the Media company in central Finnish healed clearly coming from a year ago.the Company's October-December operating profit increased to eur 3.2 million in the comparative period to 2.8 million.October-December earnings per share improved considerably, eur 0.05 from eur Sales increased by the end of the year was 45.1 million euros, while a year ago net sales were eur 39.1 million.the Company the board of directors proposes to pay a dividend of eur 0.50 per stock.the average Finnish guidance for the current year revenue growth.
the engineer of the house expenditure has clearly stepped up the pace of acquisitions.Etteplan's industrial machine design, embedded systems and solutions and technical documentation services to a specialized company.the Company currently has more than 2 500 employees in Finland, sweden, the Netherlands, China, Germany, Poland and the united states.Etteplan's shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.president and Ceo Juha Näkki said that the company is quickly caught cloud services, which are fastened to the machine and equipment design.the Traditional engineering houses and it companies in the interfaces intersect on the internet.
the Uspensky cathedral of the ikonostaasilla do damage mapping has revealed a church, a picture on the wall of the gilding of the expected worse.the Helsinki orthodox congregation's bulletin, according to the front's years of work, the cost of which exceed the half-million.the Massive project is partially funded by the church board, with the assistance of.Conserve will be needed also for external financing.
the president of Donald Trump's administration plans to increase in the united states of undocumented migrants deportations significantly, told The New York Times.the Country's internal security ministry released on Tuesday the instructions, which will help to expel is made even easier.the New guidelines on deportation to the top of the list are all crimes committed, as in a store a shoplifter or mild traffic Addition to the mentioned people, who have misused any of the public aid related to the program .according to the Instructions of any crime is the immigration authorities and the border guards a reason to remove the author from the country.Always would be no need even to judgment, but a mere suspicion may suffice.
no Longer do cutting-edge research of the government guarantee sure air going into the winding in career path.stop in the name of the book to chart a versatile and detail career path and guidance to navigate the labyrinth.the Authors identify the work of the brokers YOU-office of social media, the work of the forms of doing full-time work, job offering companies, universities, self-employment startups in the pop-up shops and charities.more and more people doing many work at the same time: for example, in the morning to share mail and evening guided fitness classes.the Official job search is only one channel of countless among them – the growing proportion of jobs are hidden jobs, which demands self-initiative and resourcefulness.
the federation of Finnish Enterprises has initiated a savings program, which includes co-determination negotiations concerning a maximum of nine employees in administration and communications, told the Future of Rural areas.president and Ceo Mikael Pentikäinen confirmed MT:according to the Tuesday, that formally co-operation negotiations start tomorrow on Wednesday.This is, unfortunately, a task , Pentikäinen said the magazine.according to Him, some tasks must be intensified and developed.SY is justified by reduced personnel savings necessary, which is due to the membership decline.the Finnish entrepreneurs in the office is the Brussels office including MB, by 71 employees.
Britain expect a hefty bill, when it broke away from the European union, warned European commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, according to the Guardian.the Belgian parliament in a speech Juncker said he was personally annoyed by the British decision to leave the union, but at the same time stressed that Britain does not have the right to negotiate a reduced or free output .instead, Juncker gave the impression that Britain should pay a high price in the commitments that the country made in the European union.He also stressed that Brexit is a crisis that touches us all .We need to settle things, remembering that our continent owes much to the British.Without Winston Churchill we would not be here.
Us president Donald Trump has condemned anti-semitism in the united states, told the Reuters news agency.anti-Semitic threats against the jewish community and culture centers are painful and horrible and sad reminder of the work, which is still the task of hate, evil and prejudice in order to eradicate , Trump comments on Tuesday to Reuters and pointed to the threats that have been made recently, jewish communities in the united states.for Example, on Monday, several jewish cultural centers were evacuated bomb threats.Even a week ago, Trump refused to condemn threats and behaved journalists inappropriately the subject when asked about the Reuters report.
it was Tuesday, the defense hearing before the committee on dual citizenship, the treatment of the armed Forces, told Yle.Niinistö told Yle that it is serious emerged in cases where dual citizenship is, inter alia, limited the military activities This sense you can say that there is no smoke without fire, but it has been addition there is one case under investigation, but because it is in pre-trial investigation, I can't comment.It applies to very limited military forces," Niinistö told Yle.the defense minister said that no official guidance is not kaksoskansalaisuuksiin related.
technology companies, leaders worried about the threat from the future, when robots have taken millions of jobs, artificial intelligence is everywhere and unemployment is constantly increasing.This is the scenario, which the leaders want to avoid, which is raised technology boss, among the supporters of a universal basic income, told CNBC.When the job is all about, will surely be the reaction , said basic income familiar with professor sayan I'm Ghosal Glasgow university.the Last few months, many technology companies the bosses are at the same pace started to express publicly their support for a general basic income.there Is a pretty high probability that we end up with a general basic income or the corresponding system of automation star , Musk said.Salesforce ceo Marc Benioff, in turn, warned the world economic forum meeting in Davos, digital refugees .
the Finnish networks company Nokia, and american technology company Intel will deepen their strategic cooperation in 5g technology.the company are based on 5g research laboratories in Espoo and the Us state of New Jersey to Murray Hill.laboratory the purpose is to accelerate the development of new wireless technologies to commercial readiness.They work in close cooperation with the operators and the other of the 5g ecosystem with companies.Nokia and Intel have collaborated for a long time."5g:shall have the opportunity to create commercial opportunities for new players unprecedented wide scale," Nokia director Frank Weyerich said the company release.
the Dutch parliament voted today that marijuana growing is allowed, told Reuters.Marijuana sales are technically illegal in Holland, but it is so regarded in the country, however, quite allow.When the marijuana grow is allowed to receive so-called Coffee-Shops get their product legally.
at the university of Helsinki in a large study has demonstrated for the first time the teacher signs and symptoms and classroom indoor air toxicity, i.e. the toxicity connection between, told the university of Helsinki in a Several earlier studies classrooms is to find the toxicity of the substances causing and compared findings of patients symptoms, but however, they are not found in the common signs and symptoms of toxicity."Symptoms causing microbes is known about indoor air quality nearly 200.however, They do not as a rule, reproduce in the human body, so patients do not find the disease who caused the microbes," explains the bulletin of research led to the microbiological Mirja Salkinoja-Salonen from the university of Helsinki.Now, scientists were not satisfied with looking for the classroom impurities, but the air and the surfaces of the toxicity was measured by examining the test cells response.Purpose harnessed to pig's sperm cells, which are used, inter alia, the food and drug studies to sense harmful substances.
Software company comptel's board of directors according to the network company nokia by the purchase offer is fair.the Government according to the opinion of shareholders and warrant holders to be offered consideration is reasonable.the Government has estimated, for example, Nokia offers a premium.the Government according to the understanding of comptel's share the current trading price largely corresponds to the company's future value creation potential.comptel's board of directors has made and ordered the casting of presentation and analysis, as well as held discussions with outside financial advisors.the Aalto university finance professor Vesa Puttonen, said today the value of paper that he had to comptel's steps are so promising that Nokia offers are attractive.
Energy storage can take a giant step.researchers have developed a way to grow drastically in the so-called flow batteries capacity.It can open up pathways for energy storage.Harvard university scientists claim to have taken a significant step in the so-called flow batteries development.Virtausakut is the battery, where charging and discharging occur through the membrane.on the opposite side of the power reservation vectors containing liquid.
Speculation the cult brand Nokia around is accelerating in India.HMD:no bet to bring the Indian market up to seven new device.India is hot speculation a cult brand called Nokia new phones.Local media reports suggest that the nokia has become the towns and villages of the topic, and dealers expect the novelties to the sale earnestly.Last week, it was claimed that the Nokia trademark purchased HMD Global plans to introduce an updated version of the Nokia classic 3310 phone.Now the Indian Express newspaper said he had seen renewed retro devices and describes it as "mind-blowing beautiful , oval-shaped on your phone.
direct search, i.e. headhunting-business views clear sign of the budding of the rose season, said Inhu-direct search of the company's president and ceo Kari Juutilainen.the Nascent boom in view the mood, daring and decisions.growth attitude is now found quite clearly , Juutilainen said.InHuntin January has been the busiest in its nine years of activity during the period.the Atmosphere has changed a lot in a short time.Now, companies dare to recruit and people dare to seek new work.
Many things can conclude, that in the near tapiola begins to get gradual pace.the New strategy is bold, but absolutely necessary.the Time has elapsed four years since the Localtapiola launched operations.the Company was born Tapiola and local insurance merger.Erkki Moisander grabbed last fall, the change leader Harri Aho, who had decided to leave the CR Group.Aho became known as the OP's health business as a catalyst.
in the near tapiola insurance company's role off the back burner and life safety will become the core of the action.the company group has been launched quietly a culture and practice change, as well as a big turmoil.localtapiola will become the focus of the company means to us, that the unborn child a lifetime until the end we should be able to be the whole way with , say, middle tapiola, development manager Harri Aho.the Latest and most important region is related to the health and well-being.currently, the health and well-being are one of the most critical things the insurance company's eyes , Aho said.
a Variety of travel-related applications has to offer to the raft, and of course, the many applications is the benefit to the trip, even though their direct travel facilitation for the beginning chains to plan, Some applications, again, not just domestically, just not useful, but the rest of the world get to use them constantly.Many tourists admire out of Finland when visiting how the phone looks like a constantly full bar .Some kind of map is at least useful to download the phone's memory, perhaps also a dictionary and important information, such as hotel reservation and car rental deal with e-mails.the Airport or in the basic needs of running after the ice history of the pack point-application.after That the program tells you what to pack, for example, weather-appropriate clothing.