As big management consultancies like Deloitte and Accenture are becoming agencies in the own right, Interpublic Group-owned creative shop R/GA is flipping the script: The agency’s business transformation division is consulting the likes of Siemens, Walmart and ESPN on consumer experience and growth strategy.“Our mission is to disrupt conventional consulting.There are some ad agencies wanting to become consultancies, but few are actually doing it,” said Andrew Lam-Po-Tang, executive director of business transformation for R/GA.“Most of our clients are CEOs and other C-level executives outside of marketing.”For instance, Lam-Po-Tang’s team recently helped a U.S. consumer-packaged-goods company understand business opportunities in e-commerce and how to drive consumer engagement.Having worked for The Boston Consulting Group for 10 years before he joined R/GA in August 2015, Lam-Po-Tang thinks that a big problem with consulting firms is that they can easily dive into business analysis and end up with a deck of 200 to 300 pages, but they are weak in executing their assessments.
As part of an ongoing fight to make women and children's health products more affordable (and fair), California lawmakers want to take a hard look at the state's priorities and taxation rules to ensure they match up.A bill before the California state Legislature seeks to remove the burden of sales tax from diapers, tampons, and other hygiene necessities by finding those tax dollars elsewhere—specifically, in the state's liquor cabinets.As the Sacramento Bee reported, Assemblywomen Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and Cristina Garcia introduced the bill earlier this year after previous attempts to get California to drop its "tampon tax" on the non-luxury goods were vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown, who blamed the expense of such measures.To cover the cost of dropping sales tax from diapers and menstrual products, the new bill seeks to raise the excise tax on hard liquor by close to a third for distributors who buy directly from manufacturers, or from $3.30 to $4.50 per gallon.According to the Bee, California hasn't increased the excise tax on hard alcohol since 1991, and the bill's proponents say the approximate hike of $0.02 per drink shouldn't be too stiff to swallow.“This is a question of values,” Gonzalez Fletcher (D-San Diego) said in a press conference.
As the hyper-connected world of technology comes of age, another new frontier is emerging: the internet of things (IoT).But now, the internet is set to evolve in yet another world-changing form.This marriage of minds and machines is poised to change our lives just as drastically as the internet already has.For over a decade, we have already been connecting smart devices to the internet for person-to-person and person-to-thing interactions, tasks like syncing emails and downloading maps.Our things are becoming more human every day as we grant our devices the ability to sense.We are giving them the capacities to communicate, touch, probe and control.
Tom Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures discusses SaaS value propositions: software that increase revenue, decreases cost, or increase productivity.
Forget 5G, connected cars, virtual reality and waterproof phones; the most important trend at Mobile World Congress was mobile video.On other stages numerous TV networks, media and social media companies, as well as the biggest brands, e.g.Partly they are looking for new distribution networks for their own video content, such as Netflix.If video is the new mobile (Facebook CEO Zuckerberg told shareholders in February 2017 that the company was going “video-first” because “video is a megatrend on the same order as mobile”), then mobile video is the giant honeypot.Examples include Vice Lab, Discovery CoLab, NY Times T Brand Studio, BBC StoryWorks, Facebook Creative Shop and CNN Courageous.One of the most unexpected utterances from the MWC keynote stage, was the admission from CEO Reed Hastings that Netflix does not design its video for the mobile platform.
– now rolls it up and runningThere are three people from Illinois who is leading a class action against Microsoft, because they mean that the upgrade to Windows 10 meant that they lost the data and that their computers were damaged.It is two years since Microsoft started pushing out Windows 10 to consumers, and the low on the hard to get users to upgrade from older operating systems – among other things by offering this free of charge.But now asserted in the class action, which consists of a hundred members, that the upgrade cost them money, time and effort – and they therefore demand damages for a total of five million dollars.One of the leading class action, Stephanie Watson, claims that she never even chose to upgrade to Windows 10 and when it still happened so she lost the data related to her work, writes ZDNet.She also got to pick up support to repair the computer, and when that didn't work it ended with that she had to buy a new one.
Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, Mark D’Arcy, VP, chief creative officer of the Facebook Creative Shop and Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook VP of EMEA, will be guest editors of The Drum’s global July issue, to debut at Cannes Lions.The intersection of creativity and technology will be the issue’s overall theme.Topics covered will include equality, gender parity, brand social responsibility, talent, technology, female leadership and the business at large.“Sheryl, Mark and I are thrilled to participate as guest editors of The Drum for this year’s global Cannes issue,” said Mendelsohn.“Creativity is a force that has shaped our past and will shape our future, one that is mobile and video-first.Throughout this special edition we will explore the power of creativity to unlock the power of technology, and how both can work together to shape the future of advertising globally.”
President Donald's Trump's slash and burn strategy continues with the of the Environmental Protection Agency ain which former liberal priorities on climate change are getting the ax first.Meanwhile defense is expected to go up, so programs such as the arts, help for the poor and environmental safeguards get put on the back burner, literally.
, LLC has pebbles to burn.Last week, the company announced that it has started the conceptual design phase for its Xe-100 high temperature gas-cooled (HTGR) pebble bed modular reactor.This reactor is ideal for high-temperature industrial processes such as desalination, and is modular for flexibility in power needs and applications like load-following renewables, since it can ramp up and down quickly.The complete Xe-100 power plant has a small physical footprint, only 200 meters by 100 meters with a small emergency planning zone essentially within its own gates, and a reduced water requirement which means it can be installed in a much wider range of potential locations compared to other clean energy systems.The graphite is further surrounded by a coated ceramic layer of silicon carbide for strength and containment of the fission products.Thousands of pebbles are amassed to create the reactor core, and are cooled by a gas, such as helium, nitrogen or carbon dioxide, that doesn’t chemically react with the fuel pebbles.
Pool / Getty Images After several decades of allowing employees to perform their jobs remotely, IBM has announced it is changing course to foster moreSome 2,600 people in IBM's marketing department, plus an unknown number of employees in IT, procurement, and Watson-related departments, learned in early February they would soon be required to work — or "co-locate" — in one of six USIf employees chose not to move to their designated
Reducing spend on marketing and advertising is normally the first thing on the agenda for brands in times of global uncertainty.During unstable economic times, cue Brexit and the American presidential fall out, more and more people are worried about their finances.Across industries, budgets are in flux and technology disrupts marketing strategies on a daily basis.Pearlfinders has researched across markets, countries and sectors and have produced the global index; using interviews from over 10,000 senior marketers across Europe, Asia and the US.While some predict negative consequences for new business in 2017, we feel this thinking is limited as it appears based solely on major incumbent reviews.While the number of these planned is indeed down, we see a change in rhetoric used by marketers towards long term agency partners.
Spotify has acquired video discovery startup MightyTV for an undisclosed price, the music streaming company announced on Monday.The MightyTV app acts a bit like a Tinder for video content. founder and CEO Brian Adams has become Spotify's VP ofAdams is perhaps best-known as being the founder of Admeld, a real-time bidding company that helped publishers make money from
MPs are calling for the government to introduce new advertising restrictions which would stop supermarkets discounting unhealthy food and drinks as part of strict new measures intended to tackle child obesity.In a new report, published today (27 March), the Commons health select committee urged the government to review its legislation regarding promotions for unhealthy food and drinks aimed at children.The Committee of Advertising Practice, a sister organisation of the Advertising Standards Authority, has introduced new restrictions on adverting for high-fat and high-sugar foods on non-broadcast media – such as on smartphones, however the select committee said more action was needed.“We urge a re-examination of the case for further restrictions on advertising of high fat, salt and sugar food and drink in the light of the most recent research not only on the effect of such advertising, but on the scale and consequences of childhood obesity,” said the report.The select committee accused ministers of ignoring proposals from health experts in relation to marketing around unhealthy products.“We are extremely disappointed that the government has rejected a number of our recommendations,” said Sarah Wollaston, the Conservative MP who chairs the committee.
If you live the northern United States or its dry western regions, you need a bedroom humidifier.Dry air is the enemy of your body, especially your respiratory linings.It doesn’t help your skin or hair either.In the fall and winter seasons, the weather cools and outside air dries out.Then, when we turn on our furnaces, whatever moisture remains in the air departs.The average heated home is twice as dry as the Sahara Desert!
According to news service Bloomberg will militäralliansen Nato next month start receiving bids in the satellite communications, air and missile defense and cyber security, and advanced software for a total of three billion euros, the equivalent of nearly 29 billion.Investment in cyber security, and software is expected to land on a total of 470 million, with nearly 4.5 billion.The planned contracts are expected to be presented in more detail in a dairy industry conference in Ottawa, 24-26 april, which is about the new security threats that Nato faces, which include Russia's movements in eastern Europe, migration from the Middle east, islamic terrorism and cyber-attacks.Of all these billions that Nato should invest, half is supposed to go to satellite communications for forces in the field, and that includes the Nato ships in the Aegean sea supports Greece, Turkey and the Eu cross-border authorities to manage migration flows, according to an anonymous insider for Bloomberg.some 800 million euros will go to the system for the air defense and missile defense.290 million will go to cyber security and it infrastructure.
Even as the country prepares to ban liquor sales near major highways to curb drunk driving this year, consumption of alcohol in India has expanded at an average of 8.9% annually in the past six years, reaching an estimated (1.46 trillion rupees) last year.A global study by Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has found that alcohol consumption in India has risen by over a period of 20 years, from 1992 to 2012.With the minimum drinking age varying from 18 to 25 across states, India had approximately 485 million people of legal drinking age in 2013.“The underlying consumption potential in India isn’t strong, it’s extremely strong,” Pernod Ricard Chief Executive Officer told reporters in London in February this year.The world’s second-largest distiller sells Royal Stag and Imperial Blue whiskeys in India.Not to be left behind by the larger counterparts and established names, in order to target young consumers of drinks, varied startups have emerged to target this ripe market.
But car companies like to use the track as a marketing vehicle, and because of the gullibility of sponsors willing to splurge cash to show involvement in the business, it probably costs them very little money.Away from the track, Citi Research analyst Michael Tyndall reckons Ferrari is about to start a new growth phase, which could blast past the old notional ceiling of 10,000 a year.In 2016 Ferrari sold 8,014 cars globally, and plans 8,400 this year.Ferrari’s adjusted EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation) rose to 251 million euros ($267 million) in the fourth quarter.Morgan Stanley sees a possible rise in volume to nearly 13,500 by 2020, with the addition of a new, “cheaper” model below the 488 which could add between 2,000 and 3,000 to sales a year.“We continue to like Ferrari for its stable, defensible qualities and are comfortable with the more modest growth opportunities around items such as volume and pricing,” said Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas.
Instagram CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom has made it a goal to foster a safer environment for the photo social network app.Instagram will now start placing a screen over sensitive photos and videos, which have been reported by someone in the community.If you want to see posts that have been covered, then you will simply have to tap on it.This is Instagram’s way of making it less likely to have “unwanted experiences in the app.”Instagram also added an extra security layer to protect users against hacks, known as two-factor authentication.Instagram's two-factor authentication will require a code every time a new device logs into your account.
Now drag the Cederquist law firm started a series of common legal questions and answers.John Ferry, lawyer, and Pierre Olsson, associate at Cederquist, provides the answers.QUESTION: I run together with two partners, an e-commerce business.We feel that it is time to take the company to the next level and therefore, we are now planning to bring in a larger amount of capital from investors.the Investor has mentioned that they will want to conduct an audit of the company.Corporate housekeeping means, for example, to establish, track and/or save important documents relating to:
Now, commenting on Volvo cars, this weekend's incident with a self-driven Uber-car.”We are currently investigating the exact circumstances surrounding the incident,” says the company's press officer Catherine Adamson.Volvo cars has now chosen to speak out about the weekend crash of a self-driven car in Ubers programs for driverless cars.the Car that crashed was a sport utility vehicle from Volvo and have been Uber to halt its program of self-driven cars.Catherine Adamson is head of media relations at Volvo cars russia to Di Digital it is investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident.”We are currently investigating the exact circumstances surrounding the incident and to refrain from making any further comments until we have more information,” said Catherine Adamson.