Krietchman was the founder of Fresh Grill Café, which cooked and delivered healthy meals to New Yorkers.

Peters has a thick, Amish-like beard.

The past decade-plus in marketing was defined by data -- search results, social media shares, highly trackable online behavior -- that promised to both assess and predict consumer behavior.

I ve watched the pendulum swing from cool hunting to big data, and now it s moving back, says Jake Katz, a longtime trend researcher for outfits like NBCUniversal and MTV, and the current VP of insights and strategy at Revolt Media & TV.

When Nike launched its skateboarding line, Nike SB, Newman says the brand quelled an initial backlash among skaters by hiring respected skateboarders to its leadership team, sponsoring competitions and producing skate videos.

She eventually joined the branding department at Warner Bros. Records, but when she left in 2008, she realized she was able to move fluidly between two disconnected communities: the artist on the street and the brand manager in the boardroom.

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