University of Science and Technology of China s humanoid robot Jia Jia could herald a future of cyborg labour in China.

China s digital economy, already home to the world s largest population of internet and smartphone users, is likely to create 415 million jobs by 2035, bolstering technology s share to 48 per cent of gross domestic product, according to forecasts by the Boston Consulting Group and AliResearch Institute.

Low-skilled, menial and repititive jobs will be replaced by robots, artificial intelligence and intuitive technologies such as touch screens, as well as voice and facial recognition software.

The forecasts come at a time when AI invested by two of the world s largest internet search operators is increasingly showing its mettle in competitions against humans.

AI would replace some jobs, including researchers, AliResearch head Gao Hongbing said.

Humans would be added to the workforce, using their skills in certain areas to monetise their know-how via online platforms, he said.

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