Self-proclaimed cyber terrorists tend to have one thing in common: They think police can’t catch them.

That seems to be the case with Brian Kil, a fictional Facebook bad guy who liked to extort underage girls into sending him nudes, according to the FBI.

He’d tell the minors that he had sexually explicit images of them and would send them to her family and friends if they didn’t send him more.

Generally, this sort of action is known as “sextortion.” When the victim is underage, the crime is “sexual exploitation of a child,” a charge that can lead to a life sentence.

A recently unsealed FBI filing claims that Brian Kil targeted victims in “at least 10 federal districts” over the course of five years and extorted images of girls as young as 12.

The first victim outlined in the FBI filing claims that Kil talked one girl into sending him naked pictures of herself which he then posted to a Facebook account, thus engaging in child pornography.

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