Coinciding with the database improvements announced this morning during Google’s annual Cloud Next conference, the Mountain View company announced a slew of new capabilities heading to its data analytics portfolio.

The first is Cloud Data Fusion, a fully managed and cloud-native data integration service that’s available starting this week in beta.

Google’s pitching it as a way to ingest, integrate, and manipulate data using a library of open source transformations and over a hundred connectors.

They’re mainly controlled through a drag-and-drop interface where data sets and pipelines are represented visually, without code.

Google also introduced Data Catalog in beta, a fully managed and scalable metadata management service with a search interface for data discovery, underpinned by the same search technology that supports Gmail and Drive.

It boasts a cataloging system for capturing technical and business metadata, and it integrates with Cloud DLP and Cloud IAM for privileged access and control.

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