Thankfully, that's an era that a few upcoming telescopes are going to illuminate.The History & Structure of the Universe Infographic Green is a not a typical color for a galaxy.Most galaxies that scientists observe tend to be whitish in color, with a few subtle deviations — some may have a red, orange or yellow hue if they contain a lot of cool, red stars; others appear bluish-white if they contain a lot of hot, short-lived blue stars.Thanks to a technique called spectroscopy, scientists can look at the light from an object and figure out what chemicals are present.For a star to produce enough energy to doubly ionize oxygen atoms, it would have to have a temperature of around 50,000 Kelvin, according to Malkin; the hottest known stars in the universe reach temperatures of 50,000 or 60,000 Kelvin.
In fact, it s much easier than you think, especially when databases that aren t properly salted and hashed are concerned.Of course, salting and hashing password databases is the solution here, but the video goes into more detail.And get a good password manager while you re at it.If you re lucky enough to have a job with perks, odds are they re something simple, like free coffee in the breakroom and maybe an employee discount program with some select retailers or something.But this thread at Quora offers up an interesting question: Have you ever taken a job just for the perks?I mean, some jobs have great perks - Google is kind of famous for this, with their sprawling campus packed with cafeterias and snack shops that cater to all kinds, and on-campus rec and exercise facilities, all for free to employees and in some cases, their families.
US President-elect Donald Trump revealed multiple details about how he uses Twitter in an interview with former British Justice Secretary Michael Gove, of which The Times published a full transcript.Trump doesn't type all of his tweets, according to the interview's transcript, which says: "I have one or two people that do that during the day I'll just dictate something and they'll type it in."And when he officially becomes president, Trump said that he will continue to tweet because of the "dishonest press":"I thought I'd do less of it, but I'm covered so dishonestly by the press ...I can go bing bing bing and I just keep going and they put it on and as soon as I tweet it out ...I find it very accurate ... they can't do much when you tweet it and I'm careful about, it's very precise, actually it's very, very precise — and it comes out breaking news, we have breaking news — ya know, it's funny ..."Trump also said that he will continue to tweet from his existing Twitter account @realDonaldTrump, which currently has 20 million followers: "I'll keep it .so I've got 46 million people right now — that's a lot, that's really a lot — but 46 million — including Facebook, Twitter and ya know, Instagram so when you think that your 46 million there, I'd rather just let that build up and just keep it @realDonaldTrump, it's working."Despite the fact that he said he tweets from numerous phones, Trump denied that anyone else has access to his Twitter account, including his chief strategist and former CEO of Trump's campaign Steve Bannon.
About 350 million people suffer from depression globally, according to the World Health Organization. known as a mental disorder, but depression can also have an impact on your physical health, particularly your heart — according to a new study.According to the new research, which was published in the journal Atherosclerosis, the
Mapping company Here — owned by BMW, Audi and Daimler — is going to help Chinese tech giant Baidu expand its mapping service to Europe and the rest of the world, possibly taking on Google andHere, which already powers Baidu Maps' desktop and mobile services in South East Asia outside of China, will now support Baidu Maps in more than 150 countries worldwide.
Adl/Flickr CC It's official: People are dreadful at picking passwords.The world's most popular password is the depressingly easy-to-guess 123456, according to a massive analysis of 10 million leaked passwords.Some were new — like the hack of adult dating site AdultFriendFinder — while others, like LinkedIn, were years-old, but the data only recently
The world-famous London Piccadilly Lights were switched off on Monday morning and will remain off for nine months.The current screens are being replaced with a 17.65 meter by 44.62 meter single screen, with six advertisers sharing theCoca-Cola and Samsung have renewed their contracts with the owner of the site, Land Securities.
Chinese tech investor Kuang-Chi has invested $30 million £25 million in Dorset-based jet engine company Gilo Industries, valuing the firm at $80 million £67 million , according to The Financial Times.The deal, announced on Monday, marks the investor's first forayGilo, which makes rotary engines for jetpacks and unmanned aircraft, reported revenues of £915,000 and an operating profit
DAVOS, SWITZERLAND — ManpowerGroup, one of the world's largest jobs companies, released a report detailing how the technological revolution is going to change the employment market forever.The company released the report, entitled "The Skills Revolution," on conjunction with the World Economic Forum's meeting of the most powerful political and business leaders across the globe in Davos, Switzerland.It surveyed more than 18,000 employers across 43 countries and six industry sectors.While technological developments will cause greater automation, a decrease in headcount or slow growth in hiring in some areas, it will actually create a lot of jobs too, according to Manpower.But the key to this is to make sure the world's workforce "upskills" to be qualified enough to take on new positions.Companies need to invest in their workers to make sure they are not being left behind."We are seeing the emergence of a Skills Revolution — where helping people upskill and adapt to a fast-changing world of work will be the defining challenge of our time.Those with the right skills will increasingly call the shots, create opportunities and choose how, where and when they work," said Jonas Prising, Chairman & CEO at ManpowerGroup.We cannot slow the rate of technological advance or globalization, but we can invest in employees skills to increase the resilience of our people and organisations."Those without will look to the future and not be able to see how their circumstances will improve.This polarization of the population that is playing out in front of our eyes is no good for society or for business.
South Korean prosecutors are seeking a warrant to arrest Samsung Group s vice chairman Lee Jae-yong on charges that include participating in payments that Samsung made to a close friend of South Korean President Park Geun-hye in exchange for government support in the company s succession planning. giant denies any wrongdoing; its stock was down 3% on the news.2.
Sameer Al-Sakran is the founder and CEO of Metabase, an open source business intelligence company.How to join the networkWell, 2016 is officially in the past.Most sophisticated observers have come to grips with the fact that a SaaS company in hyper-growth mode chews up every available dollar and then some.Data of that fine granularity is something that your friendly neighborhood SaaS CFO is unlikely to include in their 10-Qs.LinkedIn had such an unfortunate moment in 2016, and managed to ruin a lot of other companies nights in early February.
The new Raspberry Pi single-board computer is smaller and cheaper than the last, but its makers aren't expecting the same rush of buyers that previous models have seen.To make use of it, buyers will first need to design a product with a slot on the circuit board to accommodate it and that, he said, will take time.The Compute Module 3 has the same four-core, 64-bit Broadcom BCM2837 processor and 1GB of RAM as the credit-card-sized Raspberry Pi 3, but is less than half the size and missing the Ethernet, USB, SD Card and display sockets of its larger cousin.The signals for the missing ports all appear on an edge connector that fits into a SODIMM socket, typically used for laptop memory upgrades, allowing industrial product designers to choose which ports they want to expose on their product, and which functions they want to build in or do without.NEC revealed those smart signage systems in October 2016, long before the Compute Module 3 went on sale on Jan. 16, 2017, but since the new module is pin-compatible with the original Compute Module launched in 2014, upgrading will be a snap."We're expecting a lot of our Compute Module business to move to Compute Module 3," Upton said.
I am a May 2016 graduate with a degree in Marketing with a concentration in professional sales.The last 9 months I have been working as a Business Development Rep for a start up SaaS company.I am a top producer on my team, but have been wanting to get into digital marketing for some time.I have been speaking with my marketing guy at work and have read some top posts here, specially the one by /U/ theyseemeroland.My plan is to get Google Adworks, Hubspot Inbound, Facebook Blueprint, and Google Analytics certified over the next 3 months while staying on as a BDR at work.With my background working the sales process for a SaaS start up and these certifications what type of roles should I look for?
Under the leadership of CEO Mark Fields, Ford has made a number of big bets in autonomous tech, electric cars, and in transportation services to move the company into this new era.The interview has been edited for length and clarity.Electrified cars will dominate the market in just 15 yearsFields is serious about growing the company s electrified products and he s making big investments to prove it.In 2015, Ford announced it was spending some $4.5 billion by 2020 to offer 13 new EV nameplates.Last week, the company revealed seven of those vehicles it plans to launch, including an F-150 hybrid, a Mustang hybrid, and a fully electric SUV with a range of 300 miles per charge."Fifteen years out, there s still going to be a lot of vehicles on the road that are internal combustion engines, and we are going to be there.We are going to be there for the best ones, giving customers what they want, but at the same time we also want to be there for electrification," Fields said.Ford s self-driving cars will be for everyoneFord, along with just about every other major automaker, is making a push in autonomous tech.But unlike some of its competitors, Ford s first self-driving car for commercial use will be ready by 2021 and will have level four autonomy, meaning it will be capable of operating without human intervention in a predefined area.The vehicle will also be a hybrid and will roll out in some form of a ride-sharing or hailing service, Fields said.Ford is launching the vehicle as part of a ride-sharing fleet instead of selling the car outright to consumers because the company wants to bring the technology to the masses, while also creating new business opportunities, especially in urban areas.
We know that a Raspberry Pi can be turned into a motion sensing security camera, but it s even cheaper to do it with the $5 Raspberry Pi Zero.DIYer Mark West shows you how.The actual process here isn t terribly different from a regular Raspberry Pi, which just requires you to hook up the Raspberry Pi Camera Module and then install a bunch of software.The real clever part of this one comes from the ZeroView camera mount, which crams the Pi Zero and camera module into a tiny little case that you can suction cup to a window.West s camera is set up to send you an email when the camera detects motion, but he does note it might require some experimentation with positioning to limit false positives.Head over to West s site for the full guide.
Hi, I'm about to do a project for a class where we have to review ten small businesses and their current marketing activities.The trick is that we didn't get much more guidance than this, so I was wondering what would you consider an important aspect to include in the review?I am planning on looking at their social media presence and how they profile themselves on different platforms.I will also be looking at how they use conventional one-to-many media such as radio, tv and print.I know this is "the basics" but do any of you have any tips for me, or something obvious I might have overlooked?Keep in mind that its small businesses, 1- 50 employees that is relevant, if that makes any difference.
It might seem odd to those who live in more temperate climates, but snow is a thing that people eat, and it s mostly safe.With the right toppings, it can also be tasty.Maple syrup candy is a traditional snowy treat.Maple syrup taffy, maple syrup snow, whatever you want to call it, it s what happens when you pour maple syrup over freshly packed, fluffy, clean snow.The Kitchn has an easy recipe to follow, too.You boil a half cup of maple syrup in a small saucepan, allowing it to reach 235 F. From there, just drizzle over some packed snow.
Coming off another record-setting US sales year 17.55 million vehicles sold , and the roll out of a host of new electric and autonomous cars at CES and the Detroit auto show, the auto industry has rarely looked better.And although Donald Trump has taken shots at car companies for contemplating new factories in Mexico, the industry overall is
Karl Mehta is the founder and chief executive of EdCast and the founder of Code For India.How to join the networkSetting a goal to connect with the oneness everyday through daily meditation will ultimately advance us to the next level of evolution and get us unstuck from the current level of misguidedness and selfishness in the daily optics of living, working, and achieving.Particle physics tells us that the more we closely look at an object, the less objective and more dependent that object is on the observer and behavior of other objects.This is not dissimilar to the concept of emptiness of self, in Buddhism, and surrender of ego-self to real self, in Hinduism.If we don t believe in modern science or spirituality, it is still easy to observe the interconnectedness from the globalization in business and politics.
Why don't you get a different ecom site.. seriously you shouldn't have to be forced to make a decision like that and potentially lose a market just because of the platform you're on.It's like saying, hey my ecom platform will only let me take visa or amex.. which should I choose?