She was previously listed in stable condition, with her brother reporting that she was out of emergency to the Associated Press on Friday evening.

While there has been a lot of growth like the rise of Facebook Live, the popularity of AI assistants like Google Home and Amazon s Alexa, and advances in the self-driving market — we re taking a look at some events and products that didn t have such a grand time in no particular order .

As the fastest-growing app of all-time, it s no surprise that fans have taken their enthusiasm for Super Mario Run to the streets — quite literally in the case of YouTuber Devin Super Tramp.

sees a real-life Mario impersonator run, jump, and roll his way to saving Princess Peach from a dubious gang of Shy Guys.

The gadget paradise CES comes to Las Vegas every January for just four short days.

And biggest or not, it s certainly enormous: CES 2016 saw 177,393 attendees and spanned 2.47 million net square feet of exhibit space.

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