Attendees ride the Samsung Galaxy Gear VR 4D Experience during the CES in Las Vegas this month.

The first Imax VR centre opened at the Grove Imax in Los Angeles last week, with more to follow this year in London, China, Japan and a further two in North America.

Imax is experimenting with the concept of location-based VR for good commercial reasons.

It s based on the premise that most people can t afford the three leading VR headsets: the HTC Vive HK$6,199 , Oculus Rift HK$4,655 or the newly released PlayStation VR HK$3,099 .

Although sales figures are hard to come by, Statista s projected sales for all three combined in 2016 were under seven million globally.

It s an opportune time to get into destination-based VR, and part of the reason is that the consumer proposition has challenges, says Rob Lister, Imax s chief business development officer.

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