Veggie burgers have come a long way since the 80's, and some are actually quite tasty.

There are, however, a ton of store-bought options out there—there s even one that seeps reddish liquid—and choosing can be hard.

Luckily, the brave souls at Epicurious taste-tested a whole bunch so we don t have to.

When it comes to veggie patties, there are two main types: those that try to imitate meat and those that just embrace what they are.

The Epi staff tasted some of each, and there were definite winners and losers:

Best Veggie-Forward Burger: Dr. Praeger s California Veggie Burgers, which had vaguely curry-ish, carrot-forward flavors and recognizable veggies, and was slightly sweet, with a good amount of seasoning, and nice texture.

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