New years bring new beginnings, and for SpaceX, that means a return to flight after a five-month dry spell.

Having officially determined the cause of the infamous Falcon 9 anomaly at Cape Canaveral on September 1st, the rocket company is eyeing January 8th for its first launch of 2017.

SpaceX has been grounded ever since a Falcon 9 rocket loaded with a $95 million internet satellite exploded in an epic fireball last fall, taking with it a chunk of Cape Canaveral s Space Launch Complex 40.

The company has spent months investigating the anomaly under the oversight of the Federal Aviation Administration.

Today, SpaceX released the final nitty gritty details on what went wrong—and with that, it hopes to put the incident in the past.

As Gizmodo previously reported, September s Falcon 9 failure was traced to a helium tank in the rocket s liquid oxygen second stage.

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