Gordon Brown finally wrestled the keys to Number 10 from Tony Blair.

Oh, and let's not forget the 450kg squid that was snared by intrepid Kiwi fisherman off Antarctica...

Technology had its watershed moment, too, when one Steven Paul Jobs took to the stage at the the Macworld conference Macworld!

There have been no less than 11 iPhones since that launch, while the handset heirarchy has shifted from names like BlackBerry, Nokia, and Palm to Google, Samsung, and OnePlus.

With all this in mind, let's take a light-hearted look back at our original iPhone review – the humbly titled, 'Apple iPhone review' – penned by TrustedReviews' co-founder and first editor, Riyad Emeran.

With the 'CrackBerry' plague having infected moody teenagers and pyramid scheming business folk alike, QWERTY was the height of cool in 2007, making the keyboard-free iPhone revolutionary – or just batshit crazy.

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