A lot of display companies are talking about 4K resolution at the moment, but Dell wants to make the conversation about 8K.

Dell unveiled a slew of new products at CES today, and one of the most impressive and expensive, for that matter is a new 32-inch 8K monitor.

The new monitor is part of Dell s UltraSharp line, and it will be arriving later this year.

Dell says that this new monitor is the first of its kind, and that s an easy claim to believe when you consider that 4K displays seem to just be catching on in popularity.

Offering a grand total of 33.2 million pixels at 280 pixel-per-inch, this new UltraSharp monitor offers four times the number of pixels as 4K, and 16 times as many as 1080p.

That s nothing to stick your nose up at, but for now, many consumers likely don t have a need for such a display.

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