Getting hold of a SNES Classic Mini is, mercifully, proving to be much easier than it was to find a Mini NES at the end of 2016.Props to Ninty for making more than 10 of the things.But if you haven’t stumped up for the official version yet, Analogue wants to give you a friendly nudge in the direction of its own take on the legendary 90s console, the premium-priced Super Nt ($190).Rather than turning to emulation, Analogue’s machine can run every single 16bit gem in the SNES library from the original cartridge in shiny 1080p, and it does so with zero lag.All your old controllers are supported, should you still be hoarding them, but there’s Bluetooth on board too, and 8Bitdo will release its wireless SN30 pad in four custom colourways to match the Super Nt.No word on a release date yet, but we’d be surprised if Santa isn’t on standby.
The Nintendo Switch has a big fall season ahead of it, and that all kicks off later this week with the release of Fire Emblem Warriors.Among the list of games releasing before the year is out are Super Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but today we can also Doom to that list.Bethesda revealed when Doom will release earlier today, and in a happy turn of events, it’ll be here in just a few weeks.Doom will launch on the Nintendo Switch on November 10, Bethesda revealed today on Twitter.That will kick off a big month for Bethesda, as Skyrim is coming to the Switch just seven days later, on November 17.Then, sometime next year, we’ll see Wolfenstein II: The New Order become the third Bethesda game released for Nintendo’s latest console.
Huawei has just announced a Porsche Design variant of its latest flagship, the Mate 10 Pro.Loaded up with an 18:9 screen and a 4,000mAh battery, the Mate 10 Pro is already an impressive smartphone, so what can the luxury Porsche Design branding add to the mix?As with the Mate 9 Porsche Design, Porsche’s Mate 10 Pro swaps out the default colour-scheme for a deep black version.In-hand, it feels identical to the standard Mate 10 Pro, looks sleeker and has a tendency to attract a few more fingerprints.A 6-inch 18:9 screen, curved glass back and fingerprint scanner all combine to produce a very handsome, rich-feeling smartphone.Loaded up with a vertical strip and the Porsche Design logo at the back, there’s no mistaking this thing for the vanilla version.
An Apple smartwatch application helped save the life of a US man who was later diagnosed with a life-threatening blood clot by warning him about a rise in heart rate.James Green, a 28-year-old podcaster and former MTV employee living in New York, first described his ordeal on Twitter, saying that a health-monitoring application called "HeartWatch" alerted him to the fact his heart rate had spiked significantly.He tweeted: "Never thought a stupid lil wrist computer I bought 2 years ago would save my life.Never thought a stupid lil wrist computer I bought 2 years ago would save my life.Saw my rate go up, ended up being a pulmonary embolism."The application measures and captures personal health data via the smartwatch's sensors.
Huawei announced its new Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro flagships at an event in Berlin this morning, and like so many other smart devices these days, the focus is firmly on AI.However, Huawei is looking to take things one step further by outfitting its Kirin 970 CPU – the brains of the operation in the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro – with a Neural Network Processing Unit for onboard artificial intelligence.Among other things, this means that you’ll have an extra degree of privacy since the NPU won’t rely on cloud-based processing.Huawei says that the Kirin 970 and the NPU it’s equipped with offers 25x better performance and 50x greater efficiency for AI-related tasks than four Cortex-A73 cores, according to its own testing.It’ll be interesting to see how it holds up compared to other flagship processing units when the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro are actually out in the wild.Aside from the NPU, the Kirin 970 brings together an octa-core ARM Cortex CPU and a Mali-G72 GPU that boasts 12 cores.
You're in luck if you want to buy Microsoft Office for your laptop or PC as we've searched around all the best retailers to bring you the best deals on the net.Microsoft Office prices can be high if you're not careful.So why settle for the RRP, when we can show you where to get a discounted Microsoft Office deal from reliable retailers?Take a look below and we'll give you the latest prices for both Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office 2016.We're expecting a brand new version at some point next year, but prices will be much higher than the current batch for a while, so these could be your best options as Microsoft Office discounts aren't traditionally much of a thing around Black Friday either.If you want to install your new copy of Microsoft Office on a new machine, you might be interested in our selection of cheap laptop deals.
Vicky Kalogera, a Northwestern University physicist, took her week of much-needed vacation in Utah this past August.“I canceled everything and ended up working nonstop since that moment,” she told Gizmodo.Today, physicists and astronomers around the world are announcing a whole new kind of gravitational wave signal at a National Science Foundation press conference in Washington, DC.That August day, x-ray telescopes, visible light, radio telescopes, and gamma-ray telescopes all spotted a flash, one consistent with a pair of neutron stars swirling together, colliding and coalescing into a black hole.The observation, called a “kilonova,” simultaneously answered questions like “where did the heavy metal in our Universe come from” and “what causes some of the gamma-ray bursts scientists have observed since the 60s.” It also posed new ones.The Fermi Gamma-ray Space telescope started the dominos at 8:41 am EDT, detecting what NASA astrophysicist Julie McEnery called a “perfectly normal short gamma-ray burst,” a quick flash of invisible light from some distant source.
Yesterday was the last official day the old rounded poin coins were classified as legal tender, which means from now they're much, much harder to get rid of.Rather than letting that money go to waste, there are things you can do.If you go to the bank and make a deposit, you can still use the old pound coins and add them to your existing balance.So if you still have a big bag of old pound coins lying around, it's probably a good idea to ring ahead and check.Despite it being mentioned in passing over the past couple of weeks, the Post Office will not be swapping pound coins for people.Tesco, Poundland and Aldi have all confirmed that they will be accepting the old pound coins for a short period of time following yesterday's deadline.
"Krack" cyberattack technique can give attackers who are in range access to your data.The WPA2 protocol that secures all modern WiFi networks used by smartphones, routers, laptops and internet-of-things (IoT) devices has been cracked, meaning that all data transmitted over such connections is open to hackers and cybercriminals, research suggests.The issues were found by Mathy Vanhoef, a security researcher at Belgian university KU Leuven.The flaw, not actually in products but instead found in the WiFi standard itself, means that credit card numbers, passwords, chats, emails and documents could all be hijacked."Any device that uses WiFi is likely vulnerable," the security expert warned – a shocking assertion as so much of modern technology relies on the networks.He said any information previously thought to be encrypted is currently at risk, adding that the technique – branded Key Reinstallation Attack, or "Krack" – is able to bypass the security of devices running Android, Linux, Windows, MediaTek, OSX and more.
One of the biggest players in the dedicated gaming hardware scene is getting ready to take on the smartphone market.A debut smartphone from gaming PC and peripheral-maker Razer has been expected ever since it acquired Nexbit in January, but thanks to a new leak we finally have our first good look at the mysterious device.Eagle-eyed phone fans first spotted the angular 'Razer Phone' in the pocket of Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan, and the latest photo, obtained by Techbyte, really shows off its squared-edges and all-black finish.There's also the signature Razer logo, which occupies pride of place on the phone's rear.If the phone is anything like Razer's usual products then the serpentine insignia will probably light up and change colour.Just above the logo sits a dual-camera unit alongside an LED flash.
Every since Rebellion announced it would be bringing the world of Judge Dredd to TV in the form of Mega City One, there has been speculation as to whether or not Karl Urban would reprise his role as the city's most famous judge.He's been coy about it in previous months, but now he's said exactly what it would take for him to return to the helmet.Screen Rant spoke to Urban at a press junket for the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok last week, and the topic of Judge Dredd came up:“Well, Rebellion, who owns the rights to Judge Dredd, are currently developing a television series called Mega-City One, and I’ve had many discussions with them about my involvement of which I am interested, and I said to them, ‘Listen, if you write a character that has a function and a purpose and contributes to the overall story, then I might be very interested in reprising that role.’ I certainly wouldn’t want to step into it and just pay lip service to the movie.There has to be some material there that warrants further exploration of that character.So the ball’s in their court.”
Automaker's car division, and trucks and heavy vehicles unit would become legally independent entities under one corporate umbrella.German automaker Daimler says it is moving toward implementing a new structure in which its Mercedes-Benz car division, and truck and bus business would become legally independent entities under Daimler's overall roof.The company said Monday (16 October) that the changes would give the divisions the entrepreneurial flexibility to react to a rapidly changing business environment.It said there were no plans to divest the divisions and that the new structure still needed approval from top management and the board of directors before it could take effect.The earliest final approval could come would be at the company's 2019 shareholder meeting.Nonetheless, the company's initial discussion of the plan in July led to speculation that the changes could be a prelude to a separate stock market listing for parts of the company.
The terminal is the beating heart of Linux, no matter how hard today’s user-friendly graphical distros might try to push it into the background.If you need something done quickly and efficiently, chances are the best way to do it is with some complex keyboard wrangling.Exactly what to type is beyond the scope of this article – check out our guide here to get yourself started.The key, if you’re a terminal-slinging Linux badass, is making sure you type those commands with as much style and panache as possible.And while you’ll likely never be in a position where you’re not able to drop to a straight full-screen shell, having a quick window to the command line on your desktop is always handy.Of course, your Linux distribution will have a ‘Terminal’ application already such as xterm, Gnome Shell or Konsole – but this probably isn’t as good as your emulator could be.
The new trailer for The Last Jedi is here, it’s “raw,” and Kylo Ren has some thoughts.Courtesy of a pretty solid impression by YouTube channel Auralnuts, this reaction video comes straight from the mouth of the Star Wars universe’s angriest, least stable boy.He’s pretty hype, that’s for sure, considering the trailer showcases his future.“I have no idea how this is going to play out,” he says.And trust me, no one is as angry at the trailer’s possibly misleading cuts and implications as Kylo Ren.Not that you can blame him.
"If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted write 'me too' as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem," the star tweeted, along with an invitation to reply to her tweet with "me too."At the time of writing, the message has gathered over 30,000 replies, was retweeted more than 11,000 times and liked over 22,000 times since it was posted on the evening of 15 October.Some give a glimpse of their authors' experiences of sexual harassment or assault.Men tweeted the hashtag too, some to underline that the problem was widespread and that they too had been victim of sexual harassment at some point in their lives.Some tweeted to show solidarity and raise awareness on attacks against women."When we talk about the number of women who were sexually harassed, assaulted or raped, men are always taken aback, because they don't realise it's that widespread, or they think it's only a handful of predators, horrible men doing horrible things."
Described as key reinstallation attacks (KRACK, for short), these new exploits “work against all modern protected WiFi networks.” That, in case you were wondering, is bad news.Mathy Vanhoef of imec-DistriNet, KY Leuven discovered the vulnerability and describes it on a website dedicated to these new attacks.As it turns out, KRACKs rely on and exploit a weakness in WPA2, the protocol which secures pretty much every WiFi network out there.By taking advantage of these vulnerabilities, hackers can eavesdrop on the transmission of data, potentially reading that information even if it was encrypted.While this can affect any WiFi-connected device, it seems to be particularly troublesome for Android devices running 6.0 or higher and Linux devices.Vanhoef notes that these devices are at greater risk because they can be “tricked into (re)installing an all-zero encryption key.” Though that makes it easier to decrypt the packages received from Android and Linux devices, don’t take to mean that your other devices are safe.
Credit-reporting agency Equifax, which has been embroiled in a richly-deserved sea of anger after losing the sensitive personal and financial info of at least 145 million people to hackers, found itself in yet another hole this week after its website began redirecting users to malware .On Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported the problems with the site began because Equifax was still using a defunct web analytics plugin called Fireclick which had since been taken over by scammers.Malwarebytes Corp. researchers investigated the matter and discovered that Digital River, the company which made Fireclick, discontinued the service in mid-2016 and subsequently released the domain where it was hosted.That domain was subsequently acquired by scammers and used to host “fraudulent online surveys, adware and software designed to steal online-banking credentials,” Malwarebytes analyst Jerome Segura told the Journal, adding that he had discovered a similar security hole on competitor TransUnion’s Central American site.According to the paper, the likeliest explanation is Central Source LLC, a joint venture between Equifax and TransUnion to run which had a Fireclick contract which expired in May 2014.Picking up expired or abandoned domains is a common tactic to lure unsuspecting web users into clicking on sketchy sites or to hijack obsolete code running on older websites.
T-Mobile is offering a major discount on the awesome Moto Z2 Force.The modular Motorola flagship normally costs about $750, but T-Mobile is slashing the price by $250 and selling the Moto Z2 Force for $500.There's little that's not great about this phone.It's packed with powerful hardware, has a sharp Quad HD OLED screen measuring in at 5.5 inches.The front glass is guaranteed shatterproof.It even has a dual 12MP camera setup on the back.
Remember when Facebook was just a utility that helped you find your friends’ email addresses?The post announcing this previously tested food ordering feature details a truly dreadful present and an even more dreadful future.Ordering food for takeout or delivery is supposed to be simple.First you need to decide what to eat, then you have to sift through a bunch of options and services.In fact, it’s one of the most streamlined experiences ever, thanks to the likes of JustEat and Hungry House.The social network appears to be picking up the scraps left behind in some weird convergence of new revenue streams, novel advertising opportunities, and good old fashioned data collection.
With a great pair of wireless headphones, gone are the days of wires snagging on doorknobs or dragging on your clothes and pulling your earbuds out of your ears.Today, wireless running headphones have even started going far beyond just playing your music, with many featuring heart rate monitors, and voice-powered AI personal trainers.Monster iSport Victory In-Ear Bluetooth HeadphonesBasic Bluetooth but ideal for quality on a budgetWeight: 15g | Battery life: 10 hours | Heart rate monitor?One of the most distracting things when you’re running is having your earphones coming loose or, worse still, falling out.