If you’ve been waiting to pre-order an Xbox One X, now’s your chance.Microsoft has opened up pre-orders for its new flagship console, starting at $499.What’s more, the earliest adopters will receive a limited “Project Scorpio Edition” as well.For those not keeping up, when Microsoft revealed Project Scorpio would officially be called the Xbox One X, many gamers were disappointed at the name choice.It’s phonetically too similar to Xbox One S, and the codename just sounded cooler.Now the company is appeasing these gamers with the Project Scorpio Edition.
Uber is closing in on a pick to replace its former CEO Travis Kalanick, who departed the lift-hailing giant under a storm of allegations he tolerated a widespread culture of sexual harassment and mistreated drivers.Per Recode, the number one finalist is former General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt, who could be coming before the company’s board of directors for a final vote in as little as two weeks.Though the vote is loaded with tension amid a lawsuit major investor Benchmark Capital is bringing against Kalanick for alleged fraud — and Kalanick himself reportedly tried to interfere with the search in hopes of regaining his lost power at the company — Immelt enjoys widespread support and some members of the board hope it will be unanimous.“We know it is never going to be a perfect choice, but everyone is becoming exhausted,” one source told Recode.“We need someone with the skills to move us along.”“He certainly is not someone anyone can push around easily, which is probably his best characteristic,” a source added, referring to the company’s infamous infighting.
When we made that recent list of Zoo's 19 craziest moments, we suspected that the show — currently careening through its the third season — would up the ante and get even more insane.And last week, it did.Like, mega-giant invisible snake insane.In a world that's under the thumb of a mad-scientist terrorist obsessed with breeding vicious hybrid animals (and whose ultimate goal is the complete eradication of the human race), anything is possible.Including, yes, an enormous snake with camouflage so sophisticated it can make itself invisible.Since the Zoo team needs spinal fluid from each of the hybrids — a callback to season one's "gotta catch 'em all" animal quest — they make the champion decision to follow the reptile into its lair.
Tinder was one of the first innovative apps to break out on the dating scene.The app boasts over 10 million matches, but there’s a dark side of Tinder one needs to swipe through to find their true love.I have never used the app before, but curiosity killed the cat.I downloaded the app in hopes of coming across a few characters using the platform, and it wasn’t hard at all.There’s drug dealers, pets, struggling artists, babysitters looking for work, amongst other strange things on the app.If Craigslist, eHarmony, and a deck of cards had a baby, it would be Tinder.
Anyone who’s ever wanted the cold, hard eyes of a murderous Anthony Hopkins staring at them is in luck, because this Hannibal action figure is so accurate it’s uncanny.Designed and manufactured by Blitzway, this Silence of the Lambs figure is one of the most detailed I’ve ever seen.I’m normally not a huge action figure person, but those piercing blue eyes, the detailing in his forehead wrinkles, that grin.Honestly, I’m a little scared.I always thought that Mads Mikkelsen’s composed sociopath was the most unsettling version of Hannibal Lecter, but now I’m thinking maybe this toy takes the top spot.The 1/6 scale action figure, which you can get in either “Hannibal the Cannibal” violent murderer configuration or the classic muzzled straightjacket version, was made available for preorder by distributor Bluefin just a couple days ago.
If the alleged Xbox One S above is indeed real, Microsoft may just have a contender for history's ugliest video game console on its hands.Image: The Verge via FacebookFirst spotted by Surface Phone Italia on the official Minecraft Facebook page, the post with various shots of the custom console was swiftly pulled.The hardware snaps look legitimate enough though, and with Microsoft about to hold its usual conference at the annual Gamescom event in Cologne, Germany at 8pm this evening, don't be surprised if the blocky Xbox above is officially revealed and out in shops well before Christmas.Here's a super blurry video of the Minecraft Xbox One S to further offend your eyes:
A super smart prodigy who hails from Barnet in North London has just won the latest series of Channel 4's Child Genius.Not only is the champion only 12, he's undoubtedly accumulated more knowledge and wisdom in his decade-and-a-bit on this spinning rock than most of us will ever acquire in our entire lives.Rahul slogged it out with another 19 smarty-pants sprogs, all aged 8-12, to claim the top spot on the game show.Clearly, people are fond of watching clever kids answer perplexing questions, because this series of Child Genius was Channel 4's most watched programme every day it aired over the past week.The final alone pulled in an impressive 1.8 million viewers.Rahul – who has a Mensa level IQ – eventually claimed the championship by answering a question on 19th-century artists William Holman Hunt and John Everett Millais.
The months following E3 can be somewhat slow when it comes to gaming news, but Microsoft will have a few announcements to make at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany this afternoon.We don’t expect to hear much in the way of new games for the Xbox One, but we should learn more about upcoming Xbox One X console, including a rumored Project Scorpio Edition model.We’ll know soon enough what exactly the Project Scorpio Edition entails, but based on the listings that were discovered on the sites of German retailers, this version of will feature an all-black color scheme on the controller and the console, and will likely only be available for a limited time.Beyond the Xbox One X, Microsoft will also highlight some of the games that are set to launch in the coming months.In a video on YouTube, Microsoft previewed the show floor at the exhibition center, which will feature a wide variety of games, including Sea of Thieves, Forza Motorsport 7, Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Halo Wars 2 and Cuphead.Crackdown 3 likely would have taken center stage, but this past week, Microsoft announced that the game had been delayed once again, this time to Spring 2018.
James Marshall, who plays wannabe bad boy James Hurley on Twin Peaks, finally had a chance to share his opinion on a debate that has consumed the show’s fandom for decades.Is Laura Palmer’s former beau cool?He’s got a leather jacket, a motorcycle, and he wants you to think he has a bad attitude.But in reality, as we quickly learn, James is a big ol’ softie, the good boy to Bobby Brigg’s (Dana Ashbrook) criminality, just a mess of tears, big feelings, and falsetto love ballads.He was central to the plot as the story of Twin Peaks began, but as the show drifted further away from the murder of Laura Palmer, James became increasingly irrelevant.By the middle of season two, he gets himself involved in some kind of confusing noir plot about a middle aged woman that I don’t remember nor understand.
It seems YouTube will no longer merely serve your urges to rewatch gory Game of Thrones clips or the intro from The Real Ghostbusters, thanks to a new Breaking News carousel that looks set to serve up all manner of depressing current affairs news.The new feature was first reported by Android Police, and it does exactly what it says on the complete lack of tin: offer breaking news from your part of the world, as reported on by major news outlets.For those who like to stuff their heads in the sand and are happy to simply use YouTube to watch old wrestling clips of The Rock (aka me), you can also turn off the feature.It seems the carousel hasn't reached all users yet – it's yet to appear on the desktop version for me – though some sites are reporting it's now been incorporated into the official YouTube Android and iOS apps.YouTube has yet to make any official comment on the Breaking News carousel, but expect word to surface next week.In the meantime, I'll ignore all that impending World War III news and concentrate on booting up YouTube to rewatch my favourite scene from Jurassic Park again and again from now until my bones disintegrate to dust.
Thanks to dropping storage prices, speedier internet, and slicker software, you’ve now got a plethora of choices when it comes to keeping your files in the cloud, safe from harm and ready on demand.We’ve been putting them to the test to find out their strengths and weaknesses, and, broadly speaking, they’re all more than adequate for your simple cloud storage needs.Yet, depending on your particulars circumstances, only one will rise above the rest.For the person who just wants something cheapAt just £55 for unlimited storage for a year, Amazon Drive remains a bargain for people with loads of data.Though that doesn’t include videos, it does make the service more tempting if you’re on Prime anyway .
It looks like the troubled life of Mass Effect: Andromeda is over only five months after release — for fans of the sci-fi RPG’s single-player mode, at least.EA and developer BioWare have announced that there will be no additional support for single-player going forward, meaning no story-based DLC or feature updates, and that the 1.10 update released in late July would be the last patch.“There are no planned future patches for single-player or in-game story content,” the statement from BioWare reads.Fortunately for players, the developer goes on to explain that they will devote their efforts to continued support for Andromeda‘s multiplayer modes, including “story-based APEX missions.” Fans of the series will also be able to experience stories told through upcoming comics and novels.This news surely comes as a disappointment to long-time fans of the Mass Effect series, especially since the original trilogy was supported long after each release with story-focused single-player DLC.There were reports back in early July of DLC getting cancelled, but this turned out to be not true, with BioWare confirming that there were no plans to make single-player DLC.
The internet is about to explode with anticipation for Monday’s solar eclipse.Traffic jams have backed up the entire state of Oregon, Harbor Freight is out of welding masks, and vets are issuing guidance for how dogs should deal with the eclipse.But while everyone is running around in a panic about the sky going dark, the officials in charge of power grids are prepping for a very unusual event.For a few minutes, a large chunk of some states’ energy generation will halt completely, requiring replacement.As the sun peeks out again, solar plants will come back online, and thousands of megawatts of power will hit the grid all at once.The New York Times spoke to officials from the electricity grid across the country, who sound surprisingly calm, all things considered.
Last night, Netflix’s Death Note adaptation premiered in New York City, and the screening gave its creators a chance to respond to the widespread criticism of the film’s whitewashing of Japanese characters and context.When news of Netflix’s Death Note adaptation surfaced earlier this year, it met a lot of hostility one simple reason: the film, based on the Japanese manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, doesn’t feature Japanese actors.The villainous protagonist, Light Yagami, is Light Turner, and is being played by the incredibly Caucasian Nat Wolff, with the entire story now rewritten to take place in Seattle.The adaptation’s detractors say the film traffics in the longstanding practice of whitewashing, where characters and stories from non-white backgrounds are rewritten for a Western context and cast with white actors in roles that were initially played by people of colour.But by then, we had already cast all of that stuff.”“I think we got the right actors for the parts that were written,” said Roy Lee, one of the film’s producers (and, it should be noted, an Asian American himself).
How to super-size the eclipse - sun funnel If you've got a telescope, give the crowd a show next week.Rapportive founder’s new startup Superhuman is what Gmail would be if built today Reinventing the email experience is an area numerous startups have tried to tackle over the years, with some apps focused more on triage, others on making a better desktop alternative to Outlook, and still more aiming to re-envision email as a mobile-first product, among other ideas.Broadcom announces availability of industry’s first complete ecosystem of 802.11ax solutions Broadcom Limited continues its historic leadership in Wi-Fi by launching Max WiFi, the industry’s first family of connectivity solutions using the next Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ax.The Max WiFi chips enable up to four times faster download speeds, six times faster upload speeds, four times better coverage, and seven times better battery life than similar Wi-Fi solutions on the market today that use 802.11ac.Global Newswire (also, Why 802.11ax is the next big thing in Wi-Fi)Intel Atom C3000 processor product brief As communication service providers, enterprise IT, and cloud service providers seek to speed new service delivery and handle exponential growth in the number of users accessing their services, it is essential that they optimize infrastructure for density and cost, both in the data center and at the network edge.
Google is known far and wide for its software and services.Can you even imagine what life would be like without products like Google Search, Gmail, and Google Maps?Of course, Google has also seriously stepped things up in recent years where its hardware efforts are concerned, and there is perhaps no product that better exemplifies how good Google’s gadgets can be than the Google Wifi System.This mesh wireless solution blankets your home with lightning-fast Wi-Fi, and it costs far less than most other big-name solutions — including our favorite mesh system.Google Wifi is discounted right now on Amazon, so it’s the perfect time to give your home wireless network a huge boost.Here’s what you need to know from the product page:
Electromagnetic rail gun, the US Navy's futuristic weapon system that can launch hypervelocity projectiles, is finally being prepped for field demonstration.The weapon system, which uses electric power charges to propel a projectile at speeds up to Mach 7.5, is ready to be tested at Naval Surface Warfare Centre's new rail gun Rep-Rate Test Site in Virginia, says a statement from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) provided to Scout Warrior.ONR, the organisation dedicated to several US Navy technologies, has been researching rail gun as a deadlier alternative for explosive or propellant equipped projectiles.The system relies on electromagnetic forces that impart high amounts of kinetic energy to propel a projectile at a muzzle velocity of about 2km/s.It releases 3-5 amps of current which, according to experts, equals about 1,200 volts in just 10 miliseconds."Initial rep-rate fires (repetition rate of fires) of multi-shot salvos already have been successfully conducted at low muzzle energy," said the statement from ONR.
Lost for nearly a century and a half, a grainy black and white portrait of John Quincy Adams has reemerged — and it’s now considered the oldest surviving original photograph of a US president in existence.Since the mid-19th century, this photo has been unknowingly stored at the family home of the late Horace Everett, a Vermont congressman who served in the House from 1829 to 1843.John Quincy Adams gave the portrait to Everett as a gift, and it has languished in his home ever since.The anonymous seller, a descendant of Everett, mistakenly assumed the photo was of Horace Everett, and only recently realized its true historical significance.The photo will be going up for auction at Sotheby’s on October 5th, 2017.President Adams had already completed his stint as president and was serving as a Massachusetts congressman when the photo was taken.
While it’s true that finding someone with shared values and vision can put you on the path to success, you have to remember that strong business relationships don’t materialize out of thin air.Reliable co-founder relationships are built over long periods of time, and they are only at their best when both parties put in a continuous effort to strengthen and maintain them.If you want to refrain from telling them bad news until the ideal time, they might discover the news elsewhere and resent you.If there is a breach of trust early in the relationship, talk to your co-founder privately and explain to them there will be a zero-tolerance policy for dishonesty from then on.Partnerships are great because you know someone has your back every step of the way.They can also be tricky, because two people with an equal stake in the company have the same level of authority.
For a company that typically likes boasting about unit sales, Apple has made a point of never releasing Apple Watch sales figures.Even though Tim Cook has routinely said that Apple Watch sales have steadily increased since its initial release — even going so far as to categorize Apple Watch sales as ‘off the charts’ a few months ago — the company has remained curiously quiet about how many are actually flying off the shelves.Regardless, a recent report claims that Apple Watch sales in the coming year are poised to increase by an impressive 33%.Citing sources in the supply chain, Digitimes relays that Apple Watch sales in 2018 may check in at 20 million units, a solid increase from the 15 million units Apple is expected to sell once 2017 comes to a close.With Apple ready to launch its third-generation Apple Watch, Apple’s overall smartwatch shipments are expected to rise to 4.5 million units in the fourth quarter and hit 15 million for the whole year 2017, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.The sources expect the volume to rise to 20 million units in 2018.