In a bid to reinvigorate sales in the massive Chinese market, British luxury fashion brand Burberry has, this year, ramped up advertising on China’s popular social media app WeChat.

It’s a strategy that’s paid off handsomely for Burberry, which saw a 4 per cent rise in overall sales in the second quarter.

That’s more than expected, thanks largely to a resurgence in China, where sales had slowed in recent years.

Analysts note the company boosted spending on the WeChat app, which has almost a billion users in China and serves as a multipurpose app, combining social media and shopping services.

The company says its advertising campaign on WeChat for the launch of a new bag – the DK88, which retails for almost US$2,000 – saw its customer reach triple on the app.

The sales growth in the country was in the mid-single digits above the global growth rate.

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