p Intelligent civil drone manufacturer CEEWA receives undisclosed Series B in millions of USD /p p CEEWA /p p Founded in: 2015 /p p Financing status: 2017 Series B round amounting to tens of millions in RMB (a few millions USD) /p p Intelligent civil drone manufacturer CEEWA on Tuesday received undisclosed Series B in millions of USD for the expansion of its technology team and to increase investment on developing and manufacturing new civil drones.

/p p CEEWA is an intelligent civil drone manufacturer that produces intelligent civil drones with cutting edge technology and mobile applications.

Its civil drones can be used in anti-terrorism management, power line inspection, environmental monitoring, fire rescue, and so on.

The battery of its civil drones can last four to five hours with a 400 meter communication range, as well as some useful features including high definition displays on sports watches and mobile apps, waterproof and dustproof, and so on.

/p p Founded in 2015 in Nanjing, the company is led by a group of brilliant research and development experts.

CEEWA’s core competitiveness lies in-flight systems for drones, stabilization gimbal, location tracking, and so on.

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