Amid the massive hue and cry about Facebook’s utter disregard for data privacy, and the illicit use of personally identifiable information, I thought I’d take a step back and examine the company’s data handling from a new perspective.

Facebook sells a bunch of targeting methods to advertisers, but are the companies successfully targeting my profile?

In order to do that, I accessed the list of companies who have uploaded my contact information to Facebook to communicate via targeted advertisements (custom audiences).

So read on to see how the advertisers fared in getting my attention — and to get my take on a potential solution to the menace of data privacy in digital advertising space.

This ZIP file contains a file called ‘advertisers_who_uploaded_a_contact_list_with_your_ information.html’ with an ‘ads’ folder which has the list of companies that uploaded my contact information to Facebook’s ad platform.

Finally, I added identifiers — ‘yes’, ‘no way’, and ‘not likely’ — depending on whether I’d be interested in what they are saying.

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