Nobody has ever felt their breath catch in their throat at the sight of a Toyota Camry, but that hasn t stopped it from becoming the best-selling car in America for the past fifteen years.

The big, bold grille – which will be different depending on whether you opt for the LE, XLE, SE, or XSE – is unapologetic and, importantly, far less anonymous than the old version.

Crease-lines are sharper and deeper, and the concept of a lower center of gravity – which is indeed lower on this car than the old Camry – is emphasized.

Toyota calls it sporty, and even if you re not feeling so generous it s clearly better than the anodyne looks of the car it replaces.

New seats get better ergonomics and easier adjustment, while the rear bench has more room than before.

There are more soft-touch materials where your fingers fall, and the dashboard looks more designed and less like it was just pieced together from a parts bin.

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