Workspot offers desktop virtualization (VDI) and application virtualization with its control plane entirely in the cloud, but desktops and applications either on-premises or in Azure.That’s the same route that Citrix has recently decided to follow with its Citrix cloud.Citrix has claimed it is the wounded party, writing “We took this action only after serious consideration and multiple attempts to inform Workspot of the false and misleading nature of their public statements.”“Workspot, however, chose to continue to mislead the market and has continuously used Citrix patented features of our XenApp and XenDesktop products and cloud services without permission or license.”Citrix hasn’t revealed where it filed its suit and The Register cannot find it in listings of freshly-filed US court cases, so we cannot say which patents Citrix believes have been infringed.Our notes from the conversation recorded company officials as less-than-complementary about Citrix and other VDI players like VMware on grounds of complexity.
The security operation for the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge cost police more than £6 million, figures have revealed for the first time.Nearly £3 million was spent on overtime costs alone, with hundreds of officers drafted in to help police crowds watching the event in London in 2011.While next month’s wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle will be on a smaller scale, Thames Valley Police are preparing for around 100,000 spectators.That will make it one of the force’s largest ever security operations, which will require reinforcements from other forces, including the Metropolitan Police.Ken Marsh is chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, which represents rank and file officers in the capital.He said the extra hours required of officers for a combination of large operations and an “unprecedented” level of violent crime in London have become a “huge drain” and must be seen as part of a wider welfare issue which is putting front line services at risk.
The narrative around students is all wrong.Well, what if I said that the student loan is gone once student accommodation is payed for, and the maintenance received is now also a loan and not a grant so the poorest students end up paying back the most.Today the bulk of students face hardship while studying, not just undergraduates but right from further education with the scrapping of the Education Maintenance Allowance and rising transport costs, many 16-18 year olds are struggling to make ends meet.In fact, the problem is worse in FE and the source of money has failed to keep pace with inflation.The NUS Poverty Commission is a year’s worth of work that has resulted in a ground-breaking report on working class students and the real life effects and barriers that face them throughout post-16 education.It seeks to understand the struggles faced by many, from those undertaking an apprenticeship or further education course right through to university students.
In 1991, Deadpool premiered in New Mutants 98, drawn by Rob Liefeld.Now, art from that landmark comic book is up for auction, and it can be yours if you’re willing to shell out the cash.It’s a lot of dosh, though.The page, which features the original art for page 15 of New Mutants 98, currently has the winning bid at $30,000 (around £21,400).The simple, five-panel layout features Deadpool in his first appearance hunting down Cable.In this early appearance, the mercenary is more a Deathstroke the Terminator-alike than he is the later Merc’ With the Mouth, but you can already sense a dynamic sort of chemistry between the assassin and the, uh, time-travelling assassin that would come to be an important facet of both characters down the line.
‘I was a snot-nosed kid fresh out of college and thought I knew everything!’Another working week beckons so once again let’s kick it off with a fresh instalment of Who, me?This wee met “Hayden” who confessed that “Back in 1992 I was sort of a snot nose kid just a few years out of college that knew everything!”Everything except how to follow a power cord to a socket.Hayden discovered his lack of skills in this regard when working for a telecoms research business that did mostly research, but also wrote production software for the regional telcos in the US.The research focus meant the company’s server room was a little shambolic.
Xiaomi’s never been one to launch their flagship phones in India and now reports apparently say that Lei Jun, co-founder and CEO of Xiaomi, doesn’t think that the Mi Mix 2 and India made the ‘best fit’.It uses four sided curved ceramic body, and 18K gold coating.He followed up saying, "Actually, it's a piece of art.The Indian market will still take some time to accept this product.So with regards to whether we should work on the Mix or not, I and Manu shared different opinions.That might not be appropriate.”
Xiaomi Mi 6X (possibly the Mi A2) is scheduled to launch on April 25 in China.First spotted by Slash leaks, the box reveals a Snapdragon 660 SoC, which was first expected to be the Snapdragon 636, which is now found on the Redmi Note 5 Pro.To recall, the recently Nokia 7 Plus also has the same Snapdragon 660 processor, and it is priced at Rs 24,999 in India.Furthermore, it suggests existence of a USB Type-C port for charging.It also reveals that the phone will have a 20MP+8MP dual camera setup on the rear.Up front, it will feature a 20MP selfie camera with portrait mode.
Cisco has announced a suite of patches against a bug in its Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) implementation.As is so often the case with a language slip, the bug is inherited by multiple products.In the case of CVE-2018-0229, the affected systems are:Single sign-on authentication for the AnyConnect desktop mobility client;Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) software; andFirepower Threat Defense (FTD) software.
Its dual-lens camera doesn't have OIS in the telephoto lens (a feature saved for the X), but it's still a great way to snap a photo at long distances.Read our in-depth iPhone 8 Plus reviewThe newest 4.7-inch iPhone is a phone lots of people still wantWeight: 148g | Dimensions: 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3mm | OS: iOS 11 | Screen size: 4.7-inch | Resolution: 750 x 1334 | CPU: A11 Bionic | RAM: 2GB | Storage: 64/256GB | Battery: 1,821mAh | Rear camera: 12MP | Front camera: 7MPCamera is great at point-and-shootLimited upgrade over iPhone 7
Once upon a time, a new report about the potential of the blockchain published by an international bank could become a sensation.In the business context, this social feature helps solve an important problem, cutting down the expenses.The ‘classic’ use of the blockchain in the notarial field includes authenticity certification and notarisation of birth, marriage, and land ownership certificates as well as the legality check of concluded agreements.Several years ago one of the American blockchain startups started to cooperate with the Holberton School in San Francisco: the graduate diplomas were planned to be issued with the help of the blockchain.Preventing multiple transfers of ownership rights was discovered to be much easier when following the information in a register available on any computer of the ministry than when using a dusty physical ledger or a programme closed for everyone except several employees of a special agency.At the same time, the Libertarian Party in the USA declared that it would count the votes at the internal election of the delegates to the national Libertarian convention with the help of a blockchain machine provided by Blockchain Technologies Corp.
Telstra today announced that the telco will be upping the speed for nearly half a million cable customers, for no extra cost.Any customer on a standard cable speed tier, with a maximum download speed of 30Mbps, will get a speed injection of 20Mbps by just restarting their modem.Maximum download speeds will then reach up to 50Mbps, while upload speeds will rise from 1Mbps to a top of 5Mbps.This news comes not long after Telstra announced it was rolling out a free NBN speed upgrade to users on slower plans.“We know how integral fast broadband is to your life ... that's why we've just sped up our cable service so our loyal home and small business cable customers get faster speeds at no extra cost,” said Telstra’s head of Fixed Products for Consumer and Small Business, Jana Kotatko in the announcement.“This has surprised some of you, but we want to let you know it’s the real deal!”
Yahoo!’s photo-sharing service Flickr has been acquired by SmugMug.Neither Yahoo!, Flickr, the pair’s parent company Oath, or SmugMug, have been crass enough to explain how much currency changed hands to make this happen.But all concerned are at pains to point out that nothing will change: there’s no plan for close Flickr, combine the two services or make account-holders do anything differently.Which is rather odd because the respective sites’ announcements of the deal use the phrasing “Together is where photographers belong” to describe the reason for and benefits of the deal.Flickr’s also foreshadowed “detailing more specifics as we have them”, whatever that means.The deal leaves SmugMug with over twenty billion new photos to tend and Yahoo!/Oath without the burden of tending to all that data and to around 50 million users.
But that doesn’t mean you have to drop a tonne of money on something that will address both issues.So to find out which headset does the best job of marrying these two functions without cleaning out your bank balance, we pitted five popular gaming peripheral makers against each other in a battle to see which is best.The cans on the Razer Kraken are a little roomier than those on the other two, and their padding is slightly softer as well, but not by a huge margin.The Kraken 7.1 v2 is a good pick for PC-centric gamers, but a lack of additional audio connectors and wonky mic enhancement prevented them from beating out the Arctis 5.The second set are made out a suede-like microfibre, and even though they feel slightly softer, the G433 was still by far the least comfortable headset of the five.The headset isn’t overly tight, the cups are deep enough to prevent pressing on the sides of your ears, and up top, there’s an adjustable elastic strap instead of a padded band that keeps the headset in place.
Over the weekend, photo hosting platform SmugMug acquired Flickr from Yahoo – sorry, Verizon; merging two companies that have offered similar services for nearly 15 years.So what’s changing, and in which cloud should you stash your photographs?SmugMug said that it couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring two photography communities together, and that it doesn’t yet have any plans to unify the two.As such, they’ll continue to operate independently with their own distinct offerings; the only change that’s coming is that Flickr users will soon have to review and agree to SmugMug’s terms and conditions in order to continue using the service.If you’ve got photos on either SmugMug or Flickr, they aren’t going anywhere – but I imagine that the two sites will soon let you transfer pictures between them to avail of their features.So where should you upload your pictures?
Unveil first code, joins giants in industry standard-clubLast week, the Data61 division of Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) released the first RISC-V version of its seL4 microkernel.Sel4 has been a long-term project dating back to when Data61 was still its own agency (NICTA, National ICT Australia), and built a “provably-secure” microkernel.It later spun out the project as Open Kernel Labs, and launched the open source version of seL4 in 2014.Vulture South spoke to Data61 chief research scientist for trustworthy systems, professor Gernot Heiser, about the seL4-on-RISC project.“RISC-V has a lot of momentum behind it,” Heiser said, not just because the specification is open, but also because of the open reference implementations on offer.
Once simply equated with a canned meat product, “spam” has taken on a different and negative meaning in the modern, computer age.More than just a mere annoyance, however, email spam can also become the vehicle of malware and all the vileness that those bring.For a few excruciating hours, those fears became seemingly real for some Gmail users who thought they’ve become the victim of email hacking.Some Gmail users had a rude awakening on Sunday when they discovered spam email in their Sent folders.This naturally made such users fear that they’re accounts have been compromised and are now being used to send spam to others.Many changed their passwords to no effect and even those protected by two-factor authentication didn’t seem to be safe.
Troubled Swedish vendor Ericsson has turned in another loss, but is hopeful that it's still closing in on its planned turnaround.In its first quarter results for 2018, the company reported a sales decline of two per cent year-on-year, adjusted for currency, with Asian markets (north and south Asia, the Oceania, and India) all in decline.The sixth-in-a-row net loss of $US84 million (700 million SEK) was, however, a considerable improvement on Q1 2017 (a loss of 10bn SEK, or $1.2bn), and in another positive, the company's margin rose from 15.7 per cent for Q1 2017 to 34.2 per cent for Q1 2018.As CEO Börje Ekholm explained on the company's earnings call, the margin improvement was on the back of a 17,000-head reduction in the company's workforce in 2017.Ekholm said the company is still working to a long-term plan to have a stable and profitable business by 2020, and said “we are investing in 5G, cloud-native solutions, automation, analytics, and new opportunities like IoT.” He added that 5G revenue should start trickling through next year, even if it's too early to add the revenue generated by the technology to its official forecasts.“We are going to see commercial revenues this year, and clearly next year,” Ekolm said.
While Nintendo has tried its best to make its Switch as colorful or as drab as it can be, depending on your preference, gamers are just the types who love to customize and personalize their gear as much as they can.Sadly, applying skins and other adhesive embellishments to Nintendo’s latest and greatest is a death sentence for it.At least that’s what dbrand, one of the most popular smartphone, laptop, and console skin makers, warned Switch owner last year.Now it’s changing its tune and is finally offering Nintendo Switch skins to make your beloved handheld truly yours.Some might accuse dbrand for having vested interests in advising users not to put skins on their Switches.But as others found out the hard way, dbrand was on to something.
The “evidence” comes from a sighting in the WebKit source code, the open source web engine that powers Apple’s Safari browser.It was also the first iPhone to have a 64-bit processor, which does help make putting iOS 12 on it technically easier.This possibility brings up of the question of why Apple would make such a rare move.Diesel engines may have suffered a setback in passenger cars over the past couple of years, but their torque and economy makes them perfect for pickups like the 2018 Ford F-150 Power Stroke Diesel.This is no ordinary gas-burnerFord’s drivetrain for the 2018 F-150 Power Stroke Diesel is fairly special.
How far will law enforcers go to unlock a smartphone?Given how critical these mobile devices have become these days, it seems they’re willing to go through sometimes morbid lengths to access what could be, but not yet confirmed, evidence inside.And, yes, that includes trying to unlock phones using the deceased’s own fingers.That is what two detectives in Largo, Florida attempted to do when the walked into a funeral home to unlock the phone that belonged to the deceased.Linus Phillip, 30, was shot and killed last March 23 at a gas station after trying to drive away from a police officer who was trying to search him.The investigation led to probably drug involvement, with clues possible stored in Phillip’s smartphone.