Rumors over the weekend suggested Amazon is hard at work on its own messaging platform to compete with the likes of Facebook, WhatsApp and maybe even workplace solutions like Slack.

It’s rumored to be called Anytime and it was reported by AFTV News after Amazon began surveying customers about potential innovative features for the new service.

The leak has suggested a variety of features for the service with ideas such as video and voice chat, the ability to play games with your friends and even put filters over photos within the app.

Despite that, Amazon will have a lot of work ahead of it to beat the current big names in the space, considering Google Allo even struggled to make an impact when it launched last year.

There's currently no word on when Anytime will be officially announced or when it will be released to the public, but considering Amazon is still surveying customers for potential features we can speculate the launch will be at the end of this year or even pushed into 2018.

Here are all the features we think Amazon may be able to use to get ahead of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

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