A month after offering a preview at CES in January, Samsung today revealed its entire lineup of 2019 QLED TVs.

The company is offering a range of both 8K and 4K TVs, plus updated versions of The Frame and Serif sets, which are more focused on design and blending with home décor than on picture quality alone.

The 8K Q900 goes even larger, with an 85-inch set and monstrous 98-inch TV at the top.

The premium Q90 and Q80 series TVs all have what Samsung calls “Ultra Viewing Angle technology, which restructures the TV’s panels so the backlight passes through the panel with lights evenly onto the screen.” The end result of this design, according to the company, is a great picture no matter where you’re seated in front of the TV.

Size: LG, the leading OLED TV maker, doesn’t offer sizes that match Samsung’s largest sets inch for inch.

LG showed off an impressive (and likely to be outrageously expensive) 88-inch OLED at CES, but Samsung still wins the day at 98 inches.

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