Launched in the city earlier this month, Big Bang Legends explains the intricacies of the universe and its origins through puzzles, mazes and battles with monsters.

Helping the players is an unruly, brightly coloured 118-strong gang of characters that you might recognise as the elements of the periodic table.

Lightneer chief executive and co-founder Lauri Jarvilehto is no stranger to the concept.

He says that the main issue with existing educational games is that they tend to “slap game-like features on top of multiple-choice questions” with a couple of cartoon characters thrown in.

In fact, one of the biggest hurdles the creative team faced was how to make the game not only a valuable learning experience, but one children would want to play over other, non-educational games.

“Balancing the fantasy and science elements is super hard,” says Jarvilehto at the Hong Kong launch.

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