Whether we're talking apple, blueberry, or the Android 9 variety, there's plenty of reason to get excited about pie (or Pie, as the case may be).

And while I can't provide much in the way of advice regarding the edible sort, I can give you plenty of useful tips about Google's Android 9 Pie software.

Just like its pastry-based counterpart, Android Pie has lots of flaky layers — and in the case of an operating system, that means oodles of valuable options just waiting to be embraced.

or you've been enjoying Android 9 for a while, there's almost certainly something new you've yet to discover.

While on your home screen, you can swipe upward from anywhere in the navigation bar or the dock — the area that holds the search bar and your favorite app icons.

(Annoyingly, the shortcut works only when your screen is on — and it works only one way and won't toggle your sound back from silent into the "on" position.)

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