We could identify exactly how and when they would move to the next stage of the buying cycle and what triggered that behavior.

Here s a close look at the shift from the linear customer journey, and the new model that will be guiding your marketing efforts:

Even though digital advertisements, search and social media have been around for many years, few marketers have been able to identify the exact triggers that prompt a purchase for any given sale.

We look at metrics and identify patterns of behavior — certain keywords whose search results often lead to purchases, ads that get more clicks than others, certain status updates that get more engagement than others — and we turn to science and predictive models to calculate which types of ads and content will be most effective.

Customers now have the opportunity to interact with brands and companies directly, send messages via Facebook, participate in online contests and share their interests and reviews of products on social media.

They re now bombarded with advertisements and messaging from several channels and platforms instead of just one.

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