The platform is applicable to a range of industries, including manufacturing, retail and hospitality

Huawei has detailed its vision of an all-cloud architecture that will help businesses accelerate their digital transformation projects.

Speaking at CeBIT 2017 in Hannover, Germany, the Chinese enterprise giant spoke about how even the most traditional of industries can boost the quality, productivity and efficiency of their businesses using big data and machine learning technologies.

Huawei says there are three key principles to this: the connections between people, things, data and applications; open cloud apps with open APIs and social technology that uses analytics for indsutry-specific services powered by data sharing between businesses and customers.

The rise of more automation and data exchange in the world of manufacturing technologies has led to the Industry 4.0 term to be coined, indicating a new industrial revolution where machinery is smarter and governed more deeply by interconnected systems and digital data.

Huawei is a huge supporter of this concept and has used several major tech events to push the idea.

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