There are a lot of female visual artists out there–51 percent to be exact–but their work makes up less than 5 percent of all permanent collections.

LifeWTR wants to change that with its “Art By a Woman” campaign.

The brand launched the idea by setting up a wall of empty frames outside New York’s Lincoln Center last month—no artwork in site.

It filmed people’s reactions to the installation, which offered a glimpse of a world without all artists represented.

“We wanted to launch this campaign to really create this compelling film, this great event and really have a compelling, strong social call to action to really fill the world with more women’s art because there’s a void there,” said Todd Kaplan, vp of PepsiCo’s North America beverages water portfolio.

LifeWTR worked closely with three artists on the activation—Trudy Benson, Adrienne Gaither.

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