Apple could be preparing a new facial and gesture recognition feature for its upcoming iPhone 8 according to an analyst.Cowen and Company's Timothy Arcuri has predicted via BusinessInsider that Apple's next handset will use a new front-facing laser-based facial recognition feature.Specifically, the analyst says the iPhone 8 will come in a 5.8-inch model, that packs "some form of facial/gesture recognition supported by a new laser sensor and an infrared sensor mounted near the front-facing camera .It's the first we've heard of such a feature, and is obviously far from verified.But it bodes well for a more innovative iPhone instalment than last year's somewhat anti-climactic iPhone 7.Apple bought infrared sensor company Primesense in 2013, so it would make sense for the firm to finally be adding some sort of infrared tech to its iPhone series.
Alongside new iPad Pro tablets, Apple is reportedly prepping a sequel to the don t-call-it-a-stylus Pencil accessory.The so-called Apple Pencil 2 will apparently include a magnet that allows it to attach to the iPad Pro s smart cover and as well as a shirt clip.The report from Letem Svetem Applem citing Chinese supply chain sources , suggests the next-gen Pencil will be much harder for iPad Pro users to mislay.Wednesday's report is given added credence by Apple patents that have explored ways of attaching the Pencil to the tablet.Apple first launched the popular Pencil accessory alongside the 12.9-inch iPad Pro back in the autumn of 2015.The $99/£99 accessory has been praised by creatives for its virtually lag-free responsiveness and ability to draw lines of any weight by varying the pressure.
Microsoft s aggressive efforts to move consumers and businesses to Windows 10 have now stretched to issuing warnings to those persisting with Windows 7.According to the firm s German arm, Windows 7 is no longer able to meet modern technology requirements and high security standards.Markus Nitschke, head of Windows at Microsoft Germany, said the legacy OS will pose a risk to those who don t navigate towards an upgrade in good time.Explaining Microsoft s decision to discontinue support for Windows 10 by 2020, Nitschke said via Geekwire : Today, Windows 7 does not meet the requirements of modern technology, nor the high security requirements of IT departments."Related: 13 common Windows 10 problemsNitschke said the OS is based-upon long-outdated security architectures, and claimed those still using Windows 7 in three years are faced with enormous dangers."
Microsoft is building a new version of its Cortana app for Android that will give it chance to supplant Google on the operating system s lock screen.A forthcoming update, currently available for beta users to test, will enable users to add Cortana to my lock screen, making the personal assistant accessible with a single swipe.Interestingly, as reported by MSPowerUser, this functionality can be added without the need to replace the existing lock screen on Android.The site also points out that the beta version currently doesn t require the device to be unlocked in order to access Cortana, but Microsoft is highly likely to clean this top before the app comes out of beta.The feature comes after Microsoft gave Cortana for Android a major redesign, which made it much easier to use.If you re interested in taking this latest addition for a spin, you can sign up for the Cortana beta today.
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Qualcomm has been sued in the US by the Federal Trade Commission FTC for allegedly using anticompetitive tactics in the way it licenses its technology.The regulator's suit claims the company essentially bribed Apple to use its products exclusively in return for lower fees, though other instances where the company is said to have abused its dominant position are also listed in the complaint.Qualcomm has denied the allegations in a written response, where it says it "believes the complaint is based on a flawed legal theory."While the overall way in which the San Diego-based company licenses its products has been highlighted in the complaint, its mobile processors have been identified as particularly significant.In a statement, the FTC said Qualcomm was attempting to "maintain its monopoly in the supply of a key semiconductor device used in cell phones and other consumer products."The competition watchdog says the company used its position as the world's dominant supplier of baseband processors to "impose onerous and anticompetitive supply and licensing terms on cell phone manufacturers and to weaken competitors".
Amazon has been granted a patent for a system that attempts to deal with the problem of autonomous vehicles navigating reversible lanes.The firm filed the patent in November 2015, and had the filing granted this week.It focuses on self-driving cars and how they would operate in a lane where the direction of traffic changes depending on traffic flow.Amazon's patent focuses specifically on communications between autonomous vehicles and road management systems, detailing methods of sharing lane direction information with driverless cars.The system laid out in the filing is applicable to any type of vehicle, including but not limited to cars, trucks, vans, buses, street cars, helicopters, trains, subways, aircrafts, boats, etc., regardless of how powered or driven.There's nothing in the patent that addresses Amazon developing its own driverless cars, but such a move would make sense given the company has its own fleet of semi-trucks that deliver products between Amazon warehouses.
Ex-reality TV host and businessman Donald Trump will be officially sworn in as the US president on Friday January 20.His campaign was divisive, to say the least, and it seems his tenure as president is looking like having a bumpy start, with protests planned in all states of the US, including on the streets of Washington DC.However, rather than stand outside, some protestors are choosing to target the President-elect with other, indoor-based, means.Software engineer, Juan Soberanis, is calling on protestors to attempt to take down the White House s website in a DDoS attack – simply by flooding the website with traffic.Soberanis is calling it "Occupy White House".According to the International Business Times, Soberanis wrote on his online protest pledge: "If you can't make it to Washington DC on inauguration day to protest Trump's presidency, you can still fight for the cause by helping to take down as a show of solidarity for the lives impacted by Trump's policy agenda.
The one per cent can now catch em all with the addition of 17 PokéStops and a Pokémon Gym to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.But these aren t any old PokéStops: they re political.Each represents one of the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development, agreed to by 193 world leaders at the UN in September 2015.That idling away some time on Pokémon Go can help raise awareness of some of the world s most pressing issues.The strange initiative is the result of a partnership between the UN, Project Everyone, Niantic and The Pokémon Company.The goals require the countries of the world to work to end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
Schroders partners with Capriza to gain edge in the sectorThe 213 year-old global asset management company Schroders has partnered with Capriza to re-configure its core processes.The move comes as the organisation looks to move from funds administration to investment strategies.It plans to use Capriza, an enterprise mobility company, to aide with this change without extensive IT intervention or significant amounts of re-training of users.Schroders will be one of the first in the financial sector to benefit from the technology that Capriza has to offer, while it is already being used by those in the automotive, healthcare and education sectors.Capriza s enterprise mobility platform enables IT and lines of business to mobile-enable critical business workflows without any coding, APIs or integration.
Mario s smartphone debut will be launching for Android devices in March, and you can pre-register your interest now.Nintendo announced the long-anticipated auto-runner s launch window in a tweet yesterday.A specific release date is still unconfirmed, but you can pre-register your interest in the game now to be immediately notified of its release.Super Mario Run first launched for iOS devices in December 2016, managing to amass 40 million downloads in its first week of release.Who knows whether it will break similar records on Android.Nintendo is yet to unveil how much profit the title has made, but with such a larger number of downloads it s likely significant.
SpaceX just released some stunning launch photos of Falcon 9's return to flight on 14th January.The private space company grounded its rockets for months while it investigated the cause of the September explosion of its Falcon 9 rocket in Cape Canaveral, Florida.Eventually concluding that a helium tank caused the issue, Space X rescheduled from its original date of 9th January.But, Sunday s launch was a success, and the photos look incredible.The rocket launched with 10 Iridium NEXT communication satellites, creating a new data network part of Space X s role in building the huge, 95-member satellite constellation and the largest commercial rocket deal in history.
Christmas might now be a distant memory, but Apple has just delivered a belated present with a major update to one of its key products.Sadly, we've not been treated to the iPhone 8 or Apple Watch 3 just yet, but for music fans there's reason to be excited.Dropping a couple of sizeable software updates, the iPad maker has revamped both its GarageBand and Logic Pro X releases."These updates bring a wide range of new and highly requested features to both hobbyists and the community of pro musicians and audio engineers who rely on our software and hardware to create amazing music."For GarageBand fans, a number of new features and functions has been added, with a redesigned sound browser making it quicker and easier to discover the sounds you're after.On top of this, Alchemy, one of the world's most innovative modern synthesisers has been added, with more than 150 Apple-designed patches covering off beats from all types of music, inlacing rock, pop, hip-hop and EDM.
Noted overclocker Roman 'der8auer' Hartung has launched a new revision of his Delid Die Mate, which drops the cost considerably over his original design.Hartung's original Delid Die Mate was launched back in November 2015 in an attempt to make the removal of the integrated heatspreader IHS on Skylake processors easier and safer.The tool served two purposes: to make it quick and simple to remove the IHS for direct die contact cooling, and to make it easy to reattach again using higher-quality thermal interface material TIM than used in its original manufacture.'We all know that delidding is necessary to get good scores with Skylake CPUs.However I cut a little bit too deep and damaged the CPU.CPU only runs with 8 PCIe lanes now which is a pity,' said Hartung at the launch of the original tool.
Cooling specialist Cryorig has announced the impending launch of a new family of 140mm fans, based on its existing QF120 120mm fans and including a Silent variant with reduced rotational speed.Designed around the QF120 but in an increased 140mm size, Cryorig's QF140 family includes the same features of its predecessors.The company makes much of its proprietary 'Quad Air Intake' system, formerly known as the Quad Air Inlet, which adds air intake holes on the four of the frame in an effort to increase the total air output of the fan over a standard solid-frame design at the same rotational speed.The fans also include the company's 'High Precision Low Noise' HPLN dynamic fluid bearings to reduce noise, with vibration transmission to the case further dropped through pre-installed rubber dampers.The QF140 family is split into two distinct models, Cryorig has announced: The QF140 Performance features minimum and maximum rotational speeds of 600 to 1,850 revolutions per minute RPM with a claimed top output of 128 cubic feet per minute CFM at 38 dBA noise levels; the QF140 Silent offers rotational speeds from 200 to 1,000 RPM, dropping its peak output to 42 CFM but at what the company describes as 'near inaudible' sound levels.Each fan includes pulse width modulation PWM speed control, while the retail packaging includes a Molex power adaptor, a mounting screw kit, and a registration card for the company's extended six-year warranty period.
Nanoxia has announced a new series of fans, making use of a vibration-damping technology developed for the German car industry and which the company claims it has the sole rights to implement in PC hardware.The Nanoxia Special NNV Series represents, the company gently puns, 'a real revolution for the fan market.'The secret sauce: a technology originally developed for the automotive industry and for which Nanoxia has licensed the patent giving it exclusive rights to implement within the confines of the PC market, greatly reducing the transmission of vibration from the fan to the case.The technology inside the Special NNV fan family takes the form of two frames.The outer frame forms the mounting system, attaching to a case, CPU, or radiator in the usual manner; the inner frame, however, holds the fan rotor and motor, and is decoupled from the mounting frame through four rubber dampers.The result: vibration from the motor is massively reduced before it gets a chance to reach the case, Nanoxia claims.
Forget vacuuming the engineered wood flooring of the super rich or cuddling old ladies in Japan, there's a new and exciting job available for the robots of the world; eye surgery.Surgeons are testing various forms of assistant robot designed specifically for helping to perform operations on the human eye, with the stability and accuracy of their tiny little pincers and blades assisting doctors working in the incredibly delicate and minuscule world of the inside of the eye.One of the miniature robots is being used in pioneering cases in the UK, with eye expert and Oxford University professor Robert MacLaren using his little helper to assist in a corrective operation on a man's retina.The 70-year-old patient had a warped membrane pushing on his retina and breaking his vision, and with a thickness of around a hundredth of a millimeter moving it is an incredibly delicate procedure.Slicing up eyeballs, I want you to know...So in stepped R2D2 Robotic Retinal Dissection Device to help.
Ten years after it was first revealed to the world, the original iPhone is now officially useless.In smartphone years, a decade is positively ancient so you probably deemed your original iPhone useless long before now.However, now that AT has shut down its 2G wireless network the final metaphorical crack has crossed the screen and made it official.Even if you re one of the few people in the US who do still own an original iPhone and you kept it in good enough condition to boot up and use every now and then, your curious practice will have to come to an end.At has been planning to shut down its 2G network for four years now and it s confirmed that it officially happened as 2017 rolled in.The network is clearly following a "new year, new me" plan as the 2G shut down was done to open up the resources for AT to begin expanding into its 5G wireless network.
Gmail users are being targeted by a new phishing scam that has been fooling even the most informed tech enthusiasts.As Mark Maunder, CEO of Wordfence, explains, users are being sent an email with an attachment, which when clicked, opens a new window to what looks like a Gmail login page.The page is, of course, a fake, and entering your login details will immediately send them to the hackers behind this latest email scam.But what's most troubling about the email is that the hackers have managed to make it look like it comes from one of your own contacts – i.e.The subject of the email will likely be based on a subject you've discussed with the contact previously, and the name of the attachment will probably have been given a convincingly familiar title.What's more, the URL that opens when you click the attachment looks very similar to the legitimate Google login page address.
In one of his final acts as President, Barack Obama shortened the sentence of Wikileaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning.Before the commutation, Wikileaks had tweeted that its boss Julian Assange, would leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London if Manning was granted clemency.The Twitter handle even appeared to go as far as to support these rumours, however, Assange's lawyer has denied the claims.Speaking to The Hill, Barry Pollack, Assange s US-based attorney, said: Mr Assange welcomes the announcement that Ms Manning's sentence will be reduced and she will be released in May, but this is well short of what he sought.Obama commuted Manning's 35-year sentence, of which she has served six years, along with those of 272 others, saying everyone was being given "a second chance".Manning's upcoming release follows campaigns from civil liberties groups, her legal team, and fellow whistleblower Edward Snowden.