Terex has announced its intention to sell Konecranes shares under the accelerated procedure and Konecranes has granted an exemption from certain transfer restrictions.Terex intends to sell up to 7 million shares, corresponding to approximately 8.9% of all Konecranes shares.Terex owns approximately 12,15 million shares.Konecranes and Terexin 4.1. by a shareholder agreement, Terex has agreed to certain Konecranes shares relating to transfer restrictions.Terexin sales do not lead to the fact that the buyer's ownership would not rise more than three per cent of the total number of shares.Konecranes exemption, the buyer can now sell three percent of the shares in spite of past ownership.
the Finnish matriculation examination, for being electrifying in the fast.the Case has been pending for years, and one entity related to the piece's quarrel is also for a long time.the Tender unsuccessful Solita chose to choose of the road, which ended today in defeat.the matriculation examination board announced in January 2014, the EU-contract notice open procedure carried out in the developer group acquisition.the Group was scheduled to board, launched by the Digabi project under the guidance to implement an electronic high school diploma in the required system.the Agreement was reached in the end of the Reactor.
president of the United states Donald Trump wants to cut U.S. government spending hard hand.Trump a 10 year period, driving the cuts would be 3.6 trillion, or 3 600 billion usd, told the Reuters news agency.Reuters Trump plans to target savings, particularly of the poor to health care and food programs.Trump's management intends according to sources, will ask the republican-dominated congress to approve the cuts.the Cuts are not expected to go through in congress.Trump's proposal, however, stress what are the Trump highlighted by the fact budget fact.
manchester's terrorist attack has been identified, told the news agency AP, which, according to the british authorities have confirmed the case to U.s. authorities.AP:according to the bomb attack did Salman Abed.earlier, British prime minister Theresa May told reporters that the police is the perception of the author's identity, but it has not so far revealed.the Bomb attack occurred on Monday night, pop star Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena.His his audience, the vast majority are children or young people.BREAKING: US officials: British authorities have identified suspected Manchester suicide bomber as Salman Abed.
the United states justice department bring a civil action against the car company Fiat Chrysleriä against the diesel car emissions is a hoax.the Matter told Reuters news agency the two-source basis.according to Sources, the action is due to leave officially on Tuesday.the Action according to the Italian-american car company has used the emission limits of the crossing to allow the software 104 000 diesel car in 2014-2016.Fiat Chrysler has so far not commented on the information.USA ministry of the environment, according to the company's cars was used in the program, which received emission display tests the usual smaller.
the investment is the continuation of supercell's strategy, where it will invest the same mental game studio and provides financial resources to an ambitious game development.we Thought about for a long time how we could scale this concept without that we have to grow the employees too, because we liked the small firm atmosphere," Supercell ceo Ilkka Paananen told me."Space Apessa was involved in private equity, which was the need to liquidate shares.store in a Supercell gets 62 per cent stake in Space Ape.It is known the two their own game (Samurai Siege and Rival Kindoms) and toy giant Hasbro Transformers-brand of the Earth Wars -game.in Two years, it has tripled its turnover to 25 million dollars to 92 million dollars.
Us president Donald Trump wants to sell half of the country's makeshift for oil reserves in the SPR (Strategic Petroleum Reserve), showing Trump's first budget proposal.the News agency Bloomberg and the economic newspaper, the Financial Times says Trump's goal is to improve the reserve oil sales to the Us economy.the Us department of energy, according to the Us strategic reserve is more than 687 million barrels of oil in Texas and Louisiana located in storage places.the Reserve would be used, if the united states would face large, unexpected accident for example, or a natural disaster.Budjettiehdoutuksessa states that the oil stock sale would start already in 2018.the first year it collected $ 500 million and over the next decade, a total of up to 16.6 billion bucks.
the Sale or exchange is going to many more of the state majority owned by the company, in whole or in pieces.Lighter from the series sales items to find out more, including hydropower company Kemijoki and heavy equipment repair Raskone.for Example, last year the state sold its entire holding hazardous waste disposal company Ekokemistä Fortum and 49,9% of the defence group Patria Norwegian weapons and aviation technologies the company Kongsbergin.This reveals that the first announced the exit model is not necessarily true come soe ownership arrangements.the New fuel company of Liquid and peat company Vapo approaching on stock sales is that they are supposed to implement the new State development company of Vaken the season.Shrunk Altia makes a good print
Russia appears encouraging signs the country's economic recovery, says world bank.It predicts Russian economic report that the country's economic growth this year to 1.3 per cent and 1.4 per cent in 2018 and 2019."macro-economic stability and the oil price development are the main causes of this recovery," said rapotin main factors, the world bank, the Russian economy, equivalent of the chief economist Apurva Sanghi release.the positive Economic developments affect the Russian recourse to state security funds, as well as the government's economic crisis plan, which is based on expenditure cuts, the central bank to pursue exchange rate poliiikan as well as a Russian bank capitalization.the Economy will continue to weigh on Russia restricting access to international financial markkioille as well as oil prices.the world bank expects oil prices have a positive impact on russia's economic recovery this year.
ceo Rajeev Suri likes of Nokia and Apple entered into by a patent agreement with his company for good.Grief commenting on the agreement Tuesday, held in Helsinki, nokia's general meeting of shareholders.Surin, according to Apple-the contract "makes sense" and "is a good deal to Nokia"."It supports our strategy to expand into new markets by consolidating the nokia of deeply rooted, strategic IP routing and optical network products and services produced by Apple," Grief said.Surin, according to the agreement means nokia to the "substantial immediate cash payment and increases the turnover time".according to the Managing agreement will also strengthen nokia's profitability.
German authorities checked 11 daimler's German locations as part of the investigation that relates to suspected diesel-engine manipulation, and false advertising Daimler manufacturers of cars caused emissions.the Issue often write to the international media, including the news agency Reuters, Financial Times and ABC News.Last year, Daimler launched an internal investigation of suspected wrongdoing Mercedes-Benz -brand cars manufacture.the us authorities require from the company studies, because of the volkswagen's emissions scam was uncovered.Last march the company reported that prosecutors have begun a criminal investigation into some of its employees ' actions.German authorities according to the Daimler investigation and evidence exploration now participate in about 230 officers.
the president, Donald Trump has taken a position on Monday at midnight with what happened a terrorist attack in Manchester.At the moment in Bethlehem the first foreign representation on the way to the Trump condemns the attack and extends its condolences to those injured and the families of the victims."So many young, beautiful people lost their lives due to the vicious losers.I don't call them monsters, because they probably would like it.I Call them losers", Trump said, according to CNN, in its first opinion, the attack connection.during his Visit to Saudi Arabia this weekend Trump calls more than 50 arab country leader to take responsibility for the "islamic ääriajattelusta".
the State railway company VR to buy the train restaurant services restaurant company in the corresponding period last year all to himself.Earlier, VR has been owned by the company 60%.40% of the corresponding period last year transferred to VR british Rail Gourmet Group company.the purchase price is not VR's release.the corresponding period last year sales in 2016 eur 36.8 million, and it serves every year to 6.5 million customers on trains and at stations.the"corresponding period last year the business has in recent years developed just fine.
a Russian biotechnology company BIOCAD start production in Turku.according to the Company, for the next seven years the timing of the total investment is worth eur 25 million.at the Same time the company will start a research cooperation of the university of Turku and Åbo Akademi university.Cooperation is also involved in the Turku placement support Turku Science Park Oy.founded In 2001, BIOCAD describes himself as one of russia's most outstanding and most innovative biotechnology companies.the Company's portfolio, in particular cancer and autoimmune diseases for the treatment of biological and chemical drugs, as well as original preparations.
p, Telia and Discovery are negotiating a new treaty, which would include the Discovery's premium channels, the removal of telia's customers in early June.Telia is trying to release, hold on a channel, but Discovery does not agree.”unfortunately, the negotiations we are in danger of failing.we Hope that the matter will be resolved and the channels of distribution will continue as normal.I Apologize to our customers this suddenly created a situation,” said Telia tv-responsible for business operations Henrik Laine in the bulletin.out of tumis tape below still Telia tv services appear in the channels Discovery Channel, Discovery World, Investigation Discovery, Discovery Science, Animal Planet and Eurosport 1 and 2.
Russian pharmaceutical company BIOCAD expand its activities in the Turku region.the Company will start at the same time cooperation between academic research teams with.in Turku started at 15 press conference, at the end of which BIOCADin, university of Turku, Åbo Akademi university and Turku Science Park Oy:n representatives signed a cooperation agreement.Turun sanomat according to the information BIOCAD-the company's owners include Russian billionaire Roman abramovitsh's investment company, Millhouse.the Company's founder Dmitry Morozov owns 30 percent and russia's largest pharmaceutical company Pharmstandard 20%.
the Supreme court has given today's judgment, which, according to the insurance industry on the upper staff has the right to choose for themselves the trust authorized, told the graduates association TRAL in a statement.the Insurance industry has not been able so far to select the staff representatives other than the field of a universally binding collective agreement entered into the vakuutusväen federal VvL:no members.in Practice, it will give other than a general commitment to the organised workers the right to be represented in the co-determination negotiations," says Business unit director Ville-Veikko Rantamaula the Economy.bachelor of business administration, union members are organised, but because they do not have insurance, is a universally binding agreement, is in their position because of their assimilated unorganized by the workers.the Decision applies Rantamaulan according to other than this court case involved professional groups."in the Past, akava did not have the right to choose for themselves the staff representative, who would be their representative at the corporate level negotiations and development teams both on," said management association of the leading lawyers Esa Schön release.
Tilausansat are scams, where the victim does not realize that he is doing for the duration of the subscription product.subscribe to enticed by advertising affordable time to experiment, which continues the duration of the subscription.Consumers nearly one-fifth cost him come the fall, even if they do not feel that he had ordered nothing.Half of the european consumers know that they can contact their bank or credit card issuer and ask for your money back, if the seller does not their return.confirmation of the Order should correspond to your idea of what you have ordered.never order online products meet contract terms.
the German business confidence measured in the Ifo-index rose 114,6 point in may, when news agency Bloomberg collected by the economists consensus expectation was 113,1.the Ifo institute raised the same in the April reader's 113 point earlier to eur 112.9 points.Confidence is now at its highest since 1991.the Index of the current state of the section rose to 123.2 point 121,4 point, when economists had expected a 121 points.Future expectations rose to eur 106.5 point 105,2 point.the Ifo institute's indices are based on the questionnaire, which corresponds to a monthly about 7,000 manufacturing, construction, wholesale and retail trade representatives.
the Membership is told the fall for the upcoming league round of targets wage earners ' purchasing power and employment.These do not, however, materialize without substantial tax cuts package from the government, the organization of the line in a statement."we Require that government compensates employees for salary increases, inflation, as well as pension and unemployment insurance contributions increases similar taxes.we Expect that the government calculates income tax by approximately half a billion euros for 2018.Such a tax reduction would we get the labour market, the purchasing power of the security measures and employment support solutions", said the chairman Sture Fjäder release.the Membership is going to Fjäder, take care of the fact that the government spending limits discussion in the context of the promise made by it, no tax increase, will be considered.