As organisations invest millions into their IT estate, it can seem easy to forget the importance that humans play in the future of technology.

After all, it’s still humans who decide whether technology is adding value to their lives, or becoming a hindrance.

The role technology plays across the sectors can directly impact an organisation’s bottom line and it is playing a more prominent role across the board.

Digital touchpoints are increasingly becoming the core point of customer contact, and a subpar delivery on this front can have a very negative impact on repeat custom and company profits.

After all, it’s always going to remain the case that poor customer experience is never good for business.

Whilst IDC has projected that $2.1 trillion will be spent on digital transformation by 2021, it has also been found that more than 70 percent of organisations embracing digital transformation journeys are hitting significant roadblocks, struggling with the shift from being digital players to digital transformers or even disruptors.

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