Nvidia could reportedly match rival AMD by announcing its own graphics processing unit based on a next-generation 7nm manufacturing process as early as next week at its GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California.

The 7nm architecture, code-named Ampere, follows Nvidia’s highly publicized Turing launch last year, which was based on a 12nm manufacturing process.

While news of a 7nm GPU from Nvidia may be exciting, the new architecture might not arrive on a consumer card for a while, so gamers may not be able to immediately benefit from the technology.

“I don’t think we’ll see an Ampere-based gaming card released, but rather a new GPU architecture tease that will succeed Volta in the HPC/DL/A.I.

market,” publication Tweak Town reported.

“Turing makes great use of GDDR6 memory technology, and Ampere could continue this with all of the things NVIDIA learned from the Turing release it can make into an even better GPU on 7nm.”

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