the OnePlus will announce the next phone model next week.OnePlus released a new flagship phone OnePlus 5:no, on Thursday 16. November.the Company told reporters yesterday in New York held the release event.It is published in June, the OnePlus 5 -model successor.the Model has been very successful in Finland.according to the Company, the new model sales begin online and in stores Tuesday, 21. November.
Finnish companies have surprisingly strong in digital business, when they are compared with Swedish and Norwegian companies.This survives today on Tuesday published digital leaders in Finland to 2018 management consulting in the digital world specializes in Magenta Advisory conducted a study on now for the fifth time.”the Study specifically focuses on the customer interface of digitalisation,” said Magenta advisory founding partner Otto Söderlund.the digital leaders in Finland gives an interesting and tarkkaakin information on the digital skills level.the Investigation has included more than 64 companies in Finland, 86 in Sweden and 72 in Norway.
the university of Texas have developed a battery whose capacity is double compared to the the university of Texas researchers have developed a new type of lithium-ion battery, where the traditional copper and graphite-containing anode is replaced by a tin-aluminum mixture.the Material is prepared up to two times as much energy as a traditional battery, so the batteries are more effective.the energy effectiveness in addition to invention to reduce the size and lighten the daily variety of devices we use the Same time their prices fell, believe the researchers.the Invention also simplifies the battery manufacturing process and save at the same time.
the PwC report Waiting until the Eleventh Hour – the European banks’ reaction to PSD2 Interviewed 39 people bank.This case we have only to subscribers
Cybercriminals are doing their own version of the extremely recommendations from the WhatsApp instant messaging application and were able to fit it from Google official Play store.Be careful what you download from the app store.Update WhatsApp Messenger -the name of the application time was downloaded over a million times, told The Hacker News.Reddit users noticed the fake application on Friday.Google has since removed the application.Google Play filters are notoriously bad: the app store regularly for malware and ad crap.
the vast Majority of applications arrived at the foundation for consideration in the July - September period.the Busiest day of the Hoas to receive up to a thousand applications.the metropolitan student housing application volumes have increased every fall since the end of August the number of applications was 10 600, 16 percent more than last year.a Long application period difficult for a student housing design, and can easily cause stress and uncertainty.the Robot has freed up agents to work on time and sped up the processing of the application significantly.
the vast Majority of applications arrived at the foundation for consideration in the July - September period.the Busiest day of the Hoas to receive up to a thousand applications.the metropolitan student housing application volumes have increased every fall since the end of August the number of applications was 10 600, 16 percent more than last year.a Long application period difficult for a student housing design, and can easily cause stress and uncertainty.the Robot has freed up agents to work on time and sped up the processing of the application significantly.
Bitcoin has clear problems, but it also has the potential to rise to a wider and general use.Cryptocurrency bitcoin last week's rare a significant factor to highlight differences, where the financial sector is the bitcoin of the future, says veteran investor Mohamed A. El-Erian Bloomberg news for writing his column.He worked previously, inter alia, the known and the largest Pimco-financial company as ceo and investment director.Bloomberg wrote his comments in El-Erian told opinions in the field varying from those who believe they are witnessing a new global currency to the birth and maturation of those who keep the whole phenomenon's a hoax.E-Erian raise bitcoin's future in terms of the three factors highlighted.One of them are very loyal to bitcoin's successors, who firmly believe in the fact that digivaluutan come to edit all the payment system.
the smartphone world revolution, but the Essential is in the headlines quite different reasons than the company hype the novelty of the phone is not interested in just anyone, so the manufacturer has initiated the drastic reduction of the end of October phone price filing was first $ 200.Now android police reports that Best Buy has dropped the sale price another $ 50 connection with the Release 699,99 $ sold phone can now buy 449,99 dollar price.One of the device's sales of assets were as designed by the modular accessories.
the Nearly 2 300 respondents attempted 43% have used in the past 12 months money network discoverability do I do when two years ago it invested only a quarter of the companies.Fonecta has carried out a similar survey in 2015 and 2013.Social media role is still growing.This year some of the äkyvyyttä I used the money 41% of companies, while in 2013 it invested approximately one-third.Also the search engine optimization seems to have stabilized position.fonecta's customer and marketing officer, Helena Somero, companies get increasingly better towards the ridge of the solemnity.
the first buyers were new to iPhone X phone hands on last Friday.I Hope they are also kept in the hands, as these phones not really worth the device insurer SquareTrade is often made vicious särkyvyys tests of interest for the novelty on the phone.the New iPhone is, of course, have dodged the testers attention.the Verdict was harsh: the case of the all-time särkyvin iPhone.When the case is still also the all-time most expensive Apple phone, the combination is quite bad.
artificial intelligence debate are plagued by misunderstandings, unrealistic hopes and fears.on the other Hand, sets the expectations of artificial intelligence magical benefits, on the other hand, is a fear of problems that might not come true ever.One of the ai implies the sampo, which grind all the good data, to another end-time signs, which will take our jobs and our privacy.These are not the kind of goal-oriented and understanding of the subject activities, which everyday thinking in our intellect.for example, It can help people to find interesting articles, will help the doctor to identify the disease and soon, perhaps, to steer a ship.Artificial intelligence can be part of this solution.
Friday, results announced the gaming company Next Games, the stock continued strong decline in the First North market place Monday.Licensed to the games to focus on mobile games developer and publisher Next Games ' share was 5.6% downhill 10,20 eur on Monday morning.the Lowest quotation is Monday 10,15 euros, or more than six percent drop.results announced on the day of Friday, the count accumulated by 9.2% and the stock ended up 10,81 eur.Inderes analyst Atte Riikola and Sauli Vilén fell Next Games, target price eur 10.50 per previous 12,50 euro and calculates the recommendation to "reduce"level from "add"-level."the New target price reflects the decline in our forecast, The Walking Dead: No Man's Land -the game (NML) with respect to and past our expectations of slower events for new game releases."
Staggeringly fast, new kinds of transport pipes planning Hyperloop One has reported the actual track construction is already starting to 2019 period.the Matter wrote to the united arab emirates publication The National.the Hyperloop One is one of the transportation pipeline efforts for vista companies, which is a survey of projects in several countries.the Hyperloop One ceo Rob Lloyd told the newspaper that construction could begin in 2019 during the period, but still it is not known where the first project would begin.Several companies are hoping to build a high-speed Hyperloop-transportation of the pipe, and in a very early stage of clarification is going to asia, the Middle east, Europe and the united states.the Hyperloop One is considering transport by pipeline to somewhere in the Uae, Northern Europe or the united states, but Rob Lloyd not yet been able to confirm what the first project would begin.
Suomenlinna ehrensvärdiä the key to using Facebook and Google employees, contractors and the increasing number of customers.the fortress of the director of Augustin Ehrensvärd, under the auspices of the working time of skilled engineers, cartographers, shipbuilders, artists, as well as ruotusotamiehiä, who created its time the most advanced defense technology.the Swedish company yubico's ceo is modern family mother Stina Ehrensvärd and technology leader works with her husband and three children, the father of Jakob Ehrensvärd.”back in the day I did a project of Stora-Enso and I get to enjoy a real smoke sauna from the Russian border,” he feeling.In 2008, the company launched the YubiKey-the key and after a few years the family moved to silicon valley.Since then, Google has acquired hundreds of thousands of keys, which are used by the entire staff, a slew of subcontractors and a growing number of end users.
WhatsApp gives now remove and cancel the wrong message, but work must be done urgently.the messaging service WhatsApp has given for some time to remove the wrong person or thinking about the sent messages in the sender's own device, but now the feature is expanded also the recipient of the phone, writes The Verge.a Message can be done in seven minutes after it was sent.If the recipient has gotten the message this time read, the deletion is no longer get the full Addition, both devices have to be Whatsapp latest version.Both devices to delete a message is successful, when the user selects the function ”delete for everyone”, delete all.
Mathematicians-activist view, algorithms are black boxes that affect our lives, but that we don't get any information.the Algorithms of computer operations are guided by mathematical models together with big data are a growing social threat.They treat people unequal and use more power.This is claimed by the american mathematician Cathy O'neil this year, translating in his book the math of weapons of mass destruction (Weapons of Math Destruction, Terra Cognita, 2017).O'neil's book has garnered international attention to the complaint of algorithms destructiveness.for Example, EU parliament mep Liisa jaakonsaari (sd) has driven the project, which would create the rules of the game artificial intelligence algorithm.
on Thursday during the bitcoin exceeded a record $ 7,000 limit.bitcoin's cost has not seemed to slow the deterioration of china's September decision to ban bitcoin-exchange, and inter alia, the left bank JPMorgan Chase president Jamie Dimon bitcoin was subjected to sharp criticism.”Well, all right it course can drip even five-fold.This basic cycle of this is,” said the Finnish bitcoin veteran and local bitcoin I founder Jeremias Fabric.That's why they have a lot of volatility,” Fabric explain.It is an open source protocol, and that no one will be forced to use.
Bitcoin is enough competitors, and the trade magazine presents five of them.Cryptocurrency have in recent years become known mainly to bitcoin's leadership.the middlemen, the absence may be tempting to trade visitors authority such as state or bank intervention appealed to the ideological users and the virtual currency value of the opportunity in turn to attract speculative investors.bitcoin's popularity in the virtual currency is in its own class, and its market value is 106 billion.bitcoin's block chain consists of mega bytes size of a block, when Cashin blocks are eight megabyte in size.Cash is a faster extraction, and its use in trade is smoother than the original Bitcoin.
apple's new iPhone X smartphone arrived for sale on Friday.among Other things, Elisa and Telia started the phone deliveries to pre-order respondents, although the device gets its hands on yesterday, only part of the subscribers.the Phone pre-ordered Osku Kannisto received my equipment on Friday night.He presents the device in a fresh unboxing video (below).the IPhone X is through the pool glass coated, round edge phone.the Device is offered in 64 and 256 gigabytes of storage capacity.