In the world of smartphones, we’re becoming more and more used to Chinese technology companies competing with popular global brands, but we also know that the pendulum doesn’t necessarily swing both ways.

The Chinese government’s “Great Firewall” has kept many Western tech powerhouses out of the country, and enabled the careful curation of approved local services.

Facebook is certainly the biggest name in social media and one of the largest companies in Silicon Valley.

Tencent is China’s biggest tech company, by market cap, and WeChat offers a variety of social media services that rival Facebook's acquisitions.

This year, WeChat claimed 600 million mobile payment users, while its closest rival Alipay from Alibaba caters to 450 million users in the country.

Huawei is now a well known brand on the international market, but it’s also the biggest brand smartphone brand in China, followed closely behind by Oppo and Vivo.

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