Oracle cofounder Khosla continues fight to keep citizens off public surfing spotAnalysis Billionaire venture capitalist Vinod Khosla is taking his legal battle to control access to a piece of California coastline to the US Supreme Court.Now, in a lengthy filing to the Supreme Court, the Oracle cofounder claims he has been subjected to a "textbook physical invasion of private property" by being required to apply for a permit to lock said gate.His appeal to the Land of the Free's highest court is the last possible step in a lengthy legal war going back nearly nine years, in which Khosla has lost case after case but continues to spend millions of dollars on lawyers in order to maintain exclusive access to the popular surfing beach.Shortly before the California Supreme Court snubbed his appeal, and the same day he was required to respond to the state's Coastal Commission before it decided whether to impose fines stretching to millions of dollars for blocking access to the beach, Khosla ordered the gate open, giving locals hope that the battle was finally over.But, no, the gate was soon closed again, and in early January, Khosla's new lawyer – former solicitor general Paul Clement – applied to the Supreme Court asking for an extension to the cut-off date for an appeal.
Thanks to the success the Switch found in its first year of availability, more and more developers are being drawn to the console.Whether they’re porting existing games over or developing entirely new games for the platform, Nintendo has done a decent job of attracting third parties.With that interest comes a bunch of new games, so how do you figure out which one is right for you?There are a few different avenues for you to take, but a quick way to find out what the general gaming public thinks of a game is to check out reviews from your fellow gamers.As of today, Nintendo is making that a lot easier by launching user reviews for Switch games over on the official website.Assuming you have a Nintendo account, you can now leave a user review for some of your favorite games on the Switch.
Earlier this week, a storm spawned by the former Cyclone Gita swept across New Zealand, damaging buildings, knocking out electricity, and creating floods.But along the Rakaia River, the storm triggered a bizarre natural phenomenon known as granular flow—essentially a raging river of rocks.This incredible video was captured by Donna Field as she was standing alongside the Rakaia River in Canterbury, reports New Zealand’s Stuff website.The powerful flow of rock cut a swath through Double Hill Run Road, cutting off eight farms from a nearby town.“It’s an event that has become a regular occurrence for the farmers in the area,” writes Stuff’s Brad Flahive.Damn, no wonder the place is called “Terrible Gulley.”
Vulnerabilities in Tinder and in Facebook’s Account Kit tool could have allowed a hacker to take over a user’s Tinder account—gaining access to their private messages—using only the victim’s phone number.The problem was discovered by Anand Prakash, a security researcher, and has been fixed by both Tinder and Facebook.Rather than requiring users to set up a username and password before they start swiping, Tinder uses Account Kit to allow people to log in using only their phone number.Users simply enter their phone number and receive a verification code via text message.But Prakash found vulnerabilities in this setup that enabled him to log into someone’s Tinder account—and once he did, he’d be able to read their messages and swipe on their behalf.“There was a vulnerability on Account Kit, ... which an attacker could have [used to] gained access to any user’s Account Kit account just by using their phone number.
Mystery solved... behind closed doorsFor more than three months now, cops in Sacramento, California, have been baffled by a rash of false-alarm 911 emergency calls.Now the plod have manage to trace the calls back to the source – and it's one of Apple's US iPhone repair labs.The Sacramento County Sheriff and Elk Grove police departments say they have received around 1,600 calls from the Elk Grove Apple repair center, each apparently made by mistake and lasting about 10 to 15 seconds apiece.The calls reportedly began in October and have continued through the new year, averaging around 20 per day in Elk Grove alone.According to CBS Sacramento, the calls are dead air and ambient conversation with no sounds of any struggle or emergency.
With smart speakers featuring Alexa, Google Assistant, and now even Siri on shelves, it’s certainly felt like it was only a matter of time before we’d see one featuring Cortana.Though Microsoft’s smart assistant is limited to the Cortana app on smartphones, she’s a rather central part of the Windows 10 experience for most people, so a speaker boasting her capabilities would make sense.A new partnership between Xiaomi and Microsoft might bring about such a speaker, with a larger focus on AI services in general for the two companies.Xiaomi and Microsoft announced today that they have each signed a Strategic Framework Memorandum of Understanding.This MoU will leverage Microsoft’s experience in cloud platforms and AI along with Xiaomi’s expertise in smart device development to achieve a number of different goals.There are four of those goals listed in today’s announcement, with one of them being a Cortana smart speaker.
There’s no shortage of incredible images from NASA and its variety of spacecraft, and this week’s stunning space picture is no exception.The space agency has published a series of images showing Jupiter’s south pole in all of its blue glory, each one partially covered in darkness so that the planet’s blue mass is only half-visible.The images are part of a time lapse sequence.According to NASA, the images you see below — which have been color enhanced from the originals — were taken as a time lapse sequence by the space agency’s Juno spacecraft.They were captured during Juno’s 11th fly-by of Jupiter on February 7, having been snapped between 7:21AM and 8:01AM PT.Measuring from the top of Jupiter’s clouds, the Juno spacecraft was located between 85,292 and 124,856 miles above.
This event is a trade show fun by GSMA, and it’s the place where some of the most important smart devices of the year are launched.Today I’m going to run down the basics in what we expect from MWC at the tail end of this month.A pair of BlackBerry phones are set to be launched this year – but we’re not certain if they’ll bring one or both to MWC.LG may well reveal the LG G7 – or whatever they end up calling it.They’ve release major collections of smartphones at MWC in the past, and there’s no reason to doubt they would this year, too.Sony will likely bring a few smartphones to the party, likely in the Sony Xperia XZ2 – or something somewhere around there – and don’t forget the Compact lineup.
Just a couple days before the world’s biggest smartphone convention kicks off in Barcelona, Google is rolling out updates for a number of its most interesting Android features.The first of which is Google Lens, which will finally be available inside the Google Photos app over the new few weeks to all English-language Android users and anyone using the iPhone version of Photos.Lens was originally announced at Google I/O 2017, but until now, it was a feature exclusive to Pixel phones.While Google Lens is still considered to be in preview phase, the feature looks to capitalise on the company’s huge push into AI and machine learning.It uses image recognition algorithms to identify things like the breed of a dog or different kinds of plants.Currently, I find that Lens is quite adept at differentiating between various types of flowers, but struggles at more difficult things like picking a specific car model or identifying other types of greenery.
Chevalier is one of four current and former Google employees who said they were disciplined for speaking out internally against racism and sexism—speech that Google allegedly deemed discriminatory toward white men.All employees acknowledge our code of conduct and other workplace policies, under which promoting harmful stereotypes based on race or gender is prohibited.In both cases, making excuses for the abuser fails to identify and dispute the abuser’s sense of entitlement.”Chevalier’s post heavily cited Why Does He Do That?, a book by the domestic violence researcher Lundy Bancroft that analyses abusive behaviour.Bancroft writes that young boys are often raised to believe that, when they enter romantic relationships, their partners will be solely dedicated to meeting their needs.In one instance, a black Googler wrote in an internal Google Plus post that she noticed she was being asked to present her identification badge more frequently than her white coworkers.
The introduction of the iPhone X was a big deal for a lot of different reasons, but one important one is that it signaled Apple’s long overdue adoption of wireless charging.The iPhone X, just like the iPhone 8 and the latest Apple Watch, are Qi wireless charging capable.While that means they can be used with a bunch of wireless charging pads that already exist, Apple has its own on the way that can charge multiple devices at once.Called AirPower, promotional shots of this wireless charging mat frequently show it feeding juice to an iPhone X, a Apple Watch, and a pair of AirPods (complete with their incoming wireless charging case).For anyone already knee-deep in the Apple ecosystem, the AirPower mat might make a pretty good product, but there’s just one problem: We’re not sure when it’s going to launch yet.Apple has been mostly silent on the launch date for AirPower, but today, we might have a better idea of when it’s coming.
The folks at Huawei have either lost their minds or are on to something pretty fantastic.They’ve gone and given one of their smartphones the keys to a vehicle.If the smartphone failed, the dog would be destroyed.On the positive side, the dog was never in any real harm.To be extra clear about this, Huawei included the line “no dogs were harmed during the making of this video.” But before that, there’s a little tension.Be it comedic tension or high-stakes stress tension, that’s entirely up to you.
A scifi tale by virtue of its setting, but an old-school film noir at heart thanks to its story, Mute is a puzzle with eccentric pieces that eventually all fit together—perhaps a bit too neatly, given its fondness for jagged edges.But its love of sleazy neon and some unusual themes do much to make up for its contrivances.Also—told you there were some unusual themes—he’s Amish.Though he’s not totally devout, he’s still the most lo-fi person in Mute’s futuristic version of Berlin; it’s a grimy place, full of tawdry bars, brothels, faux-American diners, and tech that’s seemingly used solely for instant gratification.Granted, he’d already be unique because he can’t talk, but being freakin’ Amish just ups the ante.That, and the fact that he appears to be the only person in the city who’s motivated by the purest of causes: True love.
Finding yourself responsible for an icon can be a blessing as a curse, something Porsche is all too familiar with when it comes to the 911.Responsible for leading that change is August Achleitner, who has some Porsche legacy of his own indeed.“The decisive factor is that the 911 generates a driving feeling that no other car can impart,” the 911 model line director says, having held that position for almost two decades.“We know where we’re from and where we want to go.”Still, 911 mainstays like the flat-six engine mounted at the rear are going to face increasing pressure to embrace new powertrains.Porsche hasn’t been slow to adopt electrification, though that’s primarily found in its more recently-created vehicles, like the Panamera four-door.
A single facility seems to be at fault for hundreds of false alarm 911 calls from Apple devices over the past few months.A report from Elk Grove, California suggests that 911 dispatch in the area took approximately 20 accidental 911 calls a day from Apple since October of 2017.“We’re able to see quickly where the call is coming from, so when we get one from Apple, the address will come up with their location,” said police dispatcher Jamie Hudson.“It sounds like people talking about Apple, or devices, or generally about maintenance and repairs,” said Sgt.Shaun Hampton with the Sheriff’s department.According to CBSLocal Sacramento, an Apple spokesperson provided the following statement.
The Phoenix Lander detected water on Mars during its three-month mission in 2008, and now it is being swallowed by the planet’s sands.The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter snapped the below two images, one in 2008 and the other in December of 2017:he might have instead written:I met a satellite orbiting a distant landWho said—“One back shell and parachuteNear them, on the sand,
Ireland bring in Andrew Porter and James Ryan for the injured duo of Iain Henderson and Tadhg Furlong, with centre Chris Farrell also coming in for Robbie Henshaw.Wales welcome Dan Biggar back to fly-half, with Liam Williams and Leigh Halfpenny also returning for an almost full-strength side as Warren Gatland goes for another victory.If you've not managed to get tickets for the big game, and can't get to a TV, here is TechRadar's guide to watching all the 6 Nations rugby action online, wherever you are in the world.Download and install a VPNIf you don't have easy access (and you don't live in the UK) to watch the 6 nations rugby online in your country, the best way to watch it for free is to download and install a VPN.It's compatible with all of your devices, supports most streaming services and ranks amongst the fastest.You can even install it on devices like an Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Xbox and PlayStation.
Chances are, you have more than one.But there are some things that keep Gmail from being a perfect system.While there’s an intuitive search feature (that can be modified with search operators) to help you find your long-lost messages, there’s no real way to gauge how you’re using Gmail – even simple things like how many emails you sent and received yesterday are difficult to figure out.The recently released Gmail Metrics provides visualized analytics to help users understand email usage, with hundreds of data points and customizable visualizations that help users interpret and react to that data.I signed up for the free trial to check it out, and found the following data points particularly interesting:The tool shows how many emails I send and receive each day, or within any given date range, so I calculate how much of my time and attention (or my employees’) is spent on email.
Making sure that we secure our various online identities with unique passwords can be a tough thing to do, but thankfully, we have password managers to help us out with that.These password managers have varying features but at the end of the day should all do the same thing: allow you to organize and store your passwords securely.1Password is a service that’s frequently brought up in discussions about password managers, and today it’s adding a neat new feature that should help you make even better password decisions.Beginning today, 1Password will tell you if the password you’re thinking of using for a login has been leaked in the past.In addition to the usual “Copy, “Reveal,” and “Large Type” buttons you usually see next to an entry in your 1Password library, you’ll now see a fourth option: “Check Password.” You can use this to see if the password you’re considering has been leaked in any previous data breaches.Those who concern themselves with password security likely already know of a similar service called Pwned Passwords.
Huawei didn't even wait for its MWC 2018 press conference to unveil the name it's new flagship handset will launch under, doing it instead in a teaser video.The Huawei P20 - not the P11, as some might have expected - is the moniker chosen for the new phone, which we expect to be launched in March at a separate event.Huawei clearly didn't want to fight it out with the Samsung Galaxy S9 for 'top billing' at the Barcelona mobile show, so instead chose to show us a teaser video with the words 'See More with AI' below the name of the phone.The Huawei P20 is expected to pack three lenses on the back of the phone (as hinted at strongly by the teaser), leading to speculation on improved low light mode or better smarts inside to 'interpret' what the phone is looking at and yielding a better picture.We're also expecting a longer screen with less bezel, aping the tradition of handsets in 2017 (including the Huawei Mate 10 Pro) by offering a larger viewing area in the same-sized footprint.We'll be on the ground at the Huawei press launch to bring you all the details in the meantime - so if you're feeling that the P20 could be your new handset we'll be bringing you first-hand experience of the new phone.