Dreamforce 2018: The companies are to jointly redesign Salesforce’s mobile app and provide business developer tools for apps running on iOS and Salesforce’s Lightning PlatformApple and CRM giant Salesforce have announced they are to work together in a wide-ranging partnership focused on boosting the development and use of business apps on Apple’s iOS mobile platform, and the use of iOS features such as the voice-activated Siri personal assistant in a business setting.It is also intended to boost the mobile capabilities of Salesforce’s popular platform for the sales and marketing industries by giving developers better access to iOS development tools.The companies will also produce tools and resources for Salesforce’s approximately 5 million developers, including a Salesforce software developer kit for iOS and an iOS-specific online developer training course on Salesforce’s Trailhead platform.“With the powerful combination of iPhone, iPad and iOS — the best hardware and software for business — together with native Salesforce apps and the new Salesforce SDK, we can deliver great customer experiences for businesses around the world,” said Apple chief executive Tim Cook.Salesforce chairman Marc Benioff said the deal would bring together leading CRM and mobile platforms.
Today Microsoft Search was introduced – or re-introduced – with an eye on searching everywhere, in all things, at all times.This is Microsoft’s biggest effort to take on Google and its all-in integration of services, but with Microsoft’s strong points.That means search in Office 365 documents as well as on-machine and on the web.“Getting pages of results with hyperlinks to other information is simply not enough,” said Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President for OneDrive, SharePoint, and Office.This is Microsoft’s clearest play for Google’s ever-growing power over search for all internet-connected consumers.Microsoft suggests this new “Microsoft Search” experience will reach across apps and across information systems.
The big update isn’t quite ready for release – instead, Roku is pushing out Roku OS 8.2 for Roku TVs, complete with support for the recently-announced Roku TV Wireless Speakers, among other things – but it already sounds like it’s worth waiting for.With Roku OS 9, there’ll be a boosted voice search feature that allows viewers to focus solely on free content.You’ll be able to ask “Show me free sitcoms” or “free dramas,” for example, and see all of the content available across the Roku platform that you don’t have to pay for.Automatic Volume Leveling will be offered on select Roku streaming players, along with select Roku TVs, and there’ll be Spotify integration.Even before that, there’ll be better voice support courtesy of the Google Assistant.You’ll be able to search for content and launch channels, as well as pause playback; Roku TV owners will be able to use the Assistant to turn their TVs on and off, control the volume and mute it, and switch inputs.
At the start of the month OnePlus released a new beta version of OxygenOS, officially bringing the full version of Android Pie to the OnePlus 6 for the first time.Being a beta it required users to jump through some hoops before they could install it, and wasn't expected to be representative of the inevitable stable release.If you held back for those reasons, you're in luck, because over the weekend OnePlus announced the stable version of OxygenOS 9.0 has begun rolling out.Here's the official changelog for the stable version, and as you can see it comes with adaptive battery support, which was't mentioned during the beta rollout.Other than that everything seems to be basically the same - albeit without the issues affecting app compatibility and Google certification.Updated system to Android 9.0 Pie
We’ve seen a lot of big-name games get a PS4 bundle of some sort, and as of today, we can add Red Dead Redemption 2 to that list.Even though Red Dead Redemption 2 isn’t going to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, the decision makers at Sony have deemed it be a big enough release to receive its own console bundle.Unfortunately, there isn’t much to this bundle aside from the fact that it puts the game and a PS4 Pro together in one package.Yes, that means no limited edition console to go along with the game, which is a shame when you think about how cool a Red Dead Redemption-themed PS4 Pro could look.Instead, you’ll just be getting the standard jet black PS4 Pro with 1TB of storage and a matching controller.The bundle also comes with a physical copy of Red Dead Redemption 2, which of course is a given.
Over the past few months we've been hearing about a new Google product called the 'Pixel Stand', allegedly a wireless charging stand that turns a Pixel 3 into a Google Home device.Most of those leaks have come thanks to data mining the official Google app, with code hiding references to the device or hiding a way to activate the Stand's interface.This time we're getting another look at how the Stand may look in action thanks to some new animations.The animations were apparently hiding away in the latest version of the Google app, until they were discovered by 9to5Google.Thw two show what seems to be a Pixel device sitting in the dock, scrolling through a number of different images and functions, giving us an indication of what it may actually look like - rather than just showing off the interface.The actual animations won't play nice with our system, sadly, so you'll have to head to 9to5Google if you want to see them in action.
The BBC is still making worthy kids show Blue Peter, if putting it on CBBC counts, and is preparing to celebrate the programme's 60th anniversary with an hour-long live special.You know something or someone is going to be made to poo on the floor and make it look like an accident for viral purposes.This one-off live special is also going to be repeated on BBC2, making its broadcast a notable return to one of the main terrestrial channels for the classic programme.Such living legends and former presenters as Valerie Singleton, Peter Purves and, er, Anthea Turner are being brought in to help celebrate, alongside current 2018 presenters Lindsey Russell and Radzi Chinyanganya.You earn a congratulatory wink from Richard Osman if you knew their names.Ed Sheeran is going to be on it too, as he's the most obvious Blue Peter watching child of them all, where he'll pick up a special badge for being famous and agreeing to come on.
The launch of the OnePlus 6T is expected to arrive sometime next month, if previous rumours are to be believed, so it's about time the phone started getting leaked with great frequency.Unfortunately we haven't seen a whole lot of the phone yet, and all we've had so far are a picture of purported retail packaging and images that could easily be faked.Now we have some new images claiming to be the anticipated phone, but I have my doubts of its legitimacy.Photos claiming to be the handset popped up on Chinese social network Weibo, seemingly corroborating that the phone will be almost identical to the Oppo R17, with a teardop notch and in-display fingerprint scanner.The thing is that these images could easily be manipulated in some way, especially since we don't see any OnePlus branding beyond the 'Never Settle' background, which could easily have been set by whoever took the photos.What really makes me suspicious is the fact that there's a hole for what seems to be a headphone jack on the bottom right-hand side.
Film fans know and adore the filmmaker because of those two absolutely incredible Indonesian action films, but now, four years after The Raid 2, Evans is back with a film that’s about as far from those movies as possible.Legion’s Dan Stevens stars as Thomas, a man who must rescue his sister who is being held for ransom by a cult on a remote island.He has to get to the island and infiltrate the cult to find, and hopefully extract, her.Which, yes, has a very undercover cop, Raid vibe, but that’s where the comparisons end.Instead, most of the movie focuses on how Thomas’ investigation of the cult reveals its mysterious, dangerous, true nature.You may not even understand it when you see it, but you know it’s interesting.
When authors Sam Sykes (The Mortal Tally, An Affinity for Steel) and Chuck Wendig (Star Wars: Aftermath, Blackbirds) had a detailed Twitter conversation deconstructing the horror genre last year, who could’ve guessed we’d see that conversation brought to the big screen?But that’s exactly what co-writer and director Brett Simmons did with You Might Be the Killer, a cute, clever, horror film that has plenty of merit, but doesn’t quite live up to its meta-predecessors like The Cabin in the Woods or Scream.The film begins with Sam (played by Cabin in the Woods star Fran Kranz) calling his friend Chuck (Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Alyson Hannigan) with a problem.He’s at a camp and all the counsellors are being killed.And, pretty quickly, the title comes into play.Maybe Sam isn’t the one who needs to survive...because maybe he’s really the killer.
Alcohol is responsible for over one in 20 of all deaths worldwide, according to the most recent edition of a World Health Organization (WHO) report that comes out every four years.The Guardian writes that the report found that roughly three million deaths in 2016 can be attributed to alcohol, of which 2.3 million were men and 29 per cent were caused by injuries (including everything from accidents to car collisions and suicides) rather than health problems.Other recorded causes of death included digestive disorders (21 per cent) and cardiovascular diseases (19 per cent), as well as “infectious diseases, cancers, mental disorders” and other conditions caused by alcohol intake, CNN added.According to the WHO data, approximately 7.2 per cent of premature deaths worldwide are linked to alcohol, and as well as 5.3 of all deaths in general.The Guardian wrote that WHO expert Dr. Vladimir Poznyak said governments are not doing enough to reduce alcohol consumption:A WHO alcohol-control expert, Dr. Vladimir Poznyak, who was involved in the report, said the health burden of alcohol was “unacceptably large”.
Since 2011, it found, an outbreak of a rare infection that can cause blindness has been spreading among contact lens wearers in England, often thanks to poor hygiene.The infection is caused by single-celled amoebas belonging to the Acanthamoeba genus, which gives its name to the disease: Acanthamoeba keratitis.Unlike influenza or cold viruses, though, these guys are not really looking to infect and sicken people.They prefer to live in the soil or in freshwater, where they can feast on bacteria to their (figurative) hearts’ content.But when these amoebas get into our eyes, they can cause open sores in the cornea that permanently damage our sight.Acanthamoeba keratitis is rare, but how rare is still debated.
This weekend, a Twitter user shared a disturbing story that verged on the surreal.In a 32-tweet thread, Ashley recounted an abusive relationship with a boyfriend who forced her to eat until it caused her pain — seemingly for his own sexual pleasure.“it got to a point where he started forcing me and sometimes it even made me feel sick to my stomach!apparently he was into a sexual fetish called ‘feederism’ and it aroused him.”Ashley’s story soon went viral, racking up more than 80,000 retweets and 300,000 likes.Some were already suspended when we began working on this story, but new versions appeared every day.
A Hanime, if you will.Star Wars itself might be getting into its own take on anime-inspired content later this year with the launch of Resistance, but this delightful fan trailer by YouTuber Dmitry Grozov takes Star Wars as we know it — in the form of A New Hope — and transforms it into an old-school anime style cartoon, evoking the likes of Macross or Mobile Suit Gundam, complete with Japanese voice acting.Sadly it’s just a trailer rather than the full thing, but the only reason we want the full thing now is that it looks downright fantastic.It’s rugged and charmingly dated in a way that has us longing for an official Star Wars anthology in the vein of East-meets-West collaborations like The Animatrix, Gotham Knight, or Halo Legends.Sure, we’ve had Star Wars manga before, but how the hell has that not happened yet!?
You’ve seen the man behind the masquerade.Now you get to see just what Joaquin Phoenix’s nascent clown prince of crime will look like.Joker director Todd Phillips has taken to Instagram to release the first camera test for Phoenix in character as Arthur Fleck, the man destined to become Batman’s most infamous nemesis.Set to the Guess Who’s “Laughing,” you get to see both a “normal” version of Arthur, as he slowly cracks a grim smile...before becoming a very Pagliacci-inspired Joker.This isn’t the first Joker-based Pagliacci influence we’ve seen, of course — but hey, that’s because it works.Joker is currently due to release October 4, 2019.
Fortnite, despite being great, isn’t perfect.Players have a variety of criticism and feedback about certain elements, audio consistently being one category that many players feel needs improvement.Epic Games has been listening and is back with a solution to many problems, revealing upcoming updates that will offer better distinction between footstep sound effects, improved spatialization, and more.Many shooting games rely on visual and audio cues to help players figure out where other players are located, but these are particularly important in battle royale titles, where players are likely to sneak up on someone else.Epic says it plans to release some important audio updates in Season 6 that will help players better discern their environment.The version 6.00 update will bring a greater contrast between footstep sounds that happen above and below the person.
Microsoft is bringing Skype to Amazon’s Alexa products, the company has announced, enabling Echo product owners to make video and voice calls.As with other Alexa products, the new integration is entirely voice-based — simply tell the personal assistant to call a specific person and it will take care of the rest.Microsoft revealed the new support today, saying users can utilize the feature with voice commands like, “Alexa, call Jimmy on Skype.” In the same way, Skype users can receive calls through their Alexa product, answering them via a command like, “Alexa, answer.” Skype, of course, supports both video and voice calls.Amazon introduced a variety of new products earlier this week, including an updated Echo Dot and a new Echo Show, the latter of which features a 10-inch high definition display.With the Echo Show, users can engage in a video call using Skype or other similar apps, as well as watching videos and accessing online content.Amazon had a bunch of Alexa-based products to launch, including a microwave with its personal assistant baked in, a smart plug that turns “dumb” objects into devices that can be voice controlled, a new security camera, the Fire TV Recast DVR, Echo Auto for in-car assistance, and more.
We've all got a little, er, Richardinsonia in our animal family tree, it appearsVideo A fossil of the earliest known animal on Earth has been discovered in cliffs along the White Sea on the northwest coast of Russia.The creature, known as Dickinsonia (yes, really), is believed to have been alive around 558 million years ago and could be found bimbling around on the bottom of the sea during the Ediacaran era.As they grow, the number and size of units increases.An adult Dickinsonia could reach up to 1.4 metres (4.6ft) in length.Scientists have been studying Dickinsonia for more then 75 years and have debated whether they were truly animals or simply giant amoeba-like cells, a type of lichen, or even a fungus.
Genesis has priced up the 2019 G70, and the fiesty sports sedan has the BMW 3 Series firmly in its sights.Headed to dealerships this week, the G70 will be priced from $34,900 plus destination, and attempt to lure in enthusiastic drivers with its manual gearbox option.Your $34,900 – plus $995 destination – gets you the 2019 G70 Advanced 2.0T RWD.That packs a 252 horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, with 260 lb-ft of torque in the standard rear-wheel drive car.It comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission, with paddle shifters and rev matching.Keen drivers may want to spend the $37,900 (plus destination) on the 2019 G70 2.0T Sport M/T RWD, however.
Everyday it feels like science fiction and reality slide ever closer together.In the latest edition of “could this happen,” scientists have published a new study that weighs building massive berms to protect receding Antarctic glaciers.The results focus on one of the most at-risk glaciers ringing Antarctica, and show that we could indeed save it with a big enough berm.Now, we just need to figure out how to build the berms, if we can save other glaciers, who decides if this is a good idea, who pays for it, and if it’s worth the cost.Geoengineering is a grab bag of technological climate mitigation strategies that tend to be controversial, in part because they could wildly screw up the planet.The most often-discussed idea involves hacking the whole planet by shielding it from the sun, which would cool things down while humanity gets its shit together when it comes to carbon pollution.