the"on startup based on the treaty situation should already be thinking about the exit-moment, which is what I want, when I sell the company," lawyer Kimmo to Be said.

the Law firm eversheds in working for the deputy judge to Be is also in Otaniemi studied master of science in engineering.

He has followed the technology sector, shops for her job and said that many Finnish startups are sold far too cheaply.

"we Should reach a sufficiently large sums of money: too many of the under thirties it 10 million offer already bring enough security to the house purchase, but the next year the yanks sell it to a company then 150 million", to Be describes.

"I wasn't involved in the Supercell in the store, but it rose to less than 24 months was 2.4 billion worth and the latest estimate was 9 billion.

"the Finns consistently acquire too little funding goals and opportunities in relation to", Be said.

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