"That name would have sounded familiar if you read Apple trademark applications.

" In the run-up to Apple's big reveal, Rennick Solicitors trademark lawyer Brian Conroy definitively linked Entertainment in Flight to Apple — and discovered a few other names Apple wanted to make sure it could name future products after, like Beats' EP headphones, which were announced shortly after the event.

He also highlighted a number of trademarks Apple didn't announce, but might one day, including "Today at Apple," "Apple Touch Bar," and "Apple Smart Button."

But Conroy is quick to warn that just because a company files a trademark doesn't mean it's planning a product.

But most trademark registrations are public record — which wouldn't be good if a company like, say Samsung, figured out that "AirPods" must mean Apple is working on wireless headphones and rushed their own version onto the market.

But it would also be bad for Apple if it didn't register "AirPods," announced the name, and immediately went into a legal battle with another company that simultaneously claimed the name.

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