Today s vehicles are evolving from a way to drive from one place to the other into a new kind of moving data center with onboard sensors and computers that capture and generate information about vehicles, their occupants and the surrounding environment.

Innovative technologies -- such as IBM Watson -- with its analytic capabilities can meet the needs of the auto industry, including products and services that are secure and reliable.

We'll be taking about these technologies as the auto industry gathers in Detroit now through Jan. 22 at the North American International Auto Show.

While that may sound simple, there s complexity involved whenever a vehicle needs to connect to external devices.

Currently, general purpose computing platforms such as desktops, laptops and even mobile phones and tablets are easier targets for malware and ransomware; however, as security controls make it more difficult for attackers to compromise those targets, they ll move on to the Internet to Things IoT , including connected vehicles.

As the vehicle continues to evolve into a data center on wheels, an interdisciplinary approach is needed that involves traditional and non-traditional players and capabilities to tackle cybersecurity and data privacy challenges.

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