CES 2017 is under way and the tech community has already been dazzled by various new consumer products, some mainstream and some off the beaten track, such as this smart cat feeder.

One such innovative and beneficial product to be showcased this year is a smart toy, launched by French startup Leka, which is designed to help children with autism and other developmental disabilities learn better and communicate.

The device, which is designed to resemble a small spherical robot, not unlike Star Wars' BB8, has been created to be used by professionals at schools and therapy organisations that focus on providing support for those with autism and other such conditions.

The robot toy, however, is not only for children and can also be used by adults with developmental disabilities, the Verge reported.

The smart toy can be set up to either be controlled by a caregiver or put in an autonomous state.

The device's primary function is to act as an aid to learning, playing educational games.

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