the Shaper Origin is a handheld tool with CNC-technology shall make it easier for people to mill out various forms.

The works so as to tape a special tape on the surface you will be working with and with the help of this adhesive tape has the Shaper Origin constant track of where on the surface it is.

By downloading ready-made drawings from the Shaper Origins own services or any compatible program know the machine exactly where it will sizzle and how deep it is going to make it.

the Shaper Origin has a screen that shows where you should move the machine, and if you happen to move it to the wrong place so should the machine be sufficiently smart to not fry right there.

Above and below, you can see some video clips showing how the Shaper Origin works.

If you förköper Shaper Origin cost 1 500 dollars, but wait until it is released in the store, you get to pay 2 099 dollars for it.

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