If you ve ever wanted to watch almost every TV appearance made by Donald Trump over the last eight years, then the Internet Archive has you covered.

Its searchable repository, which is unsurprisingly called the Trump Archive, contains debates, speeches, rallies, and other broadcasts related to the President-elect.

The collection includes more than 520 hours of footage taken from over 700 clips, the earliest of which comes from December 2009.

Sources include media outlets, videos of Trump s appearances, and even from his own website.

All of Trump s recorded statements, which cover topics such as immigration, Clinton, Mexican walls, and Muslim registries, have been fact-checked by PolitiFact, FactChecker.org, and the Washington Post s Fact Checker.

Reporters, researchers, Wikipedians, and the general public are invited to quote, compare and contrast televised statements made by Trump, said Nancy Watzman from Internet Archive.

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