Tidal s £20 a month HiFi membership is one of the best quality streaming options for those discerning listeners with speakers and headphones good enough to make the extra tenner a month worthwhile.

Now the company is upping its game a little further by introducing Tidal Masters, a selection of recordings that promise studio-quality sound from some of the best known artists on earth via WhatHiFi .

Among the thousands of albums available include titles from Led Zeppelin s first album, Beyonce s Lemonade and Rumours by Fleetwood Mac.

Only Warner Music Group artists are available at the moment, but Queen Bey s relationship with Tidal owner Jay-Z means her music makes the cut too.

The quality upgrade is made possible thanks to Tidal s agreement with the Master Quality Authenticated MQA tech developed my Meridian.

MQA Ltd which promises to bring the sounds of the studios to smaller music file around the size of a CD track without the usual drop off in quality.

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