As Donald Trump has moved from being just another Republican candidate to the president-elect, speculation has intensified about the loose cannon approach he appears to take when it comes to using Twitter.

Does he just tweet whatever he feels like saying at any moment, or are his tweets crafted by a PR team?According to Sean Spicer, who will soon become the Trump s press secretary, no one — including Spicer — has any idea what the incoming president is going to say until they see it on Twitter or get the blowback from one of his statements, presumably .

I do not get a memo about what the tweets will contain .

He drives the train on this, Spicer said during an event on Wednesday night in Chicago, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

The event also included President Obama s former press secretary, Robert Gibbs, as well David Axelrod, a former Obama adviser.Although Spicer said Trump chooses what to tweet and when, he hasn t always had that kind of control.

His campaign staff took over his Twitter account just before the election, although he regained his control over it after winning the campaign.Spicer said that he checks Trump s Twitter feed as soon as he wakes up because it drives the news.

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