Screenshots that purportedly show an upcoming UI change as part of an update for Windows 10 codenamed 'NEON' suggest that a return of Aero Glass-like transparency and a new effect called "Acrylic" will form the basis of the visual tweaks.

According to MSPowerUser, early builds of the UI changes put an emphasis on smooth animations when performing actions, the use of transparency and the new Acrylic element, which provides blurred elements around and within apps.

The report suggests that these elements all adjust their appearance depending on what's open behind the current item, and form a part of what Microsoft is calling the "Conscious UI and Connected Animations."

The NEON update is also expected to introduce UI elements designed specifically for Microsoft's HoloLens technology, like eye-tracking that's highlighted by on-screen UI changes.

Non-HoloLens users will also reportedly get the new interaction animations, they'll just follow the mouse instead of your eyes.

That most of the good news.

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