Ads.txt is finally ready to hit mobile apps.

This new initiative, meant to combat ad-savvy fraudsters working in the mobile space, allows ad buyers to ensure they’re buying legitimate product, but first brands and app stores must play ball and embrace the tool.

Here’s how it works: A premium app publisher—say, The New York Times—can list off the select ad-tech vendors authorized to sell or resell its personal ad stock.

Then, someone buying ad space on a Times-branded-app can look over these lists over to ensure the inventory they’re buying through programmatic channels actually comes from the Times itself, rather than a scammer masquerading as that particular brand.

This “domain spoofing” hack is just one of the dozens of ad scams that bleed mountains of cash from mobile advertisers every year.

Mobile ad spend hit an all-time high of $76.17 billion last year, according to eMarketer’s estimates, easily outspending ad spend in television, radio or print.

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