Due to the GFW and the fact that most Chinese can t get access to mainstream foreign social networks, China s own social networks are booming.

We can see a Chinese version of Google, Baidu; there is Sina Weibo, like Twitter in China; Renren or Xiaonei – which is not used anymore – could be considered as the Chinese Facebook.Zhihu, which means Do you know in Chinese, was launched in January 2011, just one year after Quora.

At its early stages, the app was indeed a shadow of Quora.

But now its functions and its impact on Chinese users extend far beyond those of Quora.To me, Quora is a platform where people raise and answer questions.

I used to search Quora several years ago to find the answers that I want.

But now Zhihu, just like WeChat, aka China s Whatsapp, is already part of my life.I search for information and browse Zhihu during my daily commute, and I ve found new friends via the app.

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