And the truth is, a lot of people overthink it -- in most cases it doesn't matter.

You may want to ensure your laptop has a built-in full-size HDMI connection as well; while you can use USB-C-to-HDMI or micro HDMI-to-HDMI dongles, they're easy to lose and you don't want to spend the first 20 minutes of your meeting time hunting for one.

And any laptop that's light enough to tote everywhere probably doesn't have a DP connection, anyway.

There really are no easy answers, because that opens the "AMD vs. Nvidia vs. neither" can of worms.

If you've already got a monitor with a DP connector and a matching graphics card, then use the DP, simply because it gives you the most ways to configure adaptive refresh.

Its higher bandwidth means it requires less (or no) color compression, especially at 4K.

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