Do you know how to correctly choose your swimwear?

If you have planned to leave any beach on this Easter holiday, it is very important that you choose your swimsuit correctly. Do not just base yourself on color, style or price, to know what to choose the first thing you have to know, is how is your body type.

If you still can not identify your type of figure here we say:

Hourglass: This type of figures has a balance between the bust, hips and a defined waist. If you have this type of body, we recommend full bathing suits, two-piece suits or a triquini, the latter have an addition that joins the bottom and top.

Triangle: These bodies have wide hips, so it is important here to find a balance. If you have this type of body, we recommend bikinis and swimsuits that expose the torso part, preferably in dark colors. Avoid using thongs and metallic or light colors, as those will not favor you.

Inverted triangle: In this type of body women have the back wider than the hips, if your body has this type of figure, we recommend that your swimsuit is with frills at the bottom, which are one-shoulder or with deep necklines. Avoid using those that are halter or strapless.(womens knee length swimwear)

Rectangular: These bodies have little waist, if you have this type of body, we recommend choosing swimsuits with braces that tie to the neck. In light colors, a pareo can also help.

Oval: If you have this type of body, we recommend that the swimsuit be complete, with cuts on the sides; if it is two pieces, use those that are high waist, they will help you to mark more that area.