be called the Game of Thrones Legacy attractions, but possibilities include the sets for Winterfell, Castle Black and King's Landing, HBO said Monday.Set tours will let fans get up close with costumes, props, weapons, art files and other production materials, and interact with content that showcases some of the show's digital wizardry.The attractions will be "on a scale and scope bigger than anything the public has ever seen," promised the network, which has already proven it likes to do things big and bigger when it comes to Thrones.Also under consideration is a formal studio tour of Linen Mill Studios in Corbet-Banbridge that will showcase all seasons and settings.
Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of Salesforce, speaks at the WSJD Live conference in Laguna Beach, California.Reuters/Mike BlakeApple and Salesforce have a new partnership.Apple will help the enterprise technology giant create apps for specific industries and better training.The announcement comes the day before Salesforce's big annual conference kicks off in San Francisco and the day that Microsoft is holding a huge enterprise app conference in Florida.Enterprise giant Salesforce has inked an agreement with Apple to build better sales apps and training for iPhones and iPads.There are three key parts to the Salesforce deal:
Some automakers might be skipping the Paris Motor Show later this month, but not Mercedes-Benz.This compact hatchback gets its forward motion from a variety of sources, including gasoline, diesel and compressed natural gas.The original B-Class Electric Drive borrowed its drivetrain from Tesla, but subsequent iterations shifted over to dedicated Mercedes-Benz hardware.However, with an EPA-estimated range of just 87 miles and a pre-incentive base price above $40,000, it never really took off in the US.With the advent of the electric EQC crossover, it's unlikely that the B-Class Electric Drive will come back to the US if it's revived for this new generation.But there's a new hopped-up AMG variant of the hatchback that we're hoping will translate to the sedan in time, as well.
Apple on Monday said it's completed a deal to acquire music recognition app Shazam, and the app will soon become ad-free for all users."Apple and Shazam have a long history together," said Oliver Schusser, vice president of Apple Music, in a press release."Shazam was one of the first apps available when we launched the App Store and has become a favorite app for music fans everywhere."The smartphone giant said in December that it'd acquire British company Shazam to boost its music division.Apple didn't disclose financial details, but the purchase price for the company was reportedly around $400 million.European Union regulators launched an investigation of the acquisition in April over concerns the Apple-Shazam marriage might unfairly give Apple Music a leg-up in the music streaming business.
NASA and Mars and selfies go together like Matt Damon and Mars and potatoes.The agency's latest Red Planet-related selfie comes from the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (Maven) spacecraft in honor of its fourth anniversary in orbit at Mars.Maven is on a mission to study Mars' upper atmosphere and how it influences the planet's climate and potential habitability.The unusual selfie comes from the spacecraft's Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph (IUVS) instrument, which is usually looking at the planet's atmosphere.It's mounted on a boom arm that NASA says can act like a selfie stick.The picture shows "ultraviolet wavelengths of sunlight reflected off of components of the spacecraft."
MetroPCS is donning a new name.T-Mobile said Monday it's rebranding MetroPCs as Metro by T-Mobile and will launch a new campaign to highlight the prepaid brand next month with two new unlimited plans.The plans will have tiers that include Amazon Prime membership and Google One cloud storage."It drives me crazy that literally millions of hard-working people are struggling to get by yet feel stuck with AT and Verizon because they think prepaid wireless is subpar," John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, said in a statement.Metro by T-Mobile customers aren't making a compromise, they're refusing to make a compromise."MetroPCS offers prepaid service on the T-Mobile network, though customers may experience a slowdown (compared with postpaid T-Mobile customers) if they're in a busy area, according to the statement.
Apple has just confirmed its acquisition of the music identification app, Shazam.Shazam was one of the early apps to gain success on the app store and has now been downloaded over a billion times.The app ‘listens’ to songs when users open it, then delivers links to the track through services like Spotify and iTunes.I remember this feeling pretty magical when I first got an iPhone, but, like many of the device’s early features, it now just feels normal.Apple’s vice president of Apple Music, Oliver Schusser, was pretty vague about why the company was making this purchase.He said that he’s “thrilled to bring [their] teams together to provide users even more great ways to discover, experience and enjoy music.”
I am, as you may have noticed right impressed by the Apple Watch 4.It is a small gadget that delivers the right amount.But what does it look like on the inside?iFixit has picked apart the clock and they are quite impressed by what they find.the Construction is simply nicely done and it is neat and orderliness.It it a 6 out of 10 in reperationsbetyg, which is impressive for such a small gadget.
Former Google China president Kai-Fu Lee has invested in 13 companies that have attained billion dollar valuations.Among his portfolio companies' most successful entrepreneurs, Lee identifies one key quality: They're paranoid.Kai-Fu Lee is the former president of Google China and a technology investor who has funded both American and Chinese startups.Among his portfolio companies, thirteen have achieved coveted unicorn status with valuations of a billion dollars or more.Many of these successful companies have Chinese entrepreneurs at their helm, who operate under a different mindset than the typical American entrepreneur.A key quality that these entrepreneurs possess is what Lee describes as being effectively "paranoid."
Canada says it has safeguards in place that means it doesn’t need to follow the US and Australia in banning Chinese telecoms firms like Huawei.Telecoms networks represent some of a nation’s most critical infrastructure.Australia banned Huawei from its National Broadband Network (NBN) but has allowed the company’s equipment to be used in previous generation mobile networks.Earlier this year, however, Australia decided it would follow the US in banning Huawei from its 5G networks.Canada believes it doesn’t need to follow similar bans as it has the necessary safeguards in place to mitigate any national security risks.Scott Jones, Head of Ottawa’s Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, said:
I'll be sharing some of my favorite money-saving secrets, raffling off prizes and giving every attendee a cool mobile accessory.Like, for example: I'm rushing out the door and realize my phone isn't going to last the day; I need a mobile charger.And, oh, typical: I forgot to recharge it.Here's a product that solves that problem, and for cheap: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Daily Steals has the Tylt 2-pack Portable Power Bank with docking station for $14.99.That's after applying discount code CHPSKTYLT at checkout.See it at Daily Steals
Whether you're frightened of snakes or fascinated by them, an unusual creature found in Northern Virginia is worthy of your interest.The Wildlife Center of Virginia in Waynesboro has examined a young and very rare two-headed Eastern Copperhead snake.The venomous baby snake is alive and slithering, and its left head seems to be more dominant and active.The wildlife center took radiographs of the copperhead to learn more about its anatomy and discovered it has two tracheas, two esophaguses and a shared heart and set of lungs."Based on the anatomy, it would be better for the right head to eat, but it may be a challenge since the left head appears more dominant," the center said Friday.Kleopfer shared a short Facebook video of the small snake wriggling around.