While Android users who have switched from iPhone already lament the loss of the superb Messages app, they re also giving up another neat feature: the ability to send and receive texts from their Mac.

As a recent full-time switcher to Android, keeping track of conversations on my Macbook is one of the main things I ve missed, and I ve learned to keep my phone within arm s reach whenever I m at my desk.

And while there are some bugs and wrinkles that keep it from being a true replica of the iCloud-iPhone experience, it should provide enough home cooking to keep switchers happy.

The setup is a little more complicated than Apple s method, but the app s tutorial does a good job walking you through it.

First you need to download the Android version from Google Play, since that s where most of the heavy lifting takes place.

While you might need to refer to the SMS for iChat app to tweak the occasional setting, you ll actually still be using the main messaging apps on your phone and Mac as usual.

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