Getting the recommended eight hours of sleep every night means you ll spend at least a third of your life in bed.

So if you re going to splurge on a piece of furniture, it might as well be a bed that constantly adjusts its comfort to match your sleeping position and warms your feet so you can fall asleep faster at night.

Sleep Number s adjustable beds have seemingly existed as long as infomercials have ruled late-night TV, but in recent years the company has bolstered the technology inside the beds so users can do more than just adjust their firmness.

The latest Sleep Number bed to use the company s SleepIQ technology, which automatically monitors your sleep and makes recommendations to help improve your slumber, is the new Sleep Number 360, which introduces even more intelligent features.

Previous versions of Sleep Number beds allowed users to silence a snoring partner with a spoken command.

But the new Sleep Number 360 uses additional sensors to detect when someone is snoring in their sleep, automatically raising the upper portion of the mattress up to seven degrees to help clear their airways so they can breath through their nose again—all without waking the other sleeper.

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