an Ecological time bomb called Krasnyi Bor hazardous waste landfill near st. Petersburg may become the Finnish companies the source of income.the Russian market firmly on the state of the company, Fortum acquired the problem of waste specialized circular economy company Ekokem last year.Ekokemillä should, therefore, not only the right skills, including appropriate background Krasnyi Bor problem solving.There Tiilikainen and this Russian colleague Sergei Donskoy reported to the presidents Krasnyi Bor situation.Krasnyi Bor industrial waste and toxic substances received by the landfill was established in 1969.the Last time the Donskoi went two weeks ago Ekokemissä watching the Finnish waste processing on the spot.”
administrative law, the authorities must use, backs and understandable Practice officials, however, messages are all too often a squiggly sella and ambiguous newspeak.them on the basis of the application forms are unclear, the administration of the inconvenient and citizens belonging to the weak.Many social aid to entitled citizens to leave the application to do.Estimates of the applicant without the subsidy amount ranging from 30 to 300 million.Health and welfare institution, working Pasi Moisio has estimated that the income support apply for nonpayment will be a society even more expensive than it is, that all of the eligible that also would get.
the EU parliament's environment committee is currently considering the commission's proposal, which would punish the Finnish forests ”too much logging”.the Committee report the Norbert Linsin published by the first draft of the committee's position does not change enough of the essential things for Finland.the ministry of the Environment, Kimmo Tiilikainen (centre) is not yet throwing in the towel.the minister offered the wooden construction of the EU nielulaskelmiin own kategorianaan.”it's a general luulona seems to be that all of the felled tree goes to incineration and energy.Such a view is not at all true.
the committee of the United states subsidiaries Finlandia Cheese Inc. a leading Aer smiles with satisfaction when he sees the deli shelf of the long line of Creamy Gourmet fresh cheeses, which the Committee launched in the U.S. last fall.”the Battle for shelf space is extremely fierce.Just butter market is in the USA 400 brand cheese market competitors is still more,” the Aer said.committee of the American-export started already in the 1950s.At the time the Committee began to sell swiss cheese Finlandia Swiss brand.that is Why the Committee sent Emma Separated the Atlantic in the summer of 2014.
extortion malware has grown rapidly in recent years.He spoke tivi organized by the Cyber security 2017 the occasion on Thursday in Helsinki.the ransom trojan are mainly Windows-machines problem.the Mac side has been seen in only two of the ransom trojan program family, when Windows comes all the time new entrepreneurs.the cell phone side of the tightening program it is difficult to get the device in his grip: a single application has access only to their own data.It can therefore be a cryptographer himself, but can not tighten, for example, photographs or other information about withholding.
parliamentary elections 2011 polls were wrong.the true finns vote was higher and the greens lower than one survey predicted.micro bits size picture in Google-search major puoluiden name a couple of weeks before parliamentary elections in 2011.of Course, failed has become, what's under the hood based on the and bit the column of the writer Sami Kuusela very willingly granted.Still, the online data based on the anticipation seems to be working better than traditional polls.a Nice bonus is also the fact that finished number one and as zeros the activity data is quite easily viewable and capture as big data analysis.
the German bank KfW made last month in a bigger size class error money transfer.the Bank transferred the mistakenly over five billion four other bank accounts, told Bloomberg.News of the information according to the craziness due to a technical error, as a result of which the individual transfers were carried out several times.the Bank finally transferred the money back and suffered losses in the transfer of money.according to sources, the authorities have warned previously KfW of its unwieldy it systems."we Are sorry for the incident, which was the result of the system of repairs, and human error in settings", the bank formulates a statement.
These companies have the potential to rise to Dow Jones and to replace Intel as the most significant semiconductor chip manufacturer.Investor's Business Daily –investment magazine (IBD) presents six blue-chip shares, which has the potential to rise to Us highly significant in a semiconductor chip manufacturer.semiconductor circuits manufactured with a variety of wired and wireless devices, and they allow audio, video and data transmission in various devices.the most Famous and largest company is currently Intel.These companies may in the future rise in the Dow Jones index and replace intel's most significant semiconductor chip manufacturer.circuit manufacturer broadcom's stock has risen more than 25 percent of the initial year of the period.
the taxi ride to take care of soon road rather than the air along roads.Flying taxi service up to serious, at least Singapore and Dubai.Singapore's transport ministry is already negotiating for experimenting with different air equipment manufacturers, told the Singapore Business Times.contexts, there have been at least Hoversurf Scorpion Russian inventors, German Volocopter VC200 -flight device manufacturers and big hype at the CES event which gave rise to the chinese Ehang 184 -chopper.Dubai is already promised to start their own tests Ehangin with July this year.flight equipment, but also other kinds of public transport reform process is running.
European commission president Jean-Claude Juncker warned the Us president Donald Trump the fact that this proposal for other EU countries exit the union could lead to war in the Balkans.Juncker, criticized Trump the fact that this has encouraged other countries to copy the brexit.Junckerista such a stickler is ”annoying”, told CNBC.”don't say it, don't ask the other to leave, because if the European union collapses, will be the Western Balkans to see a new war”, Juncker said.”If we leave them alone – Bosnia-Herzegovina, Republika srpska, Macedonia, Albania, all of these countries will have war.”Juncker also announced that the Trump concern to european retoriikallaan.
Twitter is considering to increase paid membership option for businesses, as well as a large class of users, told the BBC.Twitter has in recent years struggled with the member base increase, so a paid membership could bring more money.twitter's advertising revenues are also in decline, although overall online advertising market has grown significantly.the Company currently makes the explanation of how much support from the paid membership idea would be.Paying customers would, inter alia, access to the improved version Tweedeckistä.Twitter is not announced to consider the collection of fees also ordinary users.
the Helsinki police said that she had received recently, several reports of cases where people have been trying to fish the online banking the Email may have been talk, for example, security update, police told reporters.Similarly, the police should be evenly distributed notifications so called fake police cases.Also in these calls, or other approaches in an attempt to get usually the elderly victim bank card or id for the control."People should be aware that the bank, the police or any other official bodies will never ask for your online banking credentials over the phone or email.Also, the bank group OP's data has become several cases of fake police approach the customer by phone and introduced myself to the police.
Callers often appear as police officers, told the New Finland.the Helsinki police said that she had received recently, several reports of cases where people have been trying to fish the online banking the Email may have been talk, for example, security update, police told reporters.Similarly, the police should be evenly distributed notifications so called fake police cases.Also in these calls, or other approaches in an attempt to get usually the elderly victim bank card or id for the control."People should be aware that the bank, the police or any other official bodies will never ask for your online banking credentials over the phone or email.
Even more than ten million workers in Britain is in great danger to become robots to replace more in the next 15 years, told the Guardian.Data shows, the consulting firm PwC's survey, according to which 30% of Uk jobs are in danger when keinoälyssä made a Some areas up to half of the jobs may be lost.the Study projected that automation boosts productivity and creates new job opportunities, but it also cautions that the need for future measures, which prevent the growth of inequality.Inequality is feared to turn into further growth, as robots are used in increasingly lower standards of work.the Study, figuring that some sort of universal basic income could be a opportunity to affect the issue.
Teraloop has developed a new energy storage technology, which is a combination of momentum wheels and a maglev train.Electricity stored in a doughnut model of the pipe inside the thank-border carriage of issuance, and the generated kinetic energy can, if necessary, be converted back into electricity.the Technology wrote Oskari Heikkilä and Petri Saarinen from developing the technology in January last year.the Company ceo, Ted Ridgway Watt said at the time that the market is and will be demand for energy storage, which is possible to be stored in big solar and wind farm production and to get the energy fed in case of need quickly to the electricity grid.Teraloop use yaskawa from the money he got electric warehouse prototype construction.the Company's operational director Philippe Pépin does not tell the investment amount because it is part of a larger investment package, for which negotiations are still in progress.
Neurologist, Nokia medical expert Kiti Müller explains seven ways to take care of the brain's performance, their own and others.for Others, it suitable immediately after waking up, but not for everyone.If someone is at its best after midday and early evening, why should be there early in the morning?on the other Hand, the dream can become a better quality, if you don't need to worry about that, start a day late.Book the day I started quarter of an hour to consider what tasks need to get done during the same day.Meeting scheduling is difficult, especially if the participants are working on different time zones.
Finland is currently preparing a national space blanket.the ministry set by the working group is also drafting a proposal for space objects registration and licensing procedures related administrative tasks.the New legislation is necessary inter alia to clarify the satellites send related liability issues.the Authorisation and registration through the state again informed of its responsibility for the space activities.Finland's first satellite is planned to send into space during the spring.
Russia has frozen the Jehovah's witnesses of the Russian administrative centre of the institution of the action and considering the whole religious movement of denial.News agency tass according to the Russian ministry of justice announced on Thursday that Jehovah's witnesses central government has set a kind of blacklist of organizations whose activities have been frozen extremism.the Russian ministry of justice, which keeps the Jehovah's witnesses ekstremistiseen äärijärjestönä, requires movement, action denial, and the whole movement of the abolition of Russia.the Country's supreme court in April, ruling in the case.the ministry of Justice justifies its claim in the Russian laws – for example, ääriajattelun fight against law – breaking.Movement ban would mean, inter alia, that its 175 000 Russian members would not be able to share ”ekstremististä” fiction.
Panelists part is familiar from previous Economic debate, part is new.a Warm relationship with a great home town deep in my special investigation of the activities of the city of Helsinki information center.Stockholm, Tampere and Turku universities and Åbo Akademi university.Päivi Laajala, 55, Oulu city manager at the beginning of April 2017.a Native of aspen lake, Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland University properties Ltd, member of the board.Risto Harisalo, university of Tampere, administrative science emeritus professor, classical liberalism I advocate.
the Helsinki diocese, the cathedral chapter is only too well received gender-neutral marriage law-related complaints, told the Homeland of the magazine.too well received by the two complaints related to the pastor, I Guess sadinmaa provided by dedicated trained professional.Sadinmaa the dedication of two pairs, and blessed three in a couple of marriage in Helsinki 1. march, at same-sex ceremony.the New gender-neutral marriage law came into force on 1. march.