Apparently Leagoo are going all in once again in their marketing department and will be sponsoring a new football team from the English Premiere League.

Sponsoring smartphone brands in sport events isn’t new to Chinese manufacturer, in the past we’ve seen VIVO working with NBA and FIFA, Nubia sponsoring Cristiano Ronald and Huawei partnering with Messi.

Leagoo isn’t even new to working with football teams and they’ve already done it in 2016.

Now Leagoo’s CEO – Mr. Johnson – has announced on the company’s forum that they’ll be giving a surprise to both Leagoo and football fans.

At the same times rumors of a possible launch of a new device in London have spread, but it seems as that could be a side note to the official announcement of partnership with a Premiere League club.

Between the rumored football teams involved we have the Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur, definitely top ranked teams.

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