We’ve already featured some great guests and have a line up of awesome content and special guests coming up.

Our very first guest was Funnelholic author and Topo co-founder Craig Rosenberg.

Recent Guests: Jim Keenan; Joanne Black; Aaron Ross; Josiane Feigon, Meagen Eisenberg, and Trish Bertuzzi.

We cover a wide range of topics, with a focus on sales development and inside sales priorities heading into and throughout the year.

Brian: Yeah, he has some sausages hanging in the background here so yeah, it’s fun.

And I run a practice for Pipeline Performance, we are sort of sales pipeline people, we are revenue people, we are results oriented folks and there is just so much noise that I guess we are contributing to the noise but hopefully we see clarity around what it takes to build a funnel, what it takes to build a pipeline, how you actually execute sales and marketing for your monthly or quarterly objectives or whatever it is.

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